20 Jan 2021

Nha Trang Cathedral or stone church was started construction in 1928 by chaplain Louis Vallet, is now one of the attractive tourist destinations by its unique architecture. The church is now the pride of Catholics in this coastal area of Nha Trang.

Table Contents
  • I - Architecture of Nha Trang church
  • II – Other information
  • 1 - Hours of the ceremony
  • 2 - Nha Trang cathedral entrance fee
  • 3 - Places to visit nearby
nha trang cathedral
Source: Image from Flickr

I - Architecture of Nha Trang church

Also being known with the name of Christ the king cathedral Nha Trang. The current church is located at 1 Thai Nguyen street, Phuoc Tan ward, designed with a strong layout with small shapes rising from low to the blue sky. The Cross is located on top of the bell tower, the highest place of the church, 38m above the road surface. The church has a pointed dome, Gothic-style rose-shaped windows stand out like lipstick in the heart of Nha Trang city. Inside the church has a large, airy space, divided into the sanctuary area and the area behind the sanctuary is very pure and solemn.

architecture of nha trang cathedral
Source: Image from Flickr

II – Other information

1 - Hours of the ceremony

Weekdays: 4:45am; 17pm
Sunday: 5am; 7am; 9:30am; 15pm; 16:30pm; 18:30pm
When visiting and taking pictures, visitors should pay attention to the church's ceremony to keep quiet, avoid noise disturbing the solemn atmosphere during the ceremony.

2 - Nha Trang cathedral entrance fee

Nha Trang Church does not charge entrance fee, visitors can visit freely. Although there is no admission ticket, please note that sightseeing should only be done in authorized public places.
Another point to note is the main gate area and the back of the church or there are groups of objects specializing in deceiving tourists, especially foreigners to collect tickets up to 50,000 VND / person (~ $ 2). Don't forget that you have free entry to avoid being scammed. 

3 - Places to visit nearby

To visit Nha Trang church, it takes 1-1.5 hours, after which you can visit nearby places such as:
Khanh Hoa Museum (1.3km),
Tram Huong Tower in Nha Trang (1.4km),
Po Nagar Tower (2.9km),
Nha Trang Institute of Oceanography (5.8km), ... and many other tourist destinations.

places near nha trang cathedral
Source: Internet
With ancient beauty but no less magnificent, Nha Trang cathedral is a favorite place for many tourists. In addition, Nha Trang stone church is also chosen by couples as a place to keep beautiful memories on their wedding day. With beautiful, unique, bold Western ancient architecture, Nha Trang stone church deserves to be a destination not to be missed for Nha Trang tours.
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