Beaches in Nha Trang are famous for the white sand, quiet sea and light waves that are really nice and amazing for swimming, diving and other sea sports. Information of accommodation near the blue beaches is hoped to be useful for your trip.

Table Contents
  • I - Top beaches in Nha Trang
  • 1 - Doc Let Beach
  • 2 - Bai Dai Beach
  • 3 - Hon Chong Beach
  • 4 - Tran Phu Beach in Nha Trang
  • 5 -  Some other beaches
  • II - Experiences and things to do in Nha Trang beaches
  • 1 - Participate in water activities
  • 2 - Participate in Nha Trang beach activities
  • III - Nha Trang beach accommodation
  • 1 - The hotels near the beaches 
  • 2 - The resorts in Nha Trang beaches
  • 3 - Homestay near Nha Trang beaches
Jan 20
Nha Trang beaches
Source: MeadowZ
The coastal city of Nha Trang has long been a famous place in the tourist map of Vietnam and the world because of its blue beaches, white sand, and golden sunshine. Nha Trang has a relatively temperate climate, not too hot and not erratic with sudden rain. In particular, the beaches here are also very beautiful.
Nha Trang fully possesses the prerequisites to become a marine tourism paradise with over 10 beautiful beaches, pristine islands and fresh seafood. Picturesque beach, long stretch of white sand with blue water. The climate and weather is mild, so most of the beaches here are quite calm, with small waves and high safety levels, ensuring guests enjoy playing or swimming.

Beaches in Nha Trang
Nha Trang is a famous coastal city in Vietnam - Source: Citypassguide

I - Top beaches in Nha Trang

1 - Doc Let Beach

Doc Let Beach is about 50km north of Nha Trang city center and getting to this beach is quite easy with many different means. This beach stands out and impresses visitors with its crystal-clear, turquoise water at the bottom that impresses everyone. Doc Let Beach has few waves, relatively small waves, shallow water, making it safe for both adults and children [Read more...]

2 - Bai Dai Beach

Bai Dai or Long beach is located in Cam Lam district, right between Cam Ranh airport and Nha Trang city, about 20km from the city center. Bai Dai Beach is known as the best beach in Nha Trang which is loved by tourists because of its inherent wild beauty. The rocks with strange shapes overlap each other and the leafy roofs of the fishermen create a beautiful picture like paradise.

Hon Chong beach in Nha Trang
Sunset on Hon Chong beach - Source: Internet

3 - Hon Chong Beach

Only 5km from the city center, Hon Chong beach has large stones stacked, associated with the interesting story. Different from the bustle of the city, this beach brings a quiet space in harmony with the charming landscape that everyone wants to come here to blend in with this peace. Try sitting on a cliff, dropping a fishing rod or walking by the beach to enjoy the wonderful beauty of nature slowly.

4 - Tran Phu Beach in Nha Trang

Another famous beach is Tran Phu Beach, located in the heart of the city along Tran Phu Street, is a beautiful beach with clear blue water and a series of luxury resort real estate projects. Tran Phu Beach is ranked 18th in the list of the 50 most beautiful white sand beaches in the world voted by US News in 2018. 

5 -  Some other beaches

In addition to the above 4 beaches, Nha Trang also has many other beautiful beaches such as Hon Tam beach, Bai Tru beach or Dai Lanh beach, ... These are all beaches with clear and blue water, white sand. The pristine beauty and the cool trees provide a cool and peaceful atmosphere. 

II - Experiences and things to do in Nha Trang beaches

1 - Participate in water activities

Using a board to surf on the water and race with high waves is an enjoyable experience that everyone should try.
Ticket price: 232,000 VND / hour / person (~ 23 $).

Things to do in Nha Trang beaches
Source: Guy Kawasaki
Scuba diving to see corals, marine life
When participating in this activity, people will be prepared as a diver and learn symbols while underwater. After that, you will be led down to the sea to explore the ocean, admire the brilliant coral reefs and fancy marine life...[Read more...]
Ticket price: 550,000 VND / hour / person (~ 23.7 $).
Walking on the seafloor
Walking on the seafloor is a popular activity recently. With just a hat that provides oxygen and then following the instructions, you can walk on the ocean floor normