17 Mar 2021

The Vietnam Embassy in UK was established in September 2010 with basic functions such as spreading the image of Vietnam, promoting cultural exchanges between the two countries, handling necessary procedures for Vietnamese citizens in the host country as well as providing contact information for Vietnamese citizens abroad.

Table Contents
  • I - The Embassy of Vietnam in UK and visa procedures
  • 1 - Apply for Visas 
  • 2 - Travel document
  • 3 - Visa exemption
  • II - Further information 
  • 1 - Contact information
  • 2 - Day offs
  • III - Price list of services 
  • 1 - Translation 
  • 2 - Copy documents, complete dossiers 
Vietnam embassy in London

I - The Embassy of Vietnam in UK and visa procedures

1 - Apply for Visas 

In terms of visa application procedures, visitors need to prepare color photos with a size of 4 x 6cm or 3.5 x 4.5cm. Note that photos must be taken within the last 6 months, against a white background, eyes straight, bare head, no colored glasses, and hair not covering ears. The application for a visa will be based on each case:

Embassy of Vietnam in UK

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Vietnam tourist Visa 
- Passport which is valid for at least 1 year
- Vietnam Visa application form 
- Fee
Vietnam business Visa 
- Invitation letter from a domestic partner approved by Vietnam Immigration Department
- Vietnam Visa application form 
- Passport which is valid for at least 1 year
- In case the applicant for a visa does not have a partner in Vietnam, please contact the embassy for assistance
- Fee
Vietnam official and diplomatic Visas
- Vietnam Visa application form
- Valid passport
- Official letter from the UK government agency, consulates, foreign embassies in UK, or international organization 
Vietnam Visa fee at Vietnam Embassy in London:

Visa Types Quote Fee (USD)
1 - Single entry visa Per person 25
2 - Multiple entries visa
- Three months multiple Per person 50
- Six months multiple Per person 95
- One year multiple Per person 135
- Two years multiple Per person 145
- Five year multiple Per person 155
- Visa for children (under the age of 14) Per person 25
3 - Transfer of valid visas from old passport to new one Per person 5


2 - Travel document

Applicants to be granted travel documents are Vietnamese citizens residing in a province that shares a borderline with neighboring countries of Vietnam. (Excerpted from Article 19, Law on exit and entry of Vietnamese citizens No. 49/2019 / QH14 passed on November 22, 2019, and takes effect from July 1, 2020)
Starting from the above reason, from July 1, 2020, the Vietnam Embassy in UK will no longer receive the application for a travel document. In case Vietnamese citizens require to return to the country in the form of a travel document, they will be transferred to an ordinary passport.

3 - Visa exemption

Who is applied to?
- Vietnamese people settling in the UK
- Passport which is valid for at least 1 year
- Foreigners are the spouses or children of Vietnamese people or Vietnamese people residing overseas.
Who not is applied to?
- Not included in the situations that have visa exemption arrangements in Vietnam.
- Visa exemption applicants are not permitted to enter or exit the country as prescribed in Articles 21 and 28 of the Law on entry, exit from, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam.
Procedures for applying for a visa at the Vietnam Embassy London include
- Completed copy of the Visa Exemption Application
- 1 color photo 4cm x 6cm (~2 inch x 2 inch). Note that photos must be taken within the last 6 months, against a white background, eyes straight, bare head, no colored glasses, and hair not covering ears.
- UK Passport (still valid for at least 1 year) + 1 copy
- Dossier proving that you are eligible for a visa exemption certificate + 1 copy, including one of the following documents:
     The Socialist Republic of Vietnam Certificate of citizenship
     A copy of the Decision for Restoration of Vietnamese nationality
     A copy of the decision for Renouncion of Vietnamese nationality
     Certificate of loss of Vietnamese nationality
     Vietnamese passport
     National ID
     Birth certificate
     Latest voter card
     Household registration
    The document is issued by a foreign competent authority if it contains the person issued with the original nationality or Vietnamese origin.

Vietnam embassy London address

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In addition, all UK citizens are exempt from visas to enter Vietnam for a stay of fewer than 15 days. According to Resolution No. 54 / NQ-CP dated 10/05/2018 (Valid from July 1, 2015; renewed for the first time on June 30, 2016; renewed for the second time on June 9, 2017, and renewed for the third time on May 10, 2018). Conditions needed to apply:
- A valid passport issued by a competent authority of the country in which that person is a citizen and a passport that is still valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry.
- The time of entry must be at least 30 days away from the previous visa-exempt exit time.

II - Further information 

1 - Contact information

- Vietnam Embassy London address:  12 – 14 Victoria Road, London, W8 5RD
- Hotline: 020 7937 1912
- Email:
- Ambassador: Mr. Tran Ngoc An

2 - Day offs

Saturday, Sunday and public holidays in the UK

III - Price list of services 

1 - Translation 

The documents below are subject to a 7-day payment term, nevertheless, there will be a payment period of 10 days for commercial documents.

Type of document Name of document Fee/unit
1 - Civil status papers Birth certificate 35 pounds/page
Registration of marriage 35 pounds/page
Death Certificate 35 pounds/page
Passport 35 pounds/page
Household registration 35 pounds/page
2 - Degree - certificate Diploma 40 pounds/page
Scoreboard 40 pounds/page
Graduation certificate 40 pounds/page
License 40 pounds/page
3 - Administrative -legal documents Judicial history card 40 pounds/page
Judgment of the Court 40 pounds/page
Authorization letter 40 pounds/page
Single confirmed letter 40 pounds/page
4 - Commercial documents Land / real estate use right certification; testament 40 pounds/page
Contracts 25 cents/word

2 - Copy documents, complete dossiers 

Service Price/unit
Print / Copy documents  0.5 pounds/page
Print passport / visa photo 5 pounds/4 photos
Complete dossiers  10 pounds/ dossiers

Above is our introduction to the Vietnamese embassy in London. Hopefully, the information shared has helped visitors to get more useful information.

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