20 Jan 2021

The tourist season in Vietnam is influenced by cultural and weather factors. Therefore, for international tourists, it is quite complicated to find out a large amount of information about weather, regional culture, geography, ... then find the best time to travel. Understanding these visitors' concerns, we have compiled some information and analyzed the following to help visitors easily grasp and get the perfect vacation here.

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  • 1 - Vietnam peak tourist season (October - April)
  • 2 - Low season in Vietnam for international tourists (May - September)
vietnam tourist season
Source: Tam Nguyen
For international tourists, the tourist season in Vietnam will be divided into two distinct seasons, namely high season and low season. Due to the influence of culture and lifestyle, the peak season for international tourists is from October to April of the following year (coinciding with winter vacation, Christmas, New year, ...); As for domestic tourists, the peak season starts from May to September each year (coincides with summer holidays, big holidays April 30 - May 1 and September 2). This opposition has created advantages and disadvantages for international visitors when coming here at different times.
In the framework of this article, we will point out the advantages and disadvantages of two high - low seasons for international tourists as follows:

1 - Vietnam peak tourist season (October - April)

From october to april in Vietnam is the peak or high season for international tourists because this time coincides with the winter holidays of European countries and major holidays - long holidays of the year such as Christmas, New Year. In contrast, this time is the low season for domestic tourists because the northern season is entering a cold winter that is not suitable for tourism, the temperature is about 16 - 24°C. Therefore, at this time, tourists will have some advantages when traveling to Vietnam:
- The scenic spots and tourist spots are not too crowded without the crowding and with cleaner and fresher air.
-  With the temperature of 16 - 24°C , the weather is quite cool and comfortable.
- There are many promotions launched by tour operators, providing accommodation and entertainment services to stimulate tourism demand at this time. Therefore, the travel cost is also more affordable.
- Airline ticket or traveling between entertainment places is also more convenient, there is no phenomenon of overload or price increase due to the rise of demand.

golden bridge vietnam in high tourist season
Source: VnExpress
In general, this time, climate, society or other factors, is very favorable for tourists. Therefore, this is also considered as Vietnam’s tourism best time to visit and experience.
However, there are a few special notes that tourists must be aware of when coming to Vietnam at this time, including: This period may coincide with two times when the demand for domestic tourists increases highly on 30 / 04 - 1 May and Lunar New Year (around February of the annual calendar).
- The holidays on April 30 - May 1 is one of the major holidays lasting from 2 to 4 days per year. At this time, the demand for travel will suddenly increase and the demand for sea tourism will also go up, leading to the following limitations and difficulties for international tourists. 
+ Traveling will be difficult in big cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City because of traffic jams. It is difficult to book travel seats or the passenger cars are often crowded, and overloaded.
+ Tourist attractions with a high number of domestic tourists, long queues or jostles are easy to happen. As such, it would be a bad experience for international travelers. Especially in big cities, famous tourist destinations such as Ha Long bay, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, ...
+ Prices of accommodation services, transportation, meals and entertainment will all increase higher than normal days. Therefore, the expected spending budget of visitors will also increase, but the quality of service is not as good as other periods.

tet holiday at vietnam tourist season
Source: Kenh14
- On the occasion of the Lunar New Year, most of the services of transportation, accommodation, restaurants,... are suspended from business activities. Only a few high-end resorts and hotels remain in operation. However, due to the small number of employees working, the number of customers using the service is not much, so the service quality is not as good as usual. Though it is the peak tourist season in Vietnam when the weather is quite nice and having many festivals to experience, traveling during the Lunar new year time tourists need to be concerned. 
The Lunar New Year 2021 will begin from 11/02/02/2021 to 16/02/2021 (30/12/2020 - 05/01/2021 in lunar calendar)
The Lunar New Year 2022 will begin from 01/02/2022 to 05/02/2022 (30/01/2021 - 05/01/2022 in lunar calendar). The difficulties that visitors may encounter are:
+ Prices of transportation, accommodations and catering services will be increased. Moreover, only the standard 5 * units remain in business during this time, while most of the small units are closed for 3 to 10 days. Due to a few staff and declining input conditions, service quality may also decrease slightly.
+ The demand for traveling and shopping of Vietnamese people during Tet is often increased, so large shopping centers are often overloaded, crowded markets are easy to queue or wait for too long. For travel, with traffic congestion, crowded passengers, difficulty booking seats or slightly higher service prices.
+ Especially, tourists who choose "cheap" tourism or go to villages and mountainous areas will find it more difficult to find places to stay, restaurants. 
+ Consider visiting places of spiritual culture such as temples, pagodas, shrines, ... because in the beginning of the new year, the spiritual tourism demand of local tourists increases. It is easy to jostle and push, especially in big places such as Yen Tu Pagoda, Huong Pagoda, Bai Dinh Pagoda. 

bai dinh pagoda travel in vietnam tourism season
Source: Internet
Tips: In order to avoid unnecessary inconveniences, visitors should come a little early or later on the traditional Tet holiday. Also, find the weather forecast corresponding to the destination in order to prepare suitable for the climate, trip and your own experiences.

2 - Low season in Vietnam for international tourists (May - September)

From May to September, the North of Vietnam will enter summer and autumn, so the weather is quite favorable for sea tourism with local tourists. It is also the peak season of domestic tourism because the weather is favorable, coinciding with the student's summer holidays. If international tourists plan to visit Vietnam at this time, there are a few things to keep in mind:
- Due to the high season of domestic tourism, tourist attractions are often overcrowded, especially in sea tourism destinations, water parks, and amusement parks. The sea tourism season in Vietnam is from May to July.
- The need to travel, stay, eat or relax,... simultaneously increases, so the units are often in overload. Therefore, it is difficult to ensure the best quality of service, as well as the possibility of long queues. From there, reducing the quality of service and travel experience of visitors going there.
- The general price of all services tends to increase. So your expected budget will probably increase a little more. Even the airline ticket will increase slightly compared to normal days.
- At this time, there are also a few big holidays where the need to move increases that tourists should note: Mid-Autumn Festival, April 30 - May 1, Independent Day September 2, ... However, experiences from the Mid-Autumn Festival, the rice season in the North is also quite interesting, if you plan to come here at this time, you should be well-prepared for accommodation and airline ticket booking. 

rice fields at the peak of vietnam tourist season
Source: VnExpress

Hopefully, those information about the tourist season in Vietnam is helpful for your travel in Vietnam.
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