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Are you wondering about the upcoming journey to Vietnam in winter? Let’s accompany Local Travel Idea to get more beneficial information about winter in Vietnam and the most worth-visiting places in winter.  

Table Contents
  • I - An overview about the winter in Vietnam  
  • 1 - What areas in Vietnam are affected by the winter? 
  • 2 - When is winter in Vietnam?  
  • 3 - What is the winter in Vietnam like? 
  • II - #3 Ideal destinations in winter in Vietnam
  • 1 - Sapa town
  • 2 - Ha Giang  
  • 3 - Hanoi
  • III - Notes when traveling to Vietnam in winter 
winter in vietnam
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Winter in Vietnam is really worth a try. Enjoying the awesome snowfall, admiring the magnificent beauty of the mountainous areas in the Northwest surrounded by smog and a sea of clouds, or simply strolling around the quiet corners of streets under dizzle are incredible experiences with international visitors when traveling to the charming S-shaped country of Vietnam. 

I - An overview about the winter in Vietnam  

1 - What areas in Vietnam are affected by the winter? 

vietnam winterSnowing in Ha Giang - Source: Monstudio

Vietnam’s mainland strip is characterized by a S-shape, stretching from the province of Ha Giang to Ca Mau cape with a length of 1,650km  in the north-south direction. Bach Ma mountain range is a border between Hue city and Danang city, dividing the country into two distinct climate zones. 

The northeast monsoon blows from the Siberian High and  Central Asia to Vietnam,  and when reaching the Bach Ma mountain range, it will be blocked. As a result, winter in Vietnam only affects the area from Bach Ma mountain range toward the North, including The North and North Central region. 

The mountainous areas in the East and West-North which are located at an altitude of 700m above the sea level are influenced considerably more profoundly than the delta and coastal areas. Top places suffering from the harshest Vietnam winter are Sapa town, Tam Dao district of Vinh Phuc province, Lang Son province, Ha Giang province, Cao Bang province,... The temperature in these places can reach up to 0℃, accompanied with smog and sometimes snowfall, especially at the Fansipan mountain peak in Sapa, Mau Son mountain peak in Lang Son province, Phi Oac peak in Cao Bang province,... 

2 - When is winter in Vietnam?  

Usually, winter in the North of Vietnam starts at the end of October and ends in February of the following year with strong wind, low temperature, and chilly air. From November, the northeast monsoon blows stronger and colder, and the peak of cold winter is in December.

3 - What is the winter in Vietnam like? 

In the early winter (from the end of October to the beginning of December), the weather is fairly pleasant, characterized by cold wind, low humidity, and dry air. This is the best time to visit and discover the natural landscape and experience the culture and cuisine. During the late winter from the end of December to the end of February, the frequency of  cold snaps is increasing and the intensity is also greater. 

The average Vietnam winter temperature is below 15℃, the average humidity is about  80%. The month with the highest temperature in winter is February with 18℃. Contradictorily, the month with the lowest temperature is December, which can reach under 0℃. Due to the difference of terrain, the weather among mountainous areas, plains, and coastal areas is distinct.  

II - #3 Ideal destinations in winter in Vietnam

1 - Sapa town

vietnam winter weather


During winter, the temperature in Sapa is just about 3 to 5℃, even 0℃. In early winter (October - the beginning of December): it is dry, has rarely rains, suitable for sightseeing, trekking, hiking. The villages of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Gian Ta Chai, and Ta Phin, etc. are great places for trekking and exploring. Particularly, the Stone Church, the symbol of the “misty city”, is an unignorable place in the Vietnam winter, especially the special occasion of Christmas, when the church is gloriously decorated with colorful lights, which looks miraculous in the the veil of fog and mist, making it like a European miniature. 

In late winter in Vietnam (the end of December - February): It is much colder, dizzly, and icy in Sapa. Visiting Sapa in this season, you can admire the town of Sapa immersed in the sea of clouds and smog. Especially when a strong cold front arrives, the entire mountains, hills, and valleys in Sapa is covered with thick white carpet of snow, making for spectacular scenery. Other fascinating tourist spots in Sapa Vietnam in winter are Fansipan mountain peak, Muong Hoa valley, Silver waterfall, Ta Van village, Cat Cat village, etc. 

2 - Ha Giang - top places to visit in winter in Vietnam  

Ha Giang province in the winter is typical of colorful buckwheat flowers, golden rapeseed and beautiful valleys surrounded by majestic mountains. The flower of  buckwheat seems to be the most outstanding of Ha Giang, especially in the Vietnam winter months from October to December, when the whole valley is cloaked in the hue of cameo pink and white, which makes the impressive and poetic beauty like a fairy land. Winter in Vietnam is also time for an amusing Buckwheat flower festival in Ha Giang when you can immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of the local festival and enjoy scrumptious local specialties, which definitely leaves a deep mark in your memory. 

The province also covers numerous “natural masterpieces” such as Dong Van karst plateau, Ma Pi Leng mountain pass, Quan Ba Heaven Gate, Tu San abyss alley and Nho Que river winding around the foot of sheer mountain ranges, creating striking scenery. 

3 - Visiting Hanoi during the winter in Vietnam 

vietnam winter season

Hanoi in winter - Source: Pixel

Winter in Hanoi is cold and dry, featuring drizzling rain, which is a typical climate of the tropics monsoon. During this season, there are many cold spells in different intensities. 

If you are a foodie, Hanoi is absolutely in the top list of must-visit destinations in Vietnam in winter, where you get to enjoy limitless amazing street food, especially at night, some of which can be named as bánh đúc nóng (hot plain rice flan), bánh trôi tàu (glutinous rice balls or Tang Yuan soup), boiled snails, snail vermicelli, potato cake, grilled corn, and rib congee, etc. 

In winter in Vietnam, Hanoi in also charming thanks to its exquisite beauty of Hoan Kiem Lake in the early morning, pure gentle daisy garden, wide rape seed gardens, and romantic sunset in West lake, etc. Many interesting experiences you can try in the capital city during the chilly winter days, especially it would be much more interesting when you can discover the city with your lover, which will give you incredibly wonderful moments.

One of the most special occasions in Hanoi in the Vietnam winter is Christmas, which appeals to a large number of people, especially the youth. Just before Christmas night a couple of days, the streets and many shopping malls are meticulously decorated with sparkling lights and huge pine trees. The most favorite places that draw the attraction of tourists and local people such as St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hoan Kiem lake walking street, Hanoi Old Quarter, West Lake,... 

III - Notes when traveling to Vietnam in winter 

winter season in vietnam

Source: Travelgear

The winter in Vietnam, particularly in the mountainous areas, is rather chilly and dry, sometimes making your hands numb with biting cold. Therefore, you should be well-prepared beforehand such as thermal underwear, waterproof clothes, warm and non-slip shoes, etc. 

Your destination should be based on your interests. If you would like leisure activities in a marine environment, destinations in the central region and the south of Vietnam are the most ideal choices for you to consider. Otherwise, from our Vietnam winter travel, you can enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of numerous festivals, go sightseeing,  and discover the culture of ethnic minority groups in the Northern region. Activities such as mountain climbing and trekking are very popular in these regions in the early winter. 

If you ride a motorbike by yourself to these mentioned destinations in Vietnam in winter, you should pay attention to the thick fog and drizzle, which can have an adverse influence on your trip to discover harsh terrains. 

Besides, it is advisable to bring medicine, moisture cream, vacuum bottles

If you are planning for an amazing winter in Vietnam, let’s pack your back on and find out the most appropriate destination for your trip.  Let’s follow Local Travel Ideas to get more detailed information about traveling in Vietnam. 

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