03 Feb 2021

Vietnam in August has perfect weather nationwide. At this time, the North is entering the beginning of autumn, the Central and the South are entering the middle of the rainy season. In general, the average base temperature of the country is about 27.28oC and the average monthly rainfall is about 305.81mm. Ideal weather is a favorable condition to help you have many interesting experiences and activities during your trip to Vietnam.

Table Contents
  • I - Weather condition in Vietnam in August 
  • II- Top-rated places to visit in Vietnam in August
  • 1 - Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park - World Natural Heritage
  • 2 - Halong Bay - One of the 7 natural wonders of the world
  • 3 - Quy Nhon beaches - one of best beaches in Vietnam in August 
  • 4 - Sapa
  • 5 - Mui Ne
Vietnam in August
Source: Jonah Pettrich
Maybe August is one of the months when Vietnam's weather is extremely ideal for sightseeing tourism, exploration tourism and sea tourism. However, Vietnam this time also coincides with the last month of the sea tourism season for domestic tourists. 

I - Weather condition in Vietnam in August 

The North
Northern Vietnam at this time enters the first months of autumn, the hot summer heat is already gone, instead comes the cool gentle breezes of autumn. The average temperature in this region is about 27.9oC. However, there may also be heavy rainfall in the North this month - with low pressure or storms from the East Sea to the mainland. The average rainfall in the region is about 349 mm this month. 
In general, the weather is still quite favorable for sea tourism and scenic visits. However, you should watch the weather forecast to avoid storms or tropical depressions (which may affect some localities in the North); a raincoat should be prepared to avoid sudden rain when you visit North Vietnam in August
The Central
At this time, the whole Central region enters the last month of the peak of domestic tourists' sea tourism. The average temperature of the whole area is about 26.9oC; the average rainfall is 216.5mm. Similarly, as in the North, some localities of the Central (Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Thanh Hoa) can experience prolonged heavy rain due to the influence of tropical depressions and storms. Therefore, tourists should choose sea tourism in the south Middle or the central Middle is the most ideal. Despite heavy rainfall, most of them are showers and don’t last long, so it doesn't affect the schedule much.

Visit Vietnam in August
Rainy season in Vietnam - Source: Abi Ismail
The South
This time is the peak of the rainy season, and it is also the season when the water returns on the Mekong River. Traveling to the South of Vietnam at this time, you can try many interesting experience activities such as: visiting floating markets, national parks, flooded forests,...Especially, the heat in the South is relatively comfortable at 27.1oC, which is not too high; average rainfall is measured in the whole area is about 351.9mm. This means that the likelihood of rain happening at this time is relatively high, so besides preparing measures to avoid sunlight, you should also prepare umbrellas, or raincoats. Visiting Ho Chi Minh City at this time, you must also consider the phenomenon of high tide and flooding after rain.

II- Top-rated places to visit in Vietnam in August

As mentioned above, Vietnam's weather in all three regions in August is extremely convenient for sightseeing tourism, sea tourism, cultural tourism and exploration tourism. Some prominent destinations that you can choose from when traveling to Vietnam this time are:

Places to visit in Vietnam in August
Phong Nha - Ke Bang national park - Source: VnExpress

1 - Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park - World Natural Heritage

One of the top experiential travel destinations in Vietnam, this place is also the "entrance" of the world's largest cave - Son Doong cave. Not only that the cave system at the national park is extremely unique, hiding the mysterious and careful beauty of nature, which is also the reason why it attracts millions of visitors each year. In parallel, you can explore the Wind Falls, Mooc springs as well as explore the diverse ecosystem of the land here. Another indispensable element is local cuisine with attractive dishes such as soup, waterbird fish, river shrimp, brown rice pancake,...
Location:  Bo Trach district, Quang Binh province

2 - Halong Bay - One of the 7 natural wonders of the world

Where to go in Vietnam in August? It must be HaLong Bay. Besides the experience of visiting caves, swimming,... you can try fishing activities - squid fishing, diving, visiting fishing villages - participating in everyday activities with the local people. In parallel, you can choose other places to visit on the mainland in the city that are extremely attractive such as the night market, old town, Sun World amusement park,...dishes bearing the indigenous culture of Ha Long land such as dishes made from fresh seafood, squid pies, desserts, sea sausages, hello ha, nodding cakes, etc.
September - November every year is the time when the bay is always flooded with beautiful sun, less rain - clear blue and calm sea, so it is very suitable for tourism activities on islands and mainland experiences.

3 - Quy Nhon beaches - one of best beaches in Vietnam in August 

Best beaches in Vietnam in August
 Quy Nhon beach in Binh Dinh province - Source: Thanh Vu Duc
Apart from swimming activities, you can also explore other beautiful places in Quy Nhon such as Giang Tien bay, Eo Gio - Ky Co, Cu Lao Xanh, Phuong Mai sandhill, Zoo Safari Park, Thap Doi, Hon Sao, Hon Kho, Ong Nui pagoda,... Tourist attractions in Quy Nhon still retain their pristine beauty and have not suffered many negative impacts from tourism activities. The cuisine of this land is also extremely diverse, attracting tourists: Soft thin vermicelli noodles, pig's offals congee, noodle soup, shrimp vermicelli, thornback vermicelli, rice cake, shrimp pancake, eel porridge, etc. It can be seen that Quy Nhon is one of the most attractive marine tourism destinations for tourists.
March - September coincides with the dry season in Quy Nhon, so it is very suitable for tourism activities of tourists.

4 - Sapa

This is one of the destinations that combine attractive scenic tourism and cultural tourism in the North. Coming to Sapa Vietnam in August, you also have the opportunity to admire the golden rice season on the very unique terraced fields, if you're lucky, you can apply to join the indigenous people in the rice harvest. Attractive destinations in Sapa such as Fansipan Mount, love market, night market, Cat Cat village, Bac Ha fair,... Along with that you will be immersed in the different dishes of the people. These include corn rice, five colors sticky rice, Thang Co, salmon hot pot, lam rice,...
September - November is the time that coincides with the ripe rice season in Sapa, so the scenery here becomes even more beautiful and majestic. Cool-weather also creates favorable conditions for your trip.

5 - Mui Ne

Where to go in Vietnam in August
A photo was taken in Mui Ne - Source: Duy Son
Mui Ne is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam in August. This place owns many beautiful beaches, poetic dunes, and many attractive cultural and historical sites such as Cham Tower, Ong Dia rocky beach, Fairy Stream, Rad San Dune, fishing village, Hon Rom, Bau Trang Sand Dune. The cuisine of this land is also very attractive with modified dishes - creating a unique feature for Mui Ne cuisine such as fish ball, banh mi, Vietnamese Crispy Dumplings, rice paper roll, seaweed, etc.
Swimming activities, sunbathing on the beach here is very popular with visitors because next to the sun there are still cool breezes from the ocean. blowing through should create a very pleasant feeling. [Read more...]
April - August is the most beautiful time of the year because the seawater is clear, calm, so it is very suitable for tourism activities and tourist experiences. Moreover, this time rarely rains, so it is very suitable for you to experience the city, historic sites, or dunes.
It can be seen that August in Vietnam is a great time for sea tourism and sightseeing tourism in all three regions. Hopefully, with the information suggestion from Localtravelidea.com, you can better understand Vietnam in August and choose the travel itinerary that best suits your interests.
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