Muong Hoa Valley Vietnam, a large valley and one of the best tourist spots in Sapa, will wow you by its pristine and charming landscape. You have the chance to admire the side-by-side terraced fields, majestic mountain scenery and unique architecture of the local houses...

Table Contents
  • I - Traveling to Muong Hoa Valley from Sapa Town
  • II - Sapa Muong Hoa Valley highlights
  • 1 - The endless terraced fields
  • 2 - Muong Hoa Steam
  • 3 - Muong Hoa ancient rock field
  • III - Cultural experiences and activities
  • 1 - Join local festivals in Muong Hoa Valley
  • 2 - Enjoy the local food in Muong Hoa Valley
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muong hoa valley sapa
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Located in Hau Thao commune, 10 km from Sapa Town Center to the Southeast, Muong Hoa Valley is well-known as the largest farmland in Sapa. The valley is home to some Vietnamese ethnic minorities such as Black H’mong, Red Dzao, Giay,...The journey to this valley is a bit hard because of the zigzag roads on high mountains, so an easy trek tour is the best way to conquer and discover the breathtaking beauty of this rich-in-culture mountainous village. 

I - Traveling to Muong Hoa Valley from Sapa Town

Due to the narrow and zigzag roads, apart from taking a trek to get to Muong Hoa, you can hire a motorbike (with/ without a driver). 
Motorbike with a driver.
The cost is about 100.000 - 200.000đ/person/turn (~ $2.15 - 4.4). You can find a motorbike-taxi driver in Sapa Town Center, or around the Sapa Stone Church. 
Motorbike self-riding


muong hoa valley trekking map

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Some motorbike rental shops in Sapa Town Center: 
- Hoc Ly motorbike rental shop: No.08 Hoang Lien Son Street, Sapa Town; Phone number: +84 9151 90 874.
- Tam Tran motorbike rental shop: No.10 Hoang Lien Son Street, Sapa Town; Phone number: +84 974 47 37 40.
- Mr Chinh motorbike rental shop: No.44 Fansipan Street, Sapa Town; Phone number: +84 988 628 515.
Note: Riding a motorbike on your own is not recommended 

II - Sapa Muong Hoa Valley highlights

Coming here, you are likely to immerse yourselves in the special harmony of man and nature. The scene of terraced rice fields, fresh streams, and ancient rock fields creates a quiet and peaceful landscape.  


muong hoa valley without guide

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1 - The endless terraced fields

This valley is the best place to contemplate the terraced fields in Sapa. The most ideal time to admire the terraced rice fields are from May to June (the water-pouring season) and from August to September  (the rice-ripen season). Enjoying the sunrise or sunset on the immense rice field in Muong Hoa Valley is one of the greatest things to experience in your trip to Sapa. 

2 - Muong Hoa Steam

The cool and winding stream flowing through the rice fields at the foot of the mountains looks like a soft silk strip. In the ripe rice season, the stream reflects the sunlight and the golden color of the rice, making the scenery of the whole valley more sparkling and poetic. 
May bridge is the most impressive check-in spot in Muong Hoa Valley Sapa. Crossing this wooden bridge over the stream and admiring the flow of water brings you a feeling of being at one with nature. 

3 - Muong Hoa ancient rock field

The 8km2 ancient rock field stretches on this valley. There are many strange and confusing drawings and characters on each rock dating back more than 3,000 years ago. In the indigenous people’s belief, this is a map or an ancient book left by their ancestors. According to archeology, the rock field with unique carvings still contains many unraveled secrets. 

III - Cultural experiences and activities

1 - Join local festivals in Muong Hoa Valley

There are a wide range of local festivals here and are mostly held in January (in the Lunar Calendar) 
Roong Pooc Festival   
This is the festival of Giay people to welcome a new year and pray for a good new year with health, favourable weather and abundant crops to come. Besides the sacred worshiping ceremony, you are surely attracted by a towering apricot tree in the middle of the festival - symbolizing the sun; unique folk games such as tug of war, throwing cotton ball games, .. and lively performances of gongs, drums, pi le horn, ...
Fire-dancing festival of the Red Dzao people 


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In the Dzao people’s belief, the Fire God is a powerful god that brings warmth and strength to conquer nature. This is considered one of the most unique local festivals in the Northwest mountainous region. The Fire-dancing festival is held on the night of the 15th of January of the Lunar calendar. In the framework of the festival, the young men and boys in the village dance around the fire with their bare feet to show their courage and express the Red Dao's desire to conquer nature.
In 2021 of the calendar year, the festival is held on 26th February
In 2022 of the calendar year, the festival is held on 15th February

2 - Enjoy the local food in Muong Hoa Valley

Some special dishes of indigenous people you should try such as grilled fish, buffalo meat hung up on the smoking-shelf, and local cabbages. When staying at the homestay in Muong Hoa Valley, you are served many tasty local dishes and specialties by the house owners.   
Grilled fish
The fishes from Muong Hoa Stream have firm meat, soft bones and no fishy taste and smell good when being grilled. You can savor the fresh sweet, fleshy taste of fish. Indigenous people use unique spices such as Talauma seeds (scientifically named Michelia Tonkinensis), Indian Prickly Ash seeds,... to make dipping sauces for this dish.
Buffalo meat hung up smoking-shelf
You should not miss this kind of food in your Muong Hoa Valley trekking tour. This is the typical drink of the Northwestern people in Vietnam, often used with beer, corn wine and can wine (wine drunk out of a jar through pipes). The dark brown buffalo meat is shredded and dippen with chili sauce or a typical indigenous sauce made from Talauma seeds, Indian Prickly Ash seeds. 
Local cabbages (Meo cabbages) 
This is a typical type of cabbage in Sapa Town. Take a bite, you can feel a slight bitter taste on the tip of your tongue at first but soon after you can feel its sweetness. The local people process this kind of cabbage into stir-fried dishes, boiled dishes, ... 
Muong Hoa Valley Sapa is the meeting place between earth and heaven, where nature and people are in great harmony.

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