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In November, the weather in the whole of Vietnam is distinctly different due to latitude from the North to the South. Visiting Vietnam in November, you have opportunities to admire the golden rice terraces in Sapa, Ha Giang or ride a boat in the cramped canal system in Mekong Delta,...

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  • I - Visiting the North Vietnam in November
  • II - The Central Vietnam in November
  • III - The South Vietnam in November
Vietnam in November
Source: Tan Le
In particular, November is the end of autumn and the start of winter in the North; and the change from rainy season to dry season in the Central and the South. Moreover, this is also the storm season in North and Central Vietnam, some days a month heavy rain and strong winds can occur in some localities, due to the storm's influence. 

I - Visiting the North Vietnam in November

The weather in North Vietnam this time is relatively pleasant. This is the time of the season transition between autumn and winter, so the weather is cool, the average temperature is not too high fluctuating between 21.4oC - 30oC. The rainfall is as low as 37.3mm/month, so the possibility of rain is also very low. Therefore, November can be named as the ideal time for you to have outdoor travel experiences, visit scenic locations, ect.
On the other hand, November is the rainy season in the North. Sometimes, some localities may experience bad weather conditions such as heavy rain for many hours and strong winds,... Especially, tropical low pressure moving from the East Sea causes sudden and prolonged rain,...

Visit Vietnam in November
Sapa in November - Source: VnExpress
There are some of the ideal tourist destinations to visit in the North of Vietnam in November:
Being well-known as an attractive destination for cultural tourism, Sapa also offers tourists the opportunity to admire the gorgeous beauty of nature in Love Falls, Silver Waterfall, apple forests,... Moreover, you can also experience several interesting activities such as conquering the windswept Mount Fansipan, picking cat-apples (Docynia Indica) and enjoying them with H'mong ethnic girls, enjoying delicious grilled dishes in the cold weather, especially grilled beef with bitter broccoli - a harmonious combination between the aroma of beef, and bitter taste like mustard of local vegetable. [Read more]
Ha Giang
The image of Ha Giang's sky and earth seem to be switched into a brand new one when entering November, which makes Ha Giang one of the best places to visit Vietnam in November. Its fields and hills are filled with purple rose color of Triangular Circuit flowers. Dressing in colorful brocade outfits and taking photos in the middle of the Triangular Circuit flower field is an extremely interesting experience. Otherwise, you can enjoy a hot and delicious triangular flower cake - a soft, and creamy cake that surely favors you in the cold weather of Northern autumn weather. [Read more]
Moc Chau
November is the white cauliflower season in Moc Chau. There, you can visit the peaceful villages of ethnic people, take photos at the canola hills, explore tea hills, experience the harvest of fresh tea leaves as well as steps of stirring and processing tea with the locals. Furthermore, there are some dishes that you should try in Moc Chau such as calamari, kitchen buffalo meat, spring fish, grilled chicken, stone snail, salmon, kale, nam pia, five-color sticky rice, buffalo-leather mannequin, Thang Co, etc.

II - The Central Vietnam in November

During November, Central Vietnam often experiences storms and tropical depressions, so there are normally heavy rains. The water flow in rivers is high which can cause flooding in some provinces and localities for about 7 - 10 days at worst. Therefore, you should watch the weather forecast before choosing a tourist destination for about 1 month to avoid such extreme weather phenomena. In general, the rainfall in Central Vietnam is relatively large at 253.8 mm/month; and the temperature is stable at 34.2oC.

Best places to visit in Vietnam in November
Hue Imperial City - Source: Insidevietnam
In order to avoid extreme weather conditions and have interesting travel experiences in Central Vietnam this time, you can choose from interesting attractions that are less affected by storms and floods such as:
Hue City
Being widely known as Vietnam's famous cultural and historic attraction as well as a culinary and green tourism site, Hue becomes incredibly romantic when the rain of November sinks the city. Hue is top-rated places to visit in Vietnam in November. The average temperature is just right for you to enjoy the delicious dishes of the ancient citadel such as Hue royal cuisine and sip a cup of coffee while listening to nostalgic singing on the Huong River. However, the rain can occur suddenly sometimes, so you should prepare an umbrella, a raincoat, or a thin coat when going out. [Read more]
In November, the rain and fog in Dalat ceases and the temperature is also relatively comfortable(17.3oC). In addition, traveling to Dalat during this month, you can see the vast hydrangeas fields, the cauliflower fields, the field of wildflowers, ... The chilly atmosphere also makes specialties there such as banh mi, chicken leaf hot pot, and Thanh Thao buttercream become increasingly tasty. There is a large difference in temperature (about 9oC during the day), so you should prepare with warm coats especially in the early morning and late night. [Read more]
Phan Thiet
During November, the temperature in this sunny and windy land ranges from 20 - 30oC; the rainfall is quite low but the weather is quite cloudy. Coming there, you can experience a number of activities such as exploring sand dunes, windsurfing, visiting fishing villages, visiting Mui Ne coast, experiencing the unique culture of the locals, or enjoying the exciting Jeep tour. [Read more]

III - The South Vietnam in November

Traveling to Vietnam this time, you can also choose to explore provinces in the South of Vietnam which witnesses the end of the rainy season and the beginning of the dry season. The temperature is not as high as 26.7oC; the rainfall is only approximately 130mm / month and the Mekong River (Cuu Long River) enters the end of the flooding season offering you a number of more interesting activities. However, you should prepare suitable sun protection equipment and items to protect their health such as hats, long-sleeved shirts, and sunscreen.

Beaches in Vietnam in November
Phu Quoc island in November - Source: Eila Lifflander
There are some "beautiful" attractions of South Vietnam  that tourists should consider to experience in November:
Mekong Delta
Traveling to the Mekong Delta in November, best things to do in Vietnam in November include fishing on the canals, visiting Tram Chim National Park, enjoying the green atmosphere at Tram Tra Su National Park, admiring the golden rice fields in the Ta Pa valley, visiting the floating markets, experience the fruit picking and enjoy the fresh and delicious fruits immediately. Otherwise, you can also listen to Don Ca Tai Tu (Amateur music) and visit the traditional craft village of coconut candy production. [Read more]
Phu Quoc 
In Vietnam November, the rainfall on Phu Quoc Ngoc Island is relatively low (about 169 mm/month) compared with the rainfall of 200-500mm in the rainy season. The average temperature is about 27oC and the number of sunny hours in the month is high (about 208 hours). Therefore, you can participate in beach sports like diving and watching coral easily because of the clear seawater and calm waves. Besides, there are some interesting experiences that tourists should try such as dinner at the fishing village, exploring beautiful beaches on the island - Bai Dai, Bai Sao, or visiting the famous Phu Quoc fish village. [Read more]
November in Vietnam is one of the ideal "times" for tourism. However, you should also be aware of a few notes about extreme weather conditions that can occur in some localities.
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