Located in the heart of the Mekong Delta, referring to Vinh Long Vietnam refers to a region of rivers, canals, and green garden fields. Being gifted with products such as fruits, fish and shrimp, this place also owns beautiful scenes here that captivate people.

Table Contents
  • I - How is Vinh Long weather all year round? 
  • II - What are the best places to visit in Vinh Long Vietnam? 
  • 1 - Cai Cuong ancient house
  • 2 - Mang Thit Terracotta Village in Vinh Long province 
  • 3 - Phuoc Hau pagoda and stone Buddha sutras garden
  • 4 - Nha Xua eco-tourism area in Vinh Long province
  • 5 - An Binh Islet
  • 6 - Tra On Floating market - the best Vinh Long market
  • III - Guest houses & hotels in Vinh Long Vietnam 
  • IV - Good to know about Vinh Long travel 
  • 1 - Local culture 
  • 2 - How to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long Vietnam? 
  • 3 - Top 3 Vinh Long food to try
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Vinh Long Vietnam is a province located between Tien river & Hau river in the heart of the Mekong Delta in Southern Vietnam - about 135 km from Ho Chi Minh City to the south. 

- Area: about 1520,17km2

- Administrative units: 6 districts of Binh Tan, Long Ho, Mang Thit, Tra On, Vung Linh, Tam Binh & Binh Minh town & Vinh Long city

- Nearest airport: Can Tho international airport in Can Tho city - about 10km

- Surrounding provinces: Tien Giang province, Ben Tre province, Dong Thap province, Tra Vinh province, Soc Trang province, Hau Giang province, and Can Tho city

I - How is Vinh Long weather all year round? 

Located in the tropical monsoon region, hot and humid are the main weather features in this province. The annual temperature is about 27ºC, the highest temperature is 36.9ºC, the lowest is 17.7ºC. The average annual rainfall is 1,300mm to 1,690mm. There are 2 seasons: the rainy season from May to October and the dry season from November to April. The best time to visit Vinh Long Mekong Delta is in the dry season when the weather's nice without heavy rain.

This province rarely suffers from extreme weather conditions, but several areas here have still experienced natural disasters such as tornadoes, floods, and lightning strikes,... due to the adverse effects of rain, tropical depressions in the East Sea .....

II - What are the best places to visit in Vinh Long Vietnam? 

1 - Cai Cuong ancient house

Built-in 1885 by a great landowner, Cai Cuong ancient house is a combination of ancient Southern Vietnam features in harmony with French architecture. The overall house has the typical architecture of Western mansions. The outside campus is quite large, paved with antique French ceramic tiles. The roof is decorated with exquisite details in the shape of unicorns. The door of Cai Cuong ancient house in Vinh Long is made of brown wood, designed in a classic Vietnamese architectural style. The walls of the house are painted yellow, hung with pictures of carp, and decorated with zigzag patterns. On the columns are carved images of typical animals of the Southwest region of ancient rivers such as crabs, fish, deer, monkeys, and horses.

- Address: No.38 Binh Hoa hamlet, Binh Hoa Phuoc commune, Long Ho district

- Opening hours: All-day

- Ticket price: 20,000 VND / person ($1) 

2 - Mang Thit Terracotta Village in Vinh Long province 

Mang Thit terracotta village is one of the oldest & most famous craft villages in the Mekong Delta area in Vietnam The precious soil is the foundation for the development of earthenware and pottery making in this province. A special feature of the baked ceramic products here is that after firing, the ceramic will have white veins because the clay contains alum.

Visiting Mang Thit pottery village, you will be able to witness all the stages of making fine ceramic products such as choosing clay, kneading the earth, putting it in a mold, drying it in the sun, placing it in the oven, and burning it. 

You also have the opportunity to admire ceramic houses with unique and distinctive architecture. The entire house, from the roof, fence, walls to the items inside, is completely made of ceramic.

- Address: My Phuoc village, Mang Thit district - about 30km from Vinh Long city 

- Opening hours: All-day

3 - Phuoc Hau pagoda and stone Buddha sutras garden


thien hau pagoda in vinh long
Source: Thanhnien

The Phuoc Hau pagoda is famous for its unique stone Buddha sutras garden with more than 500 sutras pages carved on 250 stone slabs in a campus of more than 4000m2. The stones are arranged in a layout simulating bodhi leaves spreading in eight directions, representing the Eightfold Path. In the center of the garden is a mountain with four statues of Shakyamuni Buddha. There are also many stone slabs carved in English.

- Address: Dong Hau hamlet, Ngai Tu commune, Tam Binh district

- Opening hours: All-day

4 - Nha Xua eco-tourism area in Vinh Long province

Nha Xua eco-tourism area has only 1 old wooden house built in the middle of the green campus with only trees and a lotus pond in front of the house.

This house has an area of 450m2, built entirely of precious wood, in the style of 3-compartments & 2-wing. Entering the house, visitors will admire the delicate beauty in the lines of carving animals and the very sophisticated and elaborate flowers throughout the house. Besides, visitors can also visit the fruit garden with their own eyes. fruit trees and enjoy delicious specialties in Vinh Long.

You can take a boat to move on Ong Me canal to visit the fruit garden of the local people, pick fresh fruits to enjoy while watching the natural scenery of the river with many types of fruits such as oranges, sweet potatoes, loquats, Nam Roi grapefruits, ...

- Address: Phuoc Hau commune, Long Ho district.

- Opening hours: All-day

5 - An Binh Islet

The An Binh islet is located between Tien and Co Chien rivers, in the Long Ho district. The island consists of 4 communes: An Binh, Binh Hoa Phuoc, Hoa Ninh, and Dong Phu. This islet is an ideal place to visit in Vinh Long Vietnam which is so famous for its peaceful sceneries and lush orchards. 

You can visit the garden of local people to experience the feeling of picking fruit, enjoy fresh fruit, go by boat on the river, visit the yellow apricot village in Phuoc Dinh, Cai Cuong old house or Tien Chau pagoda. In addition, you have a chance to experience the production process of Com candy, rice wine, rice paper, coconut candy at the craft villages. For having a perfect trip to the island, it is highly recommended to book a package tour from travel agencies. Puolo Trip Limited Company is an ideal choice:

- Contact: 0389 881 133

- Tour price: 

290,000 VND/person ($12.5) - Group of 25 persons by private boat

350,000 VND/person ($15.08) - Group of 11 - 24 persons by private boat

390,000 VND/person ($16.81) - Group of 5 - 10 persons by private boat

6 - Tra On Floating market - the best Vinh Long market


floating market in vinh long

Source: Thesinhtours

Tra On Floating market is a floating market downstream of the Hau River stretching a length of more than 300 meters. This is one of the oldest Vietnamese floating markets that is associated with many cultural activities of the local people. The market is famous for specialties such as beef balls noodles served with banana flower vegetables, listening to the music of amateur mat sellers mingling with the laughter of the local people. 

III - Guest houses & hotels in Vinh Long Vietnam 

Saigon Vinh Long Hotel


vinh long hotel

Source: Saigonvinhlonghotel

- Address: No.02 Trung Nu Vuong street, Ward 1, Vinh Long city

- Contact: 0270 387 9989

- Room rate: 1,000,000 VND / night ($44)

Truong Huy Hotel


vinh long accommodation

Source: Booking

- Address: No.5, group 1, Tan Quoi Hung hamlet, Truong An commune, Vinh Long city

- Contact: 0898 002 939

- Room rate: 800,000 VND / night ($35)

Happy family guesthouse - Thuy An homestay

- Address: No. 53/4, Phu My 1 Hamlet, Dong Phu commune, Long Ho district

- Contact: 0919 220 282

- Room rate: 175,000 - 200,000 VND / night ($7.54 - 8.62)

IV - Good to know about Vinh Long travel 

1 - Local culture 


local music of amateurs in vinh long

Source: Vietfuntravel

The culture here is also very diverse and rich and it is impossible not to mention the typical arts, traditional festivals, folk games such as:

The southern amateur music (Don Ca Tai Tu art)

This art form was formed and developed in the late 19th century and is an indispensable cultural feature of the Southern Vietnam people in festivals, anniversaries, weddings, engagements. Cai Cuong ancient house is an ideal place to enjoy this music. 

