“How is Nha Trang yearly weather?” maybe be the most common question of travelers before visiting. It can be seen that weather conditions can directly affect the itinerary, the activities and the quality of the experiences. Below is an overview of  the weather in Nha Trang Vietnam.

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  • I - The weather in Nha Trang in dry season
  • II - Nha Trang weather conditions in rainy season
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Nha Trang weather
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Nha Trang is a coastal city located in the East of Khanh Hoa province. The total area is 251km2 and the total population measured in 2018 was 535,000 people. Nha Trang borders Ninh Hoa town to the north, Dien Khanh to the west and Cam Lam to the south.

Weather in Nha Trang
Nha Trang beach - Source: Dac Duy
Nha Trang weather is dominated by the tropical savanna climate and is characterized by the features of the ocean climate. Therefore, the climate here is mild all year round. The average temperature in Nha Trang is 26.3oC and the average humidity is about 79.5%. There is a lengthy dry season (from January to August) and a shorter rainy season (from September to December) in Nha Trang. 
Despite being located in the most storming-influenced area of Vietnam, Nha Trang is rarely attacked by strong storms. The best time to visit Nha Trang is considered the time from December to February. The weather this time is stable without rain and storms, which is suitable for your diving and many other beach activities as well.

I - The weather in Nha Trang in dry season

The dry season in Nha Trang often lasts from January to August. The maximum rainfall this time is only 70mm in May. The temperature in Nha Trang in the dry season is not very high, the highest average temperature recorded is 28,6 in June. In general, the dry season is the nicest time to visit Nha Trang.  
Nha Trang weather January
- Tempt: 23,9oC
- Rainfall: 38mm
- Highlight: In the lunar calendar of the Vietnamese, it is in December, when Tet Lunar New Year (the biggest and most important festival in Vietnam) is approaching. You should book flight tickets and accommodation in advance.
Nha Trang weather February
- Tempt: 24,5oC 
- Rainfall: 16mm
- Highlight: Tet Lunar New Year sometimes occurs in February, which leads to the closing of some accommodation and public transportation, 1-2 days before and after Tet.
Nha Trang weather in March
- Tempt: 25,7oC
- Rainfall: 31mm
- Highlight: Nha Trang weather in March is the time for some small local festivals in Nha Trang. 
Nha Trang weather April
- Tempt: 27,3oC
- Rainfall: 35mm
- Highlight: Big festivals in April: Hung Kings Temple festival, Ponagar Tower festival, Am Chua festival. Vietnamese people hold the Reunification celebration (30/4).
Nha Trang weather May
- Tempt: 28,4oC 
- Rainfall: 70mm
- Highlight: May is when the dry season reaches the peak. 
Nha Trang weather June
- Tempt: 28,6oC 
- Rainfall: 59mm
- Highlight: Hoa Qua Son festival (Flower-Fruit Mountain festival) takes place on Monkey Island. 
Nha Trang weather in July
- Tempt: 28,4oC 
- Rainfall: 36mm
- Highlight: Festival Cruise from 11th to 15th July  
Nha Trang weather August
- Tempt: 28,4oC 
- Rainfall: 50mm
- Highlight: It coincides July in the lunar calendar when Vu Lan festival (Filial Piety ceremony, or Ghost festival), Qixi Festival are held

II - Nha Trang weather conditions in rainy season

Nha Trang weather december
Rainy season in Nha Trang - Source: Internet
Rainy season in Nha Trang often lasts from September to December. The rainfall in the rainy season accounts for 80% of the total annual rainfall. In particular, the rainy season sometimes comes sooner, maybe in July or August. Your vacation in Nha Trang at this time may be affected by sudden and long-lasting rainfall. You better bring a raincoat and an umbrella when hanging out and regularly check the weather forecast.  
Nha Trang weather September
- Tempt: 27,6oC  
- Rainfall: 159mm
- Highlight: It is the time of Vietnamese Mid-Autumn festival. Coming to ​​​​​​​Nha Trang these days, you have the chance to see a colorful space, enjoy Vietnamese moon cake, watch lion dance,...  
Nha Trang weather October
- Tempt: 26,6o
- Rainfall: 302mm
- Highlight: October is the month when the rainfall reaches its peak, accounting for 25% of the total annual rainfall
Nha Trang weather November
- Tempt: 25,6oC
- Rainfall: 332mm
- Highlight: There is less rain than in October. November is also the beginning of the peak tourist season for international tourists. 
Nha Trang weather December
- Tempt: 24,4oC
- Rainfall: 153mm
- Highlight: December is the end of the rainy season. There is less rain and it becomes more dry.
That’s the information about Vietnam Nha Trang weather. Hopefully, the weather information we have just provided can help you choose the best time to visit Nha Trang City.
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