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Beaches in Vietnam are places worth visiting for swimming, surfing, diving and snorkeling. The most famous long stunning beaches with “clear and calm waters and beautiful white sand” are in Nha Trang, Da Nang, Hue and Phu Quoc island.

Table Contents
  • I - Overview of nice beaches in Vietnam
  • II - Best northern Vietnam beaches
  • 1 - In Quang Ninh Province
  • 2 - In Hai Phong Province
  • III - Stunning Central Vietnam beaches
  • 1 - Sam Son beach - Thanh Hoa 
  • 2 - Cua Lo beach - Nghe An 
  • 3 - Bai Da Nhay and Nhat Le beach - Quang Binh 
  • 4 - Mui Ne beach - Binh Thuan 
  • 5 - Da Dia Reef - Phu Yen 
  • 6 - Nha Trang beach - Khanh Hoa 
  • 7 - Non-Nuoc and My Khe beach - Da Nang
  • 8 - Lang Co beach - Hue 
  • 9 - An Bang, Cua Dai, Tam Thanh, and My Ha beach - Quang Nam 
  • 10 - Phan Rang, Ninh Chu, and Ca Na beach - Binh Thuan 
  • IV - Southern Vietnam beaches
  • 1 - Vung Tau beach
  • 2 - Phu Quoc Island beach
beaches in vietnam
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I - Overview of nice beaches in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country in South East Asia with more than 3,000km coastline, there are dozens of stunning white-sand beaches scattered and spread throughout from north to south. Amongst them, Tran Phu Beach in Nha Trang and Bai Dai (Long Beach) on Phu Quoc Island is in the list of top 50 beaches “clear and calm waters and beautiful white sand.” in the world by the U.S. News & World Report Magazine in 2018. It has a different climate from North to South in Vietnam. Whilst subtropical with four seasonals in the North, it is tropical in the center and the South with a dried and rainy season. The northern average sea temperature is about 20-degree Celsius October to April and about 28-degree Celsius from May to September. Whilst in the center and the south, it is hot, dry with high sea temperatures between January and August, it can hit mid 29-degree Celsius. The rest are rainy seasons.     
Figuring out the best time to visit the country may be depending on the region you want to visit or activities you’re interested in. So, the best time for beach activities can be at any time of the year. 

phu quoc beach in vietnam
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II - Best northern Vietnam beaches

Spectacular beaches are not plenteous in the north of Vietnam, regardless of the charming ones that can be found in the area. Located at close distances from Hanoi, these beaches are popular with local people, amongst which are in the list of international tourists. That the beaches wanderlust love to experience sunbathing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling and leisure on the white-sand.

1 - In Quang Ninh Province

Quang Ninh is richly endowed with a range of natural resources, dozens of charming beaches both natural and artificial. Nonetheless, they are recognized and recommended by experienced travelers. 
Tuan Chau Beach (Tuan Chau Island; fee $9/adult): 
Popularly to local people, the two-kilometer artificial beach stands by luxury resorts, villas, and restaurants. The beach offers various water activities like surfing, kayaking, and canoeing. 
Bai Chay Beach (Halong city): Bai Chay beach is located in Halong city, closest to Halong bay, attracting a huge crowd of local travelers during summer from May to August. Plenty of seafood restaurants, night markets, luxury hotels, resorts, and landmarks include the Hoang Gia Park, Royal Water Park, and Antique Museum nearby.  

quan lan beach in vietnam
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Quan Lan Island beach (03 beaches): Quan Lan, Minh Chau & Son Ha beaches, located in Van Don district):  
Taking buses from Hanoi directly to Cai Rong pier, speedboats to the island take about 1 hour at $5/person/way, morning boat at 08.15 am & 15.15 by noontime. Returned to the mainland at 08.30 am and 16.30. Beaches at the island are famous for white sand, shallow coast, and quiet atmosphere.
Affordable hotels are available, crowded during the weekend, recommended visiting the island from April to July. 
Co To Island (Co To District): Speedboats to the island can be found at Cai Rong pier too, taking 1.5 hours, daily leaving at 13.00. The beautiful island with long, white sandy beaches is a local tourism site, foreigners get no permission to visit the island.   

2 - In Hai Phong Province

Hai Phong is known as a large, major industrial and seaports city. This province also has some of the most beautiful Vietnamese beaches. The stunning beaches are also amongst the must-see list of wanderlust. Enclosed are some listed.
Cat Ba Island (Location: Cat Ba Archipelago, Lan Ha Bay): Charming beaches are scattered around the island, Cat Co beaches 1, 2 & 3 down the hillslopes are crowded with beachgoers during the summer May to August. Monkey Island with beautifully contrasted azure waters and painted skies, 30 minutes away by boat from the main island is the favorite one for those who love pristine spots. Many water activities you can do on the beaches: swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, trekking, caving, and rock climbing. 
How to travel to the island?
Heading the island from Hanoi center by local buses Cat Ba Express, comfortable vehicles with air-conditioned, daily depart at 07.30, 11.00, and 14.45 from 37B Nguyen Huu Huan str., Hoan Kiem district, two and a half hours drive and 10 minutes on a speedboat, tickets can be reserved on spot, $15 per head/way.