Don-Ta ceremony

This is also one of the biggest festivals in the year of the Khmer ethnic people in Vinh Long province, usually held from August 28 to September 1 of the lunar calendar, around September to October of the solar calendar. This is a form of ceremony combining agricultural ceremony and ancestor worship ceremony, the Buddhist amnesty ceremony is held annually in August of the lunar calendar. 

Ky Yen festival

It will take place from 1 to 2 days, including main rituals such as Than Nong ceremony, Tuc Yen ceremony, Sac Than ceremony, sacrifice for people with meritorious services to the village, bringing Sac Than,... is to pray for the nation's and people’s safety, everything is as expected and prosperity of the village. Experiencing the Ky Yen Festival is one of the best things to do in Vinh Long Vietnam. The festival takes place from the 12th to 18th of December of the lunar calendar that is around December - January of the following calendar year.

Ok Om Bok Ceremony

Although there is no boat racing, dropping lanterns to the sky and on the river, to maintain this activity, the Khmer often gathers at a pagoda, holds the ceremony, and welcomes the moon. The festival is usually held on October 15th of the lunar calendar (i.e. around November of the solar calendar), coinciding with the end of the season of the Khmer. 

2 - How to travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Vinh Long Vietnam? 

ho chi minh to vinh long map

Source: Internet

Travel time is about 2 - 2.5 hours. You can refer to the following buses & limousines: 

Loc Phat Limousine

- Pick-up: Alley 354 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Ward 14, District 10, Ho Chi Minh city at 1pm and 5pm 

- Drop-off: No.293 National Highway 1A, Vinh Long city

- Contact: 0919 705 33 - 0292 3779777 - 0292 3696678

Kim Ma bus

- Pick-up: No.296A Tran Phu street, Ward 8, District 5, Ho Chi Minh city at 11 am

- Drop-off: No.107 - 109, 2/9 street, Vinh Long city

- Contact: 028 3838 3668 - 028 39235 480 

Lube Express

- Pick-up: Mien Tay Bus Station - No.395 Kinh Duong Vuong street, Ho Chi Minh City

- Drop-off: Vinh Long Bus Station - No.1E Dinh Tien Hoang street, Ward 8, Vinh Long city

- Contact: 0937 151 416

3 - Top 3 Vinh Long food to try

With a huge diversity of fauna and flora, this province is the hub of many delicious foods. Visiting this river land, you can try many dishes made of freshwater fish and shrimp.

Famous local dishes: 

Crispy fried giant gourami: Crispy fried fish is served with fresh vegetables such as herbs, star fruit, green slices of banana, lettuce, and rice paper. All the ingredients are wrapped in rice paper and dipped in the sour & spicy fish sauce. 

Bagrid catfish (Hemibagrus) cooked with some kinds of vegetables: The bagrid catfish of Vinh Long Vietnam is meaty, sweet but not too fishy cooked with vegetables such as purple onions, celery, scallions, tomatoes to make a fresh and sour soup. 

Giant river prawn: The prawn meat is juicy with a wonderful aroma that attracts everyone. Prawn is grilled after being marinated with salt, lemon, and pepper creating an indispensable taste. This dish can be processed in ways such as grilled on charcoal-grilled with salt and chili, steam with beer. 


vinh long food
Source: Songmoi

Some restaurants in Vinh Long city: 

Phuong Thuy restaurant

- Address: No.1 Phan Boi Chau street, ward 1

- Price: 120,000 VND/person ($5)

Lan Que restaurant 

- Address: No.2, 2/9 street

- Price: 200,000 VND/person ($9)

Thien Tan restaurant

- Address: No.56 Pham Thai Buong street, ward 4

- Price: 330,000 VND/person ($15)

Vinh Long Vietnam map


Vinh Long Vietnam is a nice place to visit and experience the way the locals live and meet their life by fruit planting and trading on the rivers. Those are some information about Vinh Long tourism provided by the Local Travel Idea, hope it helps!
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