14 Jan 2021

Why visit Vietnam? Vietnam is a new destination of international tourists recently with 3,000 km coastlines with dozens of beautiful white-sand beaches, tropical forests, exquisite food and distinct culture, heroic history and friendly people. Vietnam, the charming country, is awaiting to be explored. We have picked the top reasons to visit Vietnam to make it clearer. 

Table Contents
  • 1 - Stunning landscapes - most of impressive reasons to go to Vietnam
  • 2 - The Architecture
  • 3 - History of defending nation
  • 4 - Spectacular Historic sites
  • 5 - Delicious food - big reason to visit Vietnam
  • 6 - Friendly People
  • 7 - A safe country
  • 8 - Different weather from north to south
  • 9 - Full of activities
  • 10 - Reasonable and affordable price
  • 11 - Diverse culture
  • 12 - Most attractive beach along the country
  • 13 - Historical and heritage sites
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Source: VnExpress International

1 - Stunning landscapes - most of impressive reasons to go to Vietnam

Vietnam owns rich various landscapes from north to south. Up to the north, the karst geology creates the world heritage site of Halong bay, also the world largest cave Son Doong. Down to the south Can Gio Mangrove Forest is a biosphere reserve, an important wildlife sanctuary cannot be missed. Also, getting panoramic views from the rooftop of Indochina Mountain, Sapa to the long coast-line in Central Vietnam. The larger sea and islands and the unending rice fields are the first reason to visit Vietnam

Cave reasons to go to Vietnam

Mountains and caves in Vietnam (Source: Le Tan)

2 - The Architecture

Vietnam has a rich history of traditional architecture; it involves of Asian and European styles with ancient wooden frames of Hue Citadel and modernization of the contemporary architecture of Golden Bridge – Ba Na Hill.

3 - History of defending nation

Dating back to 2,000 years of history, Vietnam has a complicated history of defending the nation from the influence of the Chinese, the Mongo invasion, conquered by French colonialism, Japanese troops and the Americans. That is one of most exciting reasons why you should visit Vietnam. 

4 - Spectacular Historic sites

Ruin why you should visit Vietnam

My Son Sanctuary (Source: Localvietnam)

Vietnam has a rich ancient history of defending itself. Regardless, numerous sites have been destroyed, there are dozens still left from along the country you can name: Hue citadel, Khai Dinh Tomb, Cu Chi Tunnels, My Son Cham Ruins etc.

5 - Delicious food - big reason to visit Vietnam

Vietnam’s cuisine is fascinating, well recognized by international tourists. Stopping by any stalls in the street, you can grab a staple Banh Mi, fresh spring rolls and the signature Pho beef noodle soup. 

6 - Friendly People

reason to visit Vietnam

Vietnamese people (Source: Thehumansbeingproject)

Vietnamese people would love to show their hospitality to welcome tourists, it is called the land of smiles.

7 - A safe country

Many tourists quoted “Vietnam is probably one of safest places in my travels over the years.” You may be annoyed by nagging street vendors or scam taxis. Also be aware of traffic while crossing roads.

8 - Different weather from north to south

An interesting reason why travel to Vietnam is the diversity of landscape, food and culture in different regions and areas. Vietnam has subtropical monsoon weather, differences from north to south, month to month. There is no perfect time to visit the country. Make your plan and visit the country anytime of the year

9 - Full of activities

Taking a motorbike out of bustle Hanoi running up north to the Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark or down to the south of the S-shaped country would be life experience. Dropping by Halong world heritage site to witness the stunning views of the bay or indulging by Thu Bon riverside by the sunset.

10 - Reasonable and affordable price

Another great reason to visit Vietnam why recently Vietnam is attracting more and more budget travelers. Hostels or dorms are priced as low as $4 per night, street food by the hostel doors at $1 - $2. Decent Airbnb or 3 stars hotel is not more than $40 per night

11 - Diverse culture

Royal music reason to visit Vietnam

Hue's Royal Court Music (Source: Thehumansbeingproject)

Vietnam has a rich history and traditional culture with 54 ethnic groups habitat by the rivers, influenced mostly by Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism. Many of unique attractive art, Water Puppets, Quan ho singing, and Hue's Royal Court Music

12 - Most attractive beach along the country

With more than 3,000km coastline, Vietnam has top charming beaches in the world, white sands and water fit for water activities. Can be named in Nha Trang, Hue, Danang and Phu Quoc

13 - Historical and heritage sites

Historical sites and heritage sites scattered throughout the s-shaped country some of the best are Ancient Hoi An town, Hanoi Old Quarter, Ancient Hue Citadel. 
Vietnam is really a fascinating destination with many amazing things of nature, food, culture and people. There are lots of reasons that can pull your legs to take a trip to this heaven land. Coming here, you will find out the best answer for why is Vietnam a great place to visit? 


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