The most popular ways of getting from Nha Trang to Dalat is catching a bus or riding a motorbike. In terms of flight and train, there is no trail connecting these places and also no direct flights being operated for a short distance of around 150km.

Table Contents
  • I - The distance from Nha Trang to Dalat
  • II - Riding a motorbike from Nha Trang to Dalat
  • 1 - Routes
  • 2 - Times
  • 3 - Advice
  • III - Take a bus from Nha Trang to Dalat 
  • IV - Take the tour from Nha Trang to Dalat
  • V - Take a taxi from Nha Trang to Dalat
  • VI - You may concern
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from nha trang to da lat
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Nha Trang and Dalat are two top of the beautiful destinations that should be in your travel places to visit list. One is a city of beaches, the other is a city of hills. So, you can expect more interesting things to experience along the way to Dalat - the flower city in Central Highland. 

I - The distance from Nha Trang to Dalat

In recent years, Nha Trang and Dalat are two beautiful cities that many travelers love and choose for their holidays with their families. The distance between the two cities is quite close, so travelers often visit both places on the same trip. So what is the exact distance between Nha Trang and Dalat?
There are two roads with different distances. The first route is the 27C Route connecting the two provinces of Khanh Hoa and Lam Dong with a length of 135 km. The second route is Highway 1 and Highway 27 with a length of 180km.  

Because the distance between the two cities is not far, the transport vehicles are very diverse, depending on the needs and preferences of travelers. You can choose to ride a motorbike, take a bus, take a taxi or take a tour to Dalat. 

II - Riding a motorbike from Nha Trang to Dalat

motorbike from nha trang to da lat
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Taking a motorbike rental Nha Trang to Dalat is a cool thing to do for backpackers who expect a memorable journey by shelf-driving in Vietnam. Along the 135km to 180km of road from the city of beaches to the city of hills is an exciting challenge. 

1 - Routes

Move from the center of Nha Trang city to Highway 1 to follow the road 23/10 to Dien Khanh town. After leaving the town, you come to a large fork in the road with signs to guide Dalat. Following that road, you continue up the Omega Pass. Experience of the Omega Pass will definitely leave you with unforgettable memories about the majestic mountains and forests in the cool-dewy weather.

2 - Times

The route has a travel length of about 130 km, travelers will take from 3 to 4 hours to reach Dalat City.

3 - Advice

Choosing a motorbike to travel from Nha Trang to Dalat is a vehicle that requires you to have solid driving skills, stable spirit and good health. The pass is quite steep and foggy, therefore you should drive when it is still bright and go slowly on this road.
This is an adventurous way to travel and you will gain many experiences, suitable for young people who love to go on an adventure. However, for those who are not familiar with the mountain pass, you should not choose this dangerous route.

III - Take a bus from Nha Trang to Dalat 

Some bus agencies are highly recommended for you: 
Nha agency
- Hotline: 1900 088810
- Travel time: 3 hours
- Fare: 7,8$/ticket
- Pick-up location: 12D Hoang Hoa Tham, Phuoc Loc ward, Nha Trang city and 297 Le Hong Phong, Phuoc Hoa ward, Nha Trang city
- Drop-off location in Dalat: 41 Nguyen Van Cu, Ward 1, Dalat
Viet Nhat agency 
- Hotline: 1900 088840
- Travel time: 3 hours 30 minutes
- Fare: 5,2$/ticket
- Pick-up location: 18C Tran Hung Dao
- Drop-off location in Dalat: Dalat inner city
Cuc Tung agency
- Hotline: 1900 088849
- Travel time: 3 hours 
- Fare: 7,8$/ticket
- Pick-up location: 198 Ngo Gia Tu, Phuoc Tien ward, Nha Trang city
- Drop-off location in Dalat: 28 Bui Thi Xuan, Ward 2, Dalat
A passenger bus is one of the ideal choices to get to Dalat. This is a safe means of transport with an experienced driver, with affordable prices. However, the travel time is quite long.

IV - Take the tour from Nha Trang to Dalat

dalat lanscape on the way from nha trang to da lat
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Information of some tour operators operating Nha Trang - Dalat tour:
Nha Trang Today
- Website: 
- Address: Nha Trang Today Travel - 45B Van Don - Nha Trang City 
- Tel.:0981211948 - 0975676548. 
Good Morning Travel
- Website: 
- Address: 120 Dong Phuoc, Phuoc Long, Nha Trang City
- Tel.: 0258 650 5986 - 0902.288.296 - 0986.399.213
- Website: 
- Address: 190 Pasteur, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
- Tel.: (+84 28) 3822 8898 - (+84 28) 3829 9142
This is a simple and easy way for travelers who are not familiar with the road or who do not have information about buying bus tickets. However, taking the tour will be limited in time and itinerary. 

V - Take a taxi from Nha Trang to Dalat

Taxis  are mostly priced from 1,200,000 to 1,300,000 VND (~51$ - 56$). Here are information of some reputable taxi companies in Nha Trang:
- Taxi International, Hotline: 02583 52 52 52
- Taxi Asia, Hotline: 02583 35 35 35 35
- Taxi VinaSun, Hotline: 02588 27 27 27
- Taxi Sun, Hotline: 0258 3 89 89 89
- Taxi Mai Linh, Hotline: 0258 38 38 38 38
This is the fastest and most private way of the 4 forms of transportation. By booking a taxi you are completely in control of your travel time or shuttle location. However, the cost of traveling by taxi is quite high compared to other ways of transportation.

train from nha trang to da lat
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VI - You may concern

1 - Is it possible to take a train from Nha Trang to Dalat?
The railway between these destinations is no longer in operation. 
2 - How long does it take to fly to Dalat from Nha Trang?
There are currently no direct flights connecting two destinations. You can follow the route of Nha Trang, stop in Ho Chi Minh City and fly to Dalat by plane. However this is not a good idea because it is very expensive and time consuming.
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