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Taxis are a popular form of road transport in Vietnam with a dense network of 200 large and small taxi firms. Taxis in Vietnam are easy to call and book in big cities with around city transfer, airport taxi services and long way transferring service. Traditional taxi prices in Vietnam are charged by the number of kilometers with door-opening prices ranging from 10,000 to 14,000 VND; the next kilometers cost from 11,000 VND.

Table Contents
  • I - Traditional taxis in Vietnam
  • 2 - Taxis in Ha Long city  
  • 3 - Taxis in Danang  
  • 4 - Vietnam taxis in Nha Trang      
  • 5 - Taxis in Ho Chi Minh City     
  • 6 - How to call a traditional Vietnam taxi
  • II - Best taxi app in Vietnam
  • 1 - Grab
  • 2 - Be
  • 3 - VATO
  • 4 - FastGo
  • 5 - Guiding of using Vietnam taxi app
  • III - Tips to not be fooled when taking a taxi in Vietnam
Taxi in Vietnam
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Having a lot of traditional taxi companies in Vietnam such as Mai Linh, Vinasun, Taxi group firms that still play an important role in transferring service. Besides that, the ride-hailing taxi apps such as Grab, Gojek, Be... based on technology have entered the taxi market and made a significant impact on consumer’s behavior.  Reading on for more information about taxi in Vietnam

I - Traditional taxis in Vietnam

Mai Linh taxi Vietnam

Mai Linh is a reputable taxi brand in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Here are a few best traditional taxi companies in famous tourist cities in Vietnam.

1 - Taxis in Hanoi capital 

Firm Name


Taxi price (The first kilometer) 

Mai Linh Taxi


From 13,600 VND

Thanh Nga Taxi

From 11,000 VND

Ba Sao Taxi  024.38.574.574

From 10,500 VND

CP Taxi

From 13,900 VND

Capital Taxi

From 12,000 VND

2 - Taxis in Ha Long city  

Firm Name


Taxi price (The first kilometer) 

Mai Linh Taxi

0203. 3628628

From 13,600 VND

Hong Gai Taxi

0203. 3848484

From 9,000 - 12,000 VND / km

Ha Long Taxi

0203. 3626262

Sao Mai Taxi

0203. 3822822

Quang Ninh Taxi

0203. 3656656

3 - Taxis in Danang  

Firm Name


Taxi price (The first kilometer) 

Mai Linh Taxi 


From 13,600 VND

VinaSun Green Taxi 


From 13,000 VND

Tien Sa Taxi 


From 11,000 VND

Song Han Taxi 


From 10,000 VND

Huong Lua Taxi 


From 10,000 VND

4 - Vietnam taxis in Nha Trang      

Firm Name


Taxi price (The first kilometer) 

International Taxi

02583 52 52 52

From 15,000 VND

Asia Taxi 

02583 35 35 35 35

From 13,700 VND

VinaSun Taxi 

02588 27 27 27

From 14,500 VND

Sun Taxi 

0258 3 89 89 89

From 11,500 VND

Mai Linh Taxi 

0258 38 38 38 38

From 13,600 VND

5 - Taxis in Ho Chi Minh City     

Firm Name


Taxi price (The first kilometer)

Hoang Long Taxi 

08. 3833 6868

From 14,200  VND

Saigon Air Taxi 

028.38 118 118

From 16,500  VND

VinaSun Taxi 

028.38 27 27 27

From 14,500  VND

Vina Taxi 

028.38 111 111

From 14,500  VND

Mai Linh Taxi 

028 38 38 38 38

From 13,600  VND

6 - How to call a traditional Vietnam taxi

To book a traditional taxi, you just need to find the phone number of the taxi company as we mentioned above and call the hotline of the taxi company you want to book, request a taxi (4 seats / 7 seats), time, location. The operator will receive the request and dispatch the vehicle to the meeting place on time. 
In addition, currently, some traditional taxi companies such as MaiLinh have opened technology applications on phones. You can download these applications from the App Store, CH Play and use them conveniently.

II - Best taxi app in Vietnam

Best taxi app in Vietnam

Grab, Be, Fastgo are 3 popular taxi apps in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

Vietnam has been known as one of the most potential ride-hailing taxi markets in Southeast Asia. Till 2020, it marked the presence of at least 3 big names of taxi apps in Vietnam such Grab, Gojek, Be, Fastgo,VATO and apps of traditional taxi companies like Mailinh bike.  Here below are some taxi app brands in Vietnam. 

1 - Grab

This is the first taxi app to appear in Vietnam. In addition to providing taxi booking services, this app also provides motorbike ordering, shipment, and food delivery services. With many affordable travel packages and promotion codes, Grab taxi in Vietnam has made everyone's transportation easier than ever.
Head office in Vietnam: Grab Company Limited - 268 Tô Hiến Thành, P.15, Q.10, Hồ Chí Minh City
Hotline: 1900 0142

2 - Be

Despite being in operation since 2018, Be's coverage is very wide in 15 provinces and cities, with two main services being Bebike (motorbike booking service) and Be Car (4-seat and 7-seat car booking service). In addition, this application also provides a car rental service for provincial travels or hourly car rental. Check out the price of each service at .
Head office: 16th Floor, Sai Gon Tower Building , 29 Le Duan, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Hotline: 1900 232345

3 - VATO

VATO is a fast, convenient taxi booking application. Despite being just put into operation, VATO has won the hearts of customers by its professional service, affordable prices, and clarity.
Head office: 102 Tran Hung Dao, P. Pham Ngu Lao, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Hotline: 1900 6667

4 - FastGo

FastGo is a convenient ride-hailing app that helps customers connect with car drivers easily. FastGo now offers Taxi booking, airport booking and luxury car booking services at reasonable prices.
Head office: Floor 12A, VTC Online Building, 18 Tam Trinh, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi
Hotline: 1900 26 83

5 - Guiding of using Vietnam taxi app

App taxi in Vietnam

(Source: Fastgo)

Almost all technology booking applications are available on both Android and IOS operating systems. To book a car easily, follow the steps below:
Step 1: Download the booking software (Grab, Be, FastGo, VATO, ...) on AppStore or Play Store.
Step 2: Sign up for an account.
Step 3: Choose the service according to your needs, choose the pick up location and destination on the phone screen.
Step 4: View rates, select a payment method, use a promotional code (if available) and book a car.
Step 5: Check if the driver’s information matches the information on the machine or not and board the car.
So with just 5 simple steps, you have easily booked a car with 4 seats or 7 seats.

III - Tips to not be fooled when taking a taxi in Vietnam

1 - Be careful with Vietnam taxi fare, you should bargain to avoid being ripped off
Taxi drivers at the station often take advantage of the necessary rush of passengers and charge more. In this case, please haggle the driver to follow the clock or refuse skillfully. It is better to put the car through your technology application or via the phone number of the traditional taxi to ensure the price as well as the safety of yourself.

Vietnam taxi scam

(Source: Shutterstock)

Here is the hotline number for traditional taxi companies that are the best taxis in Vietnam for many years , you can call here to reflect if you encounter the above situation:

  The Northern region Central region Southern region
Taxi Mai Linh 035.518.1111 097,656,5656 028.3827.7979
Taxi Group 1900.545.467    
Vinasun     (84-8) 38,277,178

2 - Before getting off, check your watch to avoid Vietnam taxi scam
Take a look at your watch before you get off and keep track of your watch on the go as there have been instances when drivers have set their clocks to cause a higher amount of passengers to pay than usual.
3 - If you want to take a technology taxi, you should book through the app, not the greetings along the way.
Because of the popularity of technology taxis, many taxis, despite their technology counterparts, invite you along the way to make a profit. These taxis are both unsafe and unreliable. So, take a moment to book a car through the app or call the traditional taxi hotline.
4 - When booking a technology taxi, check the license plate before boarding the car to ensure safety.
5 - If your group has more people than the number of seats in the car, you can negotiate to pay more for the driver if you want all to go.
 In Vietnam, some famous traditional Vietnam taxi companies such as Mai Linh, Vinasun...have witnessed a big change. The advance of technology taxis has made many traditional taxi businesses in trouble because of declining sales and market share. It is so obvious that with the competitive advantages of fare, convenience and reliability of modernly tech-based taxi apps, Grab, Bee, and Gojek (the latest brand) are rapidly developing and earning more and more market shares. This makes the traditional taxi companies in Vietnam take changes to meet the trends and consumers' needs. 

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