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It shows the unique cultural beauty of the Northwest mountains and could be great for tourists to enjoy special dishes under the cold weather of this place.

Table Contents
  • I - Overview about Food in Sapa
  • II - List of best food in Sapa 
  • 1 - Thang Co
  • 2 - Cap Nach Pork
  • 3 - Evil Chicken ( Ga Ac)
  • 4 - Salmon hotpot
  • 5 - Com Lam (Bamboo sticky rice)
  • 6 - Tao Meo wine
  • 7 - Smoked buffalo meat
  • 8 - Grilled food - Barbecue
  • 9 - Grilled fish 
  • 10 - Khang Gai
  • 11 - Wild chestnuts
  • 12 - Mac Cop
  • III - Some famous restaurants to enjoy Sapa food
  • 1 - Hill Station Signature Restaurant
  • 2 - Nature View
  • 3 - Sapa Cuisine Restaurant
  • 4 - Le Gecko
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I - Overview about Food in Sapa

With the favor of nature, visitors to Sapa will not only see the beauty of the majestic mountains beside the tranquility of the villages, but also enjoy an extremely diverse cuisine. Ranging from Thang Co, salmon hot pot, grilled food... to drinks like Tao meo wine and snacks such as chestnut, bamboo sticky rice…,there are a lot of delicious dishes for you to choose.
Sapa local food has a strong flavor of the Northwest mountainous region’s food with special spices such as thang co, mac khen, ... creating delicious dishes and attractive flavors.
Sapa food is really special. Each dish is processed and seasoned with very special spices, creating a unique cuisine only in the Northwest region, therefore, brings memorable flavors to visitors.

II - List of best food in Sapa 

1 - Thang Co

Thang co Sapa food court

Thang co (Source: Paoquan)

Thang Co is an indispensable dish of the Northwestern ethnic groups, especially in the markets of upland ethnic people. Initially, the traditional Thang Co was made with horse organs, horse blood, and horse meat, but later it was further modified with buffalo and pig meat and cooked with recipes and spices such as cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger ... and especially the Thang Co.
The pot containing Thang Co will be simmered for hours on the embers. When eating, people will scoop out some and put into a smaller pot to add meat and vegetables, such as cabbage, chayote ... The signature flavor of horse meat, when eaten with fresh vegetables and famous savory sauce of  Muong Khuong, will warm visitors when coming to this temperate land.
When you come to Sapa, if you want to enjoy this delicious dish, visit A Quynh at 15 Thach Son Street, Sapa Town and Bac Ha Fair Market belonging to Sapa food court. These are two of the places you will be able to have excellent Thang Co with prices ranging from only 100,000.

2 - Cap Nach Pork

Pork foods in Sapa

Cap Nach Pork (Source: Internet)

The reason why this dish is called Cap Nach Pork ( Pork held by armpits ) is because these pigs are low in weight and appearance, so the villagers can carry or hold them in their armpits to bring them to market. Due to being let loose and self-feeding from babies, the pork is very firm, fragrant and different from those of industrially-raised pigs. From the pigs, people can make many different dishes such as steamed, grilled, stir-fried, fried .... But the best is to put it above burning charcoal.
You can enjoy Cap Nach Pork - one of the best foods in Sapa, at some restaurants such as A Phu ( 15 Fansipan, Sapa) , Hoa Dao ( 33 Xuan Vien, Sapa Town) ... with the price of only 100,000 VND. In addition, it is also something many tourists buy as gifts with a price of about 200,000 / kg.

3 - Evil Chicken ( Ga Ac)

Ga ac good food in Sapa

Ga ac (Source: Ruouque)

The evil chicken, also known as Sapa black chicken, is very low in weight, only about 1kg but the meat is very firm and delicious due to being grazed naturally. They have black fur and skin as the name suggests.
Just like Cap Nach pork , evil chicken can be processed into many different dishes such as fried, grilled, stewed, ... but the most special is the grilled chicken soaked in honey, which is extremely delicious, nutritious and good food in Sapa. It will be more full of flavor if you eat the chicken with a mixture of salt, pepper and lime juice.
You can stop by Hoang Minh restaurant at 23 - 24 Area or Sapa Smile 18 Cau May ... to enjoy an evil chicken from only 100,000 VND.

4 - Salmon hotpot

Do not miss the famous salmon hot pot when coming to Sapa. With the broth made from salmon head raised in Sapa, the salmon hot pot has a natural, signature sweet taste of fish. You can eat a fillet of salmon with fresh vegetables, which is very easy to eat and delicious.
You can enjoy this dish in some Sapa cuisine restaurants such as Hoa Dao Restaurant (33 Xuan Vien, Sapa town) and Song Nhi (258 Dien Bien Phu, Sapa town) with the price for only 500,000 VND / pot.

5 - Com Lam (Bamboo sticky rice)

Com Lam is a popular local food in Sapa, you can find tubes of it anywhere, from sidewalk food stalls to high-class and luxurious restaurants. Made from upland rice, with a pinch of salt and spring water, then put into a bamboo section and cooked, these tubes taste very delicious and rich. but cost only 20,000 dong.

6 - Tao Meo wine

Wine best foods in Sapa

Tao Meo wine (Source: Ruouque)

Tao Meo wine is well known as one of the best foods in Sapa Vietnam. At first taking a sip of wine would seem like drinking soft drinks but the more you drink the more you feel ecstatic. Enjoying the dishes of Sapa mountains and sipping a little apple cider is just awesome.
You can buy the wine as a gift for relatives in Quoc Cuong Wine at 74 Thach Son or Hmong Wine Cooperative Group in Sapa at 130 Dien Bien Phu ... at a very reasonable price.

7 - Smoked buffalo meat

Meat Sapa food

Smoked buffalo meat (Source: Ngamruoungon)

Smoked buffalo meat is a special dish that makes tourists "addicted" when coming to Sapa. Unlike the dried beef in the lowlands, the smoked buffalo meat has a strong smoky smell, the sweetness of buffalo meat and the spicy taste of Mac khen leaves, all combine to create a delicious Sapa food that is hard to resist.
You can visit Sapa night market or Viet's farm ... enjoy smoked buffalo meat for 800,000 - 1,000,000 VND / kg.

8 - Grilled food - Barbecue

You cannot visit Sapa without going to the night market to enjoy barbecue. When the sun goes down the mountain, you will smell the aromatic grilled barbecue spreading everywhere. Everything from the skewers of pork belly with cabbage, mushrooms, bacon ... to roasted vegetables, sweet potatoes, eggplant ... is reasonably priced with only from 10k / serving.

9 - Grilled fish 

Grilled fish is also worth a try in the Sapa food menu. Sweet and fragrant grilled fish mixed with sour leaves, green bananas, pineapples, a few carrots, and spicy dipping paste will be amazing for tourists to enjoy.
Be sure to stop by Sapa Deli at- 11 Cau May for the famous grilled fish, with prices from only 350000 VND / serving .

10 - Khang Gai

Khang gai Sapa food

Khang gai (Source: Nguoi nha nong)

Khang gai is a national dish made from pork, buffaloes and cows hung in the kitchen to get dry gradually. A piece of  Khang Gai weighs 2-3kg and it is not going to spoil for years. When eating, you just need to wash and then fry sliced pieces with vegetables and sour bamboo . The meat is very fragrant and fleshy. This is a famous dish, reviewed on “Sapa food blog”. You can buy it at the Sapa night market with many prices depending on the type of meat.

11 - Wild chestnuts

Walking around, trying the Sapa food tour, you can easily see the hot, aromatic, chestnuts roasted with butter that are sold for only 200,000 VND / kg. The taste of the fleshy, new chestnuts is incredible.

12 - Mac Cop

Another best food in Sapa is Mac Cop - a specialty fruit. This fruit has a sweet taste, when eaten, you will feel cool and a little sour with a natural aroma. They are also sold a lot in Sapa markets for about 20,000 VND / kg.

III - Some famous restaurants to enjoy Sapa food

Hill Station best food in Sapa

Hill Station Signature Restaurant (Source: Tripadvisor)

1 - Hill Station Signature Restaurant

- Address: No. 7, Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai     
- Menu: seafood dishes, grilled dishes, goat meat, buffalo meat, popular rice     
- Reference price: 150,000-300,000 VND     
Hill Station Signature Restaurant has an impressive décor with views of Sapa rice fields. Coming to this restaurant, tourists not only enjoy delicious and strange Sapa food. They can also sip a wonderful cup of coffee of the Northwestern people.     

2 - Nature View

- Address: 51 Fansipan Street, Sapa, Lao Cai     
- Menu: grilled salmon, steamed chicken with lemon leaves, rice and spring rolls , ...     
- Reference price: from 150,000 VND     
Nature View has long captured the hearts of both domestic and foreign visitors. Coming here, you will enjoy very delicious food in Sapa such as Com Lam, Sapa style noodles ... leaving an unforgettable aftertaste.    

3 - Sapa Cuisine Restaurant

- Address: 10, Hoang Dieu, Sa Pa, Lao Cai.     
Coming to Sapa Cuisine restaurant, visitors will enjoy a variety of local food in Sapa with a rich menu. Not only that, the restaurant space is exquisitely decorated, bearing the poetic Northwest mountainous identity.     

4 - Le Gecko

- Address: 33 Xuan Vien, Sapa, Lao Cai     
- Menu: tuna salad, bacon, beef noodle soup, bun cha, salmon hotpot     
- Reference price: from 20,000-700,000 VND / item     
Le Gecko is a well-rated restaurant with mostly Western cuisine. The space here is not large but the view overlooking the city center is very beautiful. The price is reasonable and the staff are very helpful.     
Above are the must-try Sapa food and some best restaurants in Sapa that are most popular with tourists, which would always want to be recommended to friends right after visiting.

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