Famous for its great natural splendors, Vietnam has a number of picturesque rivers namely Thu Bon, Huong, Han, and even historical rivers such as Bach Dang or Thach Han. Each river has its own unique beauty so let's find out!

Table Contents
  • I - Top beautiful rivers in Vietnam 
  • 1 - Cuu Long River (Mekong River)
  • 2 - Thu Bon River
  • 3 - Han River
  • 4 - Huong River
  • 5 - Serepok River
  • 6 - Lam River
  • 7 - Ngo Dong River
  • 8 - Hoai River
  • 9 - Nho Que River
  • II - Top historical rivers in Vietnam 
  • 1 - Bach Dang River
  • 2 - Cua Luc River
  • 3 - Thach Han River
  • 4 - Nhu Nguyet River (Cau River)
  • 5 - Hien Luong River
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rivers in vietnam
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I - Top beautiful rivers in Vietnam 

1 - Cuu Long River (Mekong River)

The Mekong River rises in Yunnan province (China) then flows to Vietnam through 2 branches including Tien River (the left one) and the   Hau River/ Bassac River (on the right). Each of them is about 220-250km in length and both flow into the large Mekong Delta in South Vietnam. Coming to this region, you should experience a pleasure trip of Vietnamese river cruises on the Mekong River , enjoy the refreshing atmosphere from green coconut trees covering two banks, or visit temples, monasteries, traditional villages along with numerous orchards.
Furthermore, in the Mekong River, there exist floating markets - a typical form of trade and commerce of the local people. Taking part in those markets, travelers will be able to experience the bustling life there and also the wonderful scene created by a number of items for sale on dozens of boats.

2 - Thu Bon River

thu bon river in vietnam
Source: Kon Karampelas
Thu Bon River, one of the famous tourist destinations of Hoi An province, rises from Ngoc Linh Mountain located on the border between Quang Nam and Kon Tum province. Thu Bon River in Vietnam has a relatively large drainage basin of approximately  10.3 km2. Today, it continues not only depositing rich layers of alluvial sediment but also bearing a unique cultural imprint for the landscape on both sides of the bank. Traveling on this poetic river with a light boat, you can enjoy the vast sky, pristine waters, the bustling life on both sides of the river, or even the sunset here. You can also stop by Trung Phuoc market to enjoy the famous Quang noodles.

3 - Han River

han river in vietnam
Source: Indochine-mekong
Han River - the romantic destination of Da Nang city, originates in the confluence  between 3 districts including Ngu Hanh Son, Hai Chau, Cam Le then flows into Danang Bay bordering Son Tra district and Hai Chau district. Besides, this river is about 900-1200m wide, 7.2km long, and about 4-5m deep.
Along two sides of the Han River are Tran Hung Dao and Bach Dang streets covered with rows of trees which can bring travelers an incredible peaceful mood. When night falls, this Vietnamese river presents a totally different appearance with sparkling water reflecting from bridges and streets. Most importantly, Danang International Fireworks Festival is held annually on this romantic river. Several brilliant firework performances of countries around the world will lit up the Han river and attract a large number of both domestic and foreigner travelers.

4 - Huong River

huong river in vietnam
Source: Adventurelaos
The Huong River, which is composed of Huu Trach and Ta Trach rivers, is a symbol of Hue. It flows around the Imperial City, Ancient Citadel, the Forbidden City, making the antique beauty of Hue even more delicate and impressive. This river has a total length of approximately 80km. Besides, since the old-time, Huong river has been carrying the scent of sweet-smelling flowers and tropical herbs from which its special name was created (Huong means delicate fragrance).
Moreover, Huong River has a gentle beauty that makes people feel at peace while traveling here. Along two sides of the river are lush green mountains combining with temples and pagodas with typical architecture. Especially, there are a lot of memorable experiences travelers can try such as watching the sunset from this river of Vietnam, enjoying the scenery from Trang Tien Bridge at night, participating in the boat racing festival, listening to Nha Nhac of Hue Court (recognized in 2003 by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity), and so on.

