April in Vietnam is the month when spring goes and summer comes. It is also the high season in Vietnam. Coming to Vietnam during this month, you have the chance to experience plenty of activities. Below is our suggestions for you when visiting Vietnam in April

Table Contents
  • I - Vietnam weather in April
  • II - What to do in Vietnam in April?
  • 1 - Important events in April
  • 2 - Best places to visit in Vietnam in April
  • III - Further information
  • 1 - Packing for Vietnam in April
  • 2 - Are there any mosquitoes in Vietnam in April
  • 3 - Which are the Vietnamese typical fruits in April? 
  • IV - The most memorable Aprils in Vietnam
  • 1 -  The April in 1975
  • 2 - Vietnam in April 2020
Mar 30
Vietnam in April
Source: VnExpress

The summer weather from North to South with much sunshine, little rain, and ideal temperature - 26,1oC facilitates beach activities, sightseeing, trekking tours,...In general, Vietnam in April brings you to plenty of great experiences.

I - Vietnam weather in April

Northern Vietnam
It is extremely cool in this region, the average temperature recorded is 23,7oC. The average rainfall this month is not high, about 108,5mm. However, the humid weather in the North may cause some inconveniences


April in Vietnam

Visit Vietnam in April - Source: Hanoimoi

Central Vietnam
April is the month when the dry season in Central Vietnam ends. There is a slight increase in temperature, up to 25,6oC. In the Middle and the South of the Central region, the hot and dry wind from Laos leads to low humidity. You should prepare sunscreen, shirts and restrict going out from 11am to 1pm. 
Southern Vietnam
It is the end of the dry season in Southern Vietnam with the highest temperature being 28.6oC. At this time, the water level on the rivers of the Mekong Delta goes down, which is suitable for fish-catching. The sea weather here is stable, for example Phu Quoc Island with it’s calm sea water, and slight sun. 

II - What to do in Vietnam in April?

1 - Important events in April

There are many important events happening in April, including the Reunification day, Hung Kings festival,...
The Reunification day - 30th April
On this day, every street in Vietnam becomes more bustling and is filled with flags, flowers and the stream of people parading.  
Hung Kings Temple festival - 10th March in the lunar calendar
This is one of the biggest festivals in Vietnam. The main ceremony is held in Hung Temple on Nghia Linh Mountain, Phong Chau District, Phu Tho Province - 85km northwest of Hanoi. There are a wide range of Vietnamese folk games such as rice cooking competitions, human chess, water puppet performance, lion dance and so on.
- In 2021, the festival is held at 21/04/2021 
- In 2022: the festival is held at 10/04/2022 

2 - Best places to visit in Vietnam in April

April is the end of the international tourist season but the beginning of the domestic tourist season, especially from 25th April to 5th May. You should book flights and make reservations in advance. Top best places in April can be mentioned as: 
Hoang Su Phi in Ha Giang Province
Hoang Su Phi owns one of the most stunning rice terraces in Vietnam. April coincides with the pouring water season in Hoang Su Phi, when the rice terraces seem to be more charmingly iridescent in the yellow sunshine. You can also try plowing with the locals if possible.
HaLong Bay
What is the best place to go in Vietnam in april? We can not fail not to mention HaLong Bay. In  April, there is little rain and lots of sunshine in HaLong Bay. The calm sea and the stable weather facilitate such activities as kayaking, visiting the floating villages, taking a night squid tour,...
Tam Coc in Ninh Binh Province
April marks the ripening season in Tam Coc. Visiting Tam Coc in April, you should take a river boat tour on Ngo Dong river while admiring the dazzlingly beautiful yellow ripened rice fields on both sides. 


Visiting Vietnam in April

Lang Co Beach in Hue - Source: Agoda

Beaches in Central region
April in Vietnam is considered as the favourable time to explore the beaches in Central Vietnam because of the calm sea and the slight sunshine. The most popular beaches in Central Vietnam are My Khe beach in Danang, Lang Co beach in Hue, An Bang beach in Hoi An, Doc Let beach in Nha Trang,...
Yellow ripened rice fields in the Mekong Delta
April is the beginning of the harvest season in the Mekong Delta. You can try harvesting with the locals or experiencing the daily local life in the orchards...

III - Further information

1 - Packing for Vietnam in April

In general, the weather in April is relatively comfortable, you just need to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellents, umbrellas, thin coats…

2 - Are there any mosquitoes in Vietnam in April

April, the transition period between spring and summer in Vietnam, is when it becomes more humid facilitating the growth of mosquitoes. The common diseases in April are malaria, dengue fever, measles, smallpox, chicken pox, flu,...Especially in 2020, there are more cases of Covid-19.

3 - Which are the Vietnamese typical fruits in April? 

Some typical fruits that you can enjoy in Vietnam this month are: Plumin  Sapa, apricots in the Northwest mountainous, mangosteen in the Mekong Delta,  pineapple in the central regions,..

IV - The most memorable Aprils in Vietnam

1 -  The April in 1975

At 5:30am 30th April 1975, the Vietnam army simultaneously attacked Saigon in four directions and completely defeated the Republic of Vietnam. At 11:30am, a Vietnamese red flag with a yellow star fluttering on the top of the Independent Palace marks the victory of Vietnamese army and the unification of Vietnam after decades of separation.

Things to do in Vietnam in April

The Independence Palace - Source: Nem TV

2 - Vietnam in April 2020

In April 2020, the whole world is struggling to fight against the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnam is no exception. In order to limit the spread of the epidemic, the Vietnamese government has issued a nationwide social distancing order for a period of 21 or 30 days depending on each locality. Never before has the street been so quiet, hardly a single person walking outside. 


Places yo visit in Vietnam in April

There are plenty of things to do in Vietnam in April - Source: Baotintuc

The good news is that Vietnamese people implemented the social distancing order very well, which positively affected the government's epidemic prevention and contributed to reducing pollution.
This period is also the time when the Vietnames spirit of mutual love is most clearly expressed. Many projects have been launched to support the poor and the unemployed who have been affected by the Covid-19 epidemic. The most prominent is the invention of the rice ATM - an ATM that gives free rice to the poor, ...
Hopefully, the above suggestions from Localtravelidea can help you easily plan a suitable schedule when visiting Vietnam in April.

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