do son beach in vietnam
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Do Son Beach (Do Son, Hai Phong): The beach is some distance from Haiphong City Center, 30 minutes away from Hai Phong New Highway and about two hours from Hanoi. The beach is popular for local people to enjoy summer short-break vacation. Affordable hotels and seafood restaurants are stretching from 04 km beach formed by Ham Rong Mountains. Week days visiting would be recommended to stay away from crowded local groups.
Location: Do Son district, Hai Phong city (30 minutes from Hai Phong city, 02 hours from Hanoi)

III - Stunning Central Vietnam beaches

Central Vietnam boasts the best stretches of beaches that can only be found in the area. Regardless, finding better ones in other areas of the country is still in significant controversy. Here is the spreading throughout from north to south of central provinces not in hierarchical order.

sam son  beach in vietnam
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1 - Sam Son beach - Thanh Hoa 

It’s 16km away from Thanh Hoa Province capital. Popularly to local summer beachgoers.

2 - Cua Lo beach - Nghe An 

The long sandy beach, located 18km away from Vinh city, is crowded with local tourists during the summer.

3 - Bai Da Nhay and Nhat Le beach - Quang Binh 

Jumping rock beach, referring to “Jumping rocks to the sea” in Vietnamese, the stunning place located in Bo Trach district, 40 km of Dong Hoi city. Swimming is not recommended, the peaceful and relaxing place best for sun-bathing and photo shoots. Hotels and restaurants are not available at the beach. It is recommended to have sea shoes to protect your feet, and packing your lunch with water is also in the list. Whilst Nhat Le beach attracts more native people during the summertime.   

mui ne  beach in vietnam
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4 - Mui Ne beach - Binh Thuan 

No doubt to list Mui Ne beach in the best beaches in Vietnam of the central. Long sand stretches dazzling in the sunshine, thoroughly clean with emerald water. Best for swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, paragliding and water activities.

5 - Da Dia Reef - Phu Yen 

The stunning bazan rock columns rise to the sea located in An Ninh Dong Commune, Tuy An District, 30 km away from Tuy Hoa city, taking about 1 hour on a scooter. An exposed place with not very much cover, is extremely hot during the high noon. 
A lighthouse in the view from the reef makes the Da Dia reef a specular spot for photo shoots. A short drive to the North of Tuy Hoa town. A bunch of affordable hotels in town, seafood restaurants in the range too.

6 - Nha Trang beach - Khanh Hoa 

The 7km long beach stretches along with the entire city, half-moon shape, alluring white shallow sand with stunning views of the island. The beach is just a few minutes walk from any hotel, dozens of food stores, fancy bars, seafood restaurants, souvenir shops, and local markets never bore travelers. Bear in mind, November and December are not recommended times to experience due to choppy waters.
my khe beach in vietnamSource: Cuu Studio

7 - Non-Nuoc and My Khe beach - Da Nang

These are amongst the best Vietnam beaches in Danang, the city has recently flourished in tourism. Beautiful and quiet beaches are tempted by more leisure tourists and beach lovers.

8 - Lang Co beach - Hue 

A spotlight for sun-seekers, it takes 1.5 hours; drive 61 km from Hue Citadel. The long stretch beach has been the 30th member of the “World’s most beautiful beaches” Club in 2009. The beach is simply a spot for getaway city suffocating.

9 - An Bang, Cua Dai, Tam Thanh, and My Ha beach - Quang Nam 

Jumping on your bike, taking 15 to 20 minutes from charming ancient Hoi An town to
these breathtaking beaches. Best time to visit the uninterrupted sunshine and tranquil waters between March and September.

10 - Phan Rang, Ninh Chu, and Ca Na beach - Binh Thuan 

The driest land in the country offering pristine beaches to beach wanderlust, they are amongst top ten beaches in Vietnam. 

IV - Southern Vietnam beaches

Saigon, southern Vietnam is known as the biggest city in the country and also French colonial architecture and food markets than its beaches. However, dozens of spectacular beaches in reaching distance are ideal for a break in the sunshine at the weekend.  

vung tau beach in vietnam
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1 - Vung Tau beach

Getaway from the city, jump on the bus to get out of bustling Saigon, heading north in about 2 hours. The beach is not top-notch in the country but still enjoyable for city escapers to enjoy the weekend.

2 - Phu Quoc Island beach

There are so many stunning beaches on the lovely little island. Just a short flight from Ho Chi Minh city, affordable domestic flight, the splendid, and untouched beaches opening to your eyes. Snorkeling, canoeing, and kayaking are popular water activities for a getaway.

Nice and famous beaches in Vietnam have white sand and warm water that will amaze and satisfy your visiting. Head to the north for quiet bays and spectacular beaches, or travel to the central and southern for heaven of long stunning beaches are highlights of your journey to Vietnam. 
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