5 - Serepok River

serepok river in vietnam
Source: Dhungcafe
The Serepok River,  with a catchment area of 30,100km2 and a length section flowing through the territory of Vietnam of 126km, is the largest river in the Dak Lak River system, and also the second-largest one in the Central Highlands. 
The Serepok River does not flow straight into the East Sea like the other rivers in Vietnam but flows back to Cambodia before merging with the Mekong. And more specifically, it is a fierce river with many consecutive rapids and strong flows even though it is composed of the Krong Kno and Krong Ana which are well-known for being very gentle.
Traveling to the delta of Serepok River, you can experience the identical beauty of Yok Don National Park, the refreshing atmosphere of mountains and forests, or the beautiful songs of birds. In addition, the Serepok stream flows into the villages of ethnic minorities and carries the unique soul of the landscape here.

6 - Lam River

Lam river in Vietnam originates in Laos, flows through Nghe An, and joins with La river at Ha Tinh, then flows into the East Sea. Following Northwest - Southeast direction, Lam River is about 513km long. On the other hand, the river is associated closely with the ups and downs of Nghe An province. Covering the drifting waters are two rows of green trees and the chirping of birds which draws a wonderful picture of a poetic and peaceful countryside.

7 - Ngo Dong River

ngo dong river in vietnam
Source: Ecowaytravel
Located in Ninh Hai, Hoa Lu commune, Ninh Binh province, Ngo Dong River is a small branch of Sao Khe River that connects the Hoang Long River and Vac River. It is just a canal between vast water fields, therefore, there is no riverbank.
While sailing down the Ngo Dong river, travelers can also pay a visit to Tam Coc, Bich Dong, Thai Vi Temple.
Along two sides of this Vietnamese river, there are numerous rolling limestone mountains and vast rice fields. Moreover, this landscape becomes terribly gorgeous around May and June when those rice fields turn yellow as a yellow silk ribbon spread following two banks of the Ngo Dong river.

8 - Hoai River

Actually, Hoai River is a small branch originating from Thu Bon River then flows through Hoi An Ancient Town. It has been associated strongly with the livelihoods of locals in Hoi Street. Visiting this landscape, travelers can experience a short trip on a small sightseeing boat and enjoy seclusion and scenic beauty here. During festivals, people are used to releasing sparkling flower lights of all colors on the river which creates an amazing scene that you may never forget.

9 - Nho Que River

Nho Que River rises in China, then flows in the Northwest - Southeast direction through Ha Giang and Cao Bang province in Vietnam, in which the river section flows from Seo Lung village, Lung Cu commune, Ha Giang to Tu San Abyss Alley in Xin Cai commune, Ha Giang is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ha Giang. From Ma Pi Leng Pass, visitors can admire the jade-green river winding along the foot of the mountain.
Going to Ha Giang, taking a Vietnam river boat tour is considered the top thing to do. Motorboat ride along Nho Que River and visitors can admire the towering rocky mountains on both sides with the majestic Tu San Abyss Alley - the deepest abyss alley in Southeast Asia. The boat price here is 100,000 VND / person (~ 4.3 USD) for a trip of 5-7 people, if there are fewer people, it will cost extra. To rent a boat to go along the Nho Que River, visitors need to get to the pier on the Nho Que river. There are 2 boats for tourists to choose from:
- Boat dock of Nho Que 1 river in Xin Cai commune, Meo Vac district. The road from Ma Pi Leng pass down to the boat pier is about 6km long and quite difficult to go. The boat station also offers kayaking service for 150,000 VND / person / 30 minutes (~ 6.46 USD)
- The boat dock of Ta Lang Commune, Lai Lung Commune, Meo Vac District. To find the way to the Ta boat pier, visitors just need to search directly for the phrase “Lối xuống bến thuyền sông Nho Quế” (The entrance to Nho Que river wharf) on Google maps to get detailed instructions. From the beginning of the entrance, visitors have to go through a 7km winding road.
Note: Tourists should take a tour or go with a local because the road is quite difficult and for convenient communication.

II - Top historical rivers in Vietnam 

1 - Bach Dang River

bach dang river in vietnam
Source: Mapio
Located on the border of Quang Yen town, Quang Ninh province, and Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong province which is about 40km from HaLong Bay and Luc estuary, Bach Dang river belongs to Thai Binh river system. It rises in Rung ferry (Hai Phong) then ends in Nam Trieu (Hai Phong). In addition, Bach Dang River is a historical witness associating with 3 glorious victories against foreign invaders of the Vietnamese nation:
- In 938, Ngo Quyen led the Vietnamese people against the invading South Han army and won. As a result, the period of over 1000 Years of Chinese Occupation had come to the end and a new era of independence and freedom for the Vietnamese began.
- In 981, Vietnamese people under the command of King Le Dai Hanh had successfully defeated the first Song invasion. The battle on the Bach Dang river ended in favor of the Vietnamese army creating a huge premise for the victory of the entire resistance afterwards.
- In 1288, the 3rd battle of Bach Dang took place successfully during the resistance war against the Mongolian in favor of the Vietnamese people. This victory marked the complete victory of the three times resistance war against Mongolian which was widely known as the most powerful army in the world at that time.
The common point of all three victories on Bach Dang river in Vietnam is that Vietnamese people had completely made use of plank stakes in the Bach Dang River whose traces still remain until now.

2 - Cua Luc River

Cua Luc River is a small river connecting the two banks of Hon Gai and Bai Chay of Ha Long city in Quang Ninh province. In 1287, a Mongolian army with 600 ships and 100 boats entered Vietnam by sea and invaded Dai Viet for the third time. Foreseeing the situation and the enemy's plan to advance, King Tran sent Tran Khanh Du and an army to intercept the attack path, marking Van Don territory as the headquarters. On February 2, 1288, the enemy troops and boats were defeated quickly right after entering Van Don at Cua Luc beach which is also Tran's ambush battlefield.
In April 1955 this river witnessed the withdrawal of the last French soldiers, marking the victory of the revolutionary government and the working class.
On May 18, 2003, Bai Chay bridge was erected, connecting Hon Gai and Bai Chay. This cable-stayed bridge achieved the world record for main span length.

3 - Thach Han River

thach han river in vietnam
Source: Ho Cau
Being the largest river in Quang Tri province, Thach Han River originates in Truong Son Mountain Range then flows into the East Sea through the mouth of Viet. It has a length of 155km, a total drainage area of 2660km2, and includes 37 tributaries.
Besides, this Vietnamese river has played an important role in water transport and water supply for the main rice granaries of Quang Tri province.
During the Second Battle of Quang Tri in 1972, thousands of elite youths had left behind their own dreams and ambitions to fight for Quang Tri ancient citadel in response to the "three ready" movement. In that bloody battle, the Thach Han River was the major transport route to supply food and population potential for the Quang Tri front.

4 - Nhu Nguyet River (Cau River)

Nhu Nguyet River, also known as Cau River, Nguyet Duc River, or Thi Cau River has played a vital role in the neighborhood of Thai Binh Province. It is about 290km long covering a drainage area of 6030km2. Widely known as one of the longest rivers in the North, the Nhu Nguyet river offers diversity and richness of resources to inhabitants there.
In 1077 on the Nhu Nguyet river, an army led by Ly Thuong Kiet General defeated the invaders from the Bac Song Dynasty including 100,000 troops led by General Quach Quy. This glorious victory has completely eliminated the conspiracy of invading Dai Viet for the second time of the Song.

5 - Hien Luong River

hien luong river in vietnam
Source: Phongnhaexplore
Hien Luong River, also known as Ben Hai River, is located in Quang Tri province. It has a length of about 100km and a width of  20-30m in the narrowest place. This river in Vietnam originates in the Truong Son Mountain Range and flows along the 17th- parallel then ends in the mouth of Tung.
In 1954, the Hien Luong River witnessed the separation of the Seventeenth parallel due to the settlement signed in the Geneva Accords. At that time, Vietnam was temporarily divided into two regions taking the 17th parallel as a provisional military demarcation line. Therefore, it recorded all the fierce fighting lasting for 14 consecutive years of the Vietnamese army and people.

In this S-shaped nation, there are a number of rivers flowing through and associated closely with the history and culture of the country. They have been witnessing the miracle change from the fierce war to the speedy development of Vietnam. As a result, each river in Vietnam will offer visitors a totally different experience and feelings about the people and life there.

People also asked:
1 - What is the longest river in Vietnam? 
→ Dong Nai is the longest river originating in Vietnam (586 km) while The Mekong is the longest river flowing through Vietnam
2 - How many rivers in Vietnam?
→ According to statistics of the Vietnam River Administration, there are 392 rivers flowing in and through Vietnam.

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