The best nightlife in Vietnam

When night falls, people often think of the quiet, quiet street. But sometimes, nightlife is no less lively and bustling. Join us to walk through several cities in Vietnam to discover the beauty of a Vietnam nightlife. ...Read more

Previously, the night fell was also the time when Vietnamese people gathered together, took time to rest and relax with their family. When life is more and more developed, people's entertainment needs are also increasing. Along with the introduction of culture from Western countries, many fun activities take place and last until the night. Therefore, nightlife in Vietnam is getting more and more ticking.
In big cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City,.. nightlife activities are no longer unfamiliar. This is also a prominent beauty that attracts the curiosity of international tourists when visiting Vietnam. Play space in turn opened up such as pedestrian streets, cafes, bars, discos, nightclubs, parks.


Nightlife in Vietnam

Ta Hien street in Hanoi is always bustling at night - Source: Kenh14

In contrast, the countryside is quieter. Everywhere covered a quiet, serene, peaceful beauty. People often see the image of adults chatting and sipping a cup of tea on the porch, children playing together in the moonlight beside the village bamboo. 

I - Vietnamese nightlife in suburban and countryside:  quiet and peaceful

A characteristic of the countryside in Vietnam is serenity. The people's life is often linked to farming activities. Therefore, when the night comes, people often choose to talk with their families over dinner, drink tea and enjoy the fresh breeze and quickly fall asleep. This habit of rural people has been maintained for many years from generation to generation.
We rarely see images of night play in the countryside. However, if you come here on occasions such as village festivals, special occasions such as Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinese New Year, ... you will experience an extremely new night-time atmosphere. It can be said that it is also a beauty that makes international friends very excited when coming to Vietnam.

II - Vietnamese nightlife in urban area: bustling and vibrant 

Big cities and urban areas are places where you don't sleep at night, many entertainment activities take place such as:
Hanoi's walking street

Nightlife Vietnam
Vietnamese folk games - Source: Kenh14
When coming to Hanoi, you should spend an evening walking and having fun on the walking street. Every weekend night, the walking street wears new bustling clothes. You can walk around the Hoan Kiem lake area and the old town nearby to experience interesting activities such as playing folk games, listening to street art music, drawing portraits, taking beautiful pictures. To keep memories or shop at Hanoi pedestrian street. In addition, do not forget to enjoy some street food at street food stalls such as dry beef salad, Trang Tien ice cream, hot rolls, spring rolls and noodles ...
Explore Ta Hien - Ma May Beer Street in Hanoi
Exploring nightlife in Vietnam will not be complete if missing visiting the beer street. Ta Hien beer street is the most bustling night street in Hanoi. Around the sidewalk crowded with eateries and refreshments serving guests to watch and walk the night. The shops of vermicelli, pho, noodles, ... crowded with people, made the atmosphere of the neighborhood become noisier and noisier than ever.
The unique treasure of street food in Ta Hien is also a plus point for this place. Sidewalk dishes such as fried spring rolls, lemongrass chicken feet, french fries, cheese sticks, street custom taro, lemon tea, ... vibrant pubs and bars are also indispensable images in Ta Hien street. Hanoi old quarter is the most exciting place to have fun with many bars, pubs and clubs along Ta Hien, Ma May and Hang Buom streets. 

Best nightlife in Vietnam
Bui Vien street is consider as one of the best nightlifes in Saigon - Source: Zai Tri
Experience nightlife at Bui Vien Street - Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh is the best city in Vietnam for nightlife. Coming to Ho Chi Minh city, do not forget to explore Bui Vien pedestrian street located on Pham Ngu Lao street, center of District 1. This is a famous dining place attracting a large number of young people at home and abroad. Bui Vien Walking Street has many interesting activities such as art performances on the sidewalks, folk games such as jumping rope, eatery, tug of war,…. You can also enjoy musical repertoire from the national music stage and international music stage. In addition, services such as massage, haircut, beauty, ... or attractive street food such as: baked goods, snails, smoothies, cafes, … Saigon, especially district 1 and around Bui Vien street is considered as the heart of Vietnam nightclubs.  
Not to mention the image of street vendors - a characteristic of Saigon at night. The trolley filled with dishes such as stir-fried corn, baked potatoes, quail eggs, juices, fruits roaming all the streets of the neighborhood, creating an unforgettable image in the heart of visitors when visiting this city. That is why Bui Vien West Street often attracts a lot of international visitors, making the street seem more busy than before.

Best city in Vietnam for nightlife
Night market in Hoi An - Source: Le Ha Truc
Night market exploring
Night markets - best place to see how the locals run their business to meet life standards and to experience nightlife in Vietnam Most tourist cities have night markets (every night or some are only held on weekends). The goods in the night market are also plentiful such as clothes, shoes, household items, furniture. handicrafts ... The fresh air is the best time to walk around the night market, look at a few items and enjoy the food court of the market.
The night cruise tours
In addition, when you come to coastal cities like Nha Trang, Da Nang, ... At night, besides having fun at famous places here, you will also experience a new form of tourism. is a night squid fishing tour. It is wonderful to both admire the night sea scenery on the boat, while being able to fish fresh squid from the sea by yourself.

Vietnam nightlife tips
Night squid-fishing - Source: Internet

III - Vietnam nightlife tips

- Before planning your night, check the timing of the places you want to visit.
- Nightlife prices and costs depending on what you do and where you go. 
- Should not miss to enjoy beers and street food in Vietnam at night
- When shopping at the night market, you should not take the first price offered by the seller. You should haggle a bit 
- Vietnamese young people are so friendly, fun and love to make friends, so that Vietnam nightlife is so attractive and exciting for singles. 
In general, Vietnam nightlife in every place is different, depending on the culture and living habits of the people there. However, no matter how loud, busy or peaceful, quiet, the night always brings people different joys. This is also a good time for us to sit back, share our chaos of life and prepare for an energetic new day.
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Vietnam is a beautiful country which has a diverse nature, many beautiful landscapes stretching along the direction of the country, and is known to international tourists through the "heroic" stories of the two resistance wars against France and the America. However, that is not all about this country. It can not be missed without mentioning a long-standing culture that will make you impressed by a lot of interesting things. In addition, coming to Vietnam visitors will surely be mesmerized by the rich variety of insanely delicious foods with many globally famous dishes such as Pho soup or Vietnamese bread.  Let's see how impressed international tourists were when having a trip to Vietnam with many unforgettable memories.


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