Visiting Vietnam in May is highly recommended for those who love a summer vacation full of sunshine and wind. May is not the best time for trekking due to heavy rain & high temperature, but it is great for beach-vibe experiences. Some of the best places to visit are Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Da Nang and Phu Quoc beach.  Also, visiting Halong bay or checking some terraced rice fields scenery in the mountainous regions are nice too. 

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  • I - Weather in Vietnam in May
  • II - Best destination to visit in Vietnam during May
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Vietnam in May
Source: Ajai Arif
May is the mid-summer time which coincides with the summer vacation of Vietnamese students. Therefore, it is also the peak season for domestic tourism. Furthermore, this month is also an ideal time for island tourism in Vietnam and there are some interesting experiences that visitors should not miss when coming to this S-shaped land.

I - Weather in Vietnam in May

Although there is a clear climate differentiation from the North to the South, the whole of Vietnam has quite similar weather patterns in May. The average temperature is about 27.38 degrees C, the average rainfall is about 182 mm/month, and the number of sunny hours in a month is high. Therefore, it is very convenient for tourism activities especially to explore the islands and stunning landscapes.

Things to do in Vietnam in May
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North Vietnam in May
May is the middle of summer in the North, so the average temperature is high (about 26.8 degrees Celsius), the humidity is over 80%, average monthly rainfall is 182.3mm / month and the sky is clear and sunny. In particular, the time at noon or the peak hot days can sometimes reach over 35 degrees Celsius. Therefore, visitors should actively take measures to protect themselves from the sun such as preparing long sleeves shirts, hats, umbrellas, using sunscreen, and limiting outdoor activities from 11h to 13h30 daily.
The Central
May is the end of the dry season in Central Vietnam. During this month, the central provinces often suffer from the negative influence of the Lao monsoon, so the average temperature is relatively high (about 27.6 degrees Celsius), the rainfall is 132mm / month. The driest area is the Central Highlands and the East of Truong Son Range. However, if you visit Vietnam in May in the central coastal area, the weather is still quite pleasant, cool, and suitable for tourism activities. Therefore, tourists should consider carefully when choosing a suitable tourist destination.
The South
May is also the end of the dry season in the South, so the rainy days in the month decrease. The average temperature is 28.3 degrees C which is very suitable for sightseeing or outdoor activities. However, visitors should also equip themselves with a hat, umbrella, and sunscreen to limit negative effects from the sun to the skin.
Note: Vietnam travel in May is an ideal time for island & beach tourism, and also the peak tourist season for domestic tourists. Therefore, visitors must pay more attention because hotels in famous tourist destinations, especially well-known beaches and islands are often crowded, overloaded, or waiting in line. In particular, the period of early May (holidays April 30 - May 1) and the end of May (starting summer vacation) are the most crowded time. Therefore, visitors can consider the need of traveling at this time and actively book hotels - air tickets in advance to limit the peak price increase or out of room. 
If you are wondering about packing for Vietnam in May, bear in mind that this month is in the rain and hot season along the country. It would be good if you take some items such as umbrellas, raincoats and sandals, sunscreen and mosquitos repellent when going out.

II - Best destination to visit in Vietnam during May

There are some prominent tourist attractions that should be listed in tourists' bucket list when coming to Vietnam this time such as:

Visiting Vietnam in May
Nha Trang beach - Source: Dac Duy
Nha Trang Beach - the "coastal city" of Vietnam
This is a gorgeous city filled with many stunning beaches and islands. This is highly recommended as one of the best beaches in Vietnam in May where visitors have the chance to capture the full beauty of the sea, freely experience activities such as diving, surfing, beach sports, and swimming as well as enjoy fresh seafood dishes. [Read more...]
Halong Bay
This UNESCO heritage site has calm waves, clear water and clear sky during May, so it is very suitable for tourism activities such as night squid fishing, kayaking, exploring islands or fishing villages on the bay. Beside, the fresh and delicious seafood dishes are sure to satisfy your taste buds.
Mu Cang Chai
One of the best things to do in Vietnam in May is having a trip to hilly and mountainous regions in the north for capturing the stunning scene of water pouring terraced rice fields. When the terraced fields are pouring in creating a breathtaking scene of a large "raspberry" sparkling silver that can attract any nature lovers. Moreover, visitors can experience the slash-and-burn activities of the local with plowing, buffalo, hoeing and paddy seeds while there. [Read more...]
An Giang
For Vietnam May holiday, the Localtravelidea suggests the biggest festival of the year in An Giang including Chol Chnam Chmay (New Year's Eve) festival of Khmer people from April 13-14 due to lunar calendar; and Ba Chua Xu Temple festival from April 23-27 due to the lunar calendar. In An Giang, visitors can immerse in the festival vibe and learn more about the culture and beliefs of the Vietnamese people.
Vung Tau
Being known as one of the most famous attractions of South Vietnam, this city possesses fresh cool air, beautiful beaches, a number of delicious dishes, and attractive cultural tourist sites that offer visitors many new experiences and excitement. [Read more...]
In general,  Vietnam in May is the ideal time for islands and beaches tourism. In addition, visitors can also consider experiencing cultural festivals, visiting and exploring the national park or wildlife sanctuary. Regardless of the experience you choose, you should prepare yourself for sun-proof clothing, sunscreen ... to protect your health properly and ensure an enjoyable trip.
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