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When is the best time to visit Sapa Vietnam? Spring is the time of festivals, summer is for heat hiding, fall and winter is time for trekking. In general, Sapa is a perfect destination all year round. 

Table Contents
  • I - Best time to visit to Sapa in spring (February to May)
  • II - Best time to go to Sapa in summer (June to August)
  • III - Best time to travel to Sapa in autumn (September to November)
  • IV - Best time to visit to Sapa in winter (December to February next year)
Best time to visit Sapa
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Located at the top of the most ideal tourist destinations in Vietnam, Sapa is famous not only for the inherent natural beauty of a town in the clouds, but it also gives people many fascinating and interesting things to do. Anyone who has ever set foot in this place will remember it forever.
According to the experiences of many tourists, the best time to travel to Sapa Vietnam is from March to April and from August to September every year. Because March - April is the time when the sky and Sapa are flooded with the ceiling in spring scenery, fair markets or festivals; August - September is the season of ripe rice on terraced fields and the beautiful season of triangular flowers. Sapa is one of the few landmarks that, at any time, has its own beauty and interesting activities to explore. As follows:

I - Best time to visit to Sapa in spring (February to May)

If you come to Sapa in the spring, you will enjoy the fresh, sunny and windy space that is rarely seen in other tourist destinations in Vietnam.
Spring Sapa with ideal temperature fluctuations from 15-18oC, giving a strong advantage to the tourism industry. Spring Sapa will hold tourists by the unique colors of the plants and flowers, flowers such as peaches, plums, pears, orchids, azaleas ... flourishing. The streets in this misty town are always filled with flowers as if Sapa was the world of flowers. 

Spring best time to visit to Sapa

Cherry blossom in spring in Sapa (Source: Nhatlongtravel)

Coming to this place, you will encounter the first new thing about the immense pure white color that captivates the heart of the plum blossoms, mixed with the crimson color. Bringing your eyes a little further, you will be amazed with the brilliant yellow color of the changing seasons of canola flowers on the grilled ribs of the Dao ethnic minority. This miraculous color painting of nature will give you the excitement of a soul who wants to sprout with plants, wants to stop longer to freely contemplate and admire the fairy beauty as well as vitality. The intensity of nature in this beautiful lofty land.
Coming to Sapa in the spring, it is difficult to leave immediately because there are many special festivals featuring the highland people. The 8th day of the Lunar New Year (Lunar New Year) every year (between January and mid-February depending on each year) is a down-to-field festival of the Tay and Dao ethnic minorities. Activities such as land procession, water procession, field plowing ceremony as well as traditional folk games of throwing, stick pushing, tug of war, spinning ... take place.

II - Best time to go to Sapa in summer (June to August)

If you come to SaPa in the summer, it is ideal … The temperature ranges from 17-19oC. The background temperature changes markedly: during the day about 20-25oC but at night the temperature drops about 13 -15oC. This foggy country in the summer is the place to look to avoid the ideal heat of domestic and foreign tourists.

Summer best time to visit to Sapa

Summer Sapa (dense clouds on O Quy Ho Pass) (Source: D Tan)

Summer Sapa also gives you an interesting feeling to catch the sudden showers that come and then suddenly go, like the fleeting lethargy of nature but just enough to freshen the air. However, at this time, tourists also need to be wary of flash floods and dangerous landslides. Roads with signs that frequently occur landslides should be avoided.
In the summer, Sapa wears a green shirt, cool eyes of young rice, and vegetables. You will be delighted to enjoy the available natural products of Sa Pa: The sweet, crunchy, glossy peaches or a bunch of ripe, sweet Bac Ha plums with a little sour taste always attract tourists every time they arrive at this place.
Highland specialties such as traditional treats, steak armpits or salmon hot pot ... enjoy and relax while listening to the mountain wind, this will leave an unforgettable impression on tourists. 

III - Best time to travel to Sapa in autumn (September to November)

This is the most beautiful season, most suitable for tourism activities. The weather this season is very cool, fresh, the air is dry, the cold is just enough for you to wear thin coats.
Autumn on this upland land will bring about a rare feature, that is the bright yellow color evoking the fullness of terraced fields full of ripe rice and scattered blue smoke around the roofs of the houses. The autumn wind shakes the sweet cold as it increases the rich and peaceful beauty here.

Autumn best time to travel to Sapa

Autumn Sapa (terraced fields are ripe-yellow) (Source: Viettravel)

Autumn is also the season to prepare for the new rice celebration of the people of the Northwestern ethnic minorities to offer the fruits of their labor, sending their wishes to heaven and earth for good rain and good seasons.

IV - Best time to visit to Sapa in winter (December to February next year)

Winter is the time when Sapa is the most cloudy of the year. The average temperature is about 3-5oC. The cold cuts the flesh, the temperature sometimes drops to below 0oC, but it is the time for tourists to observe firsthand snowflakes in the first season on the plants. .
The town of Sapa was engulfed in mist, frost spread all over the corner, covered the earth and sky, and put a cold towel on the roofs of houses and mountain slopes. Coming to SaPa this season, you cannot help be surprised by the colorful costumes of the highland girls. Each ethnic group has its own beauty, the costumes of the indigenous people create a highlight for the water-color painting of the mountainous region to be more brilliant.

Winter best time to visit to Sapa

Winter Sapa (Peak of Fansipan) (Source: Bestprice)

Coming to Sapa this season, you will not be able to miss the famous tourist destination. It is the peak of Fansipan smoky, floating in fantasy, the ancient Sapa stone church full of mysteries of ancient architecture or Muong Hoa valley imprinted in the white snow ... You will feel the beauty potentially invites tourists to explore and conquer the land of fog.
Experience by visiting tourism always brings beautiful and impressive memories to tourists. With 4 seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the S-shaped strip has many interesting places that invite tourists to visit. If you choose Sapa the best time to visit Sapa is from autumn to spring when scenery here is dreamy, charming, and impressive.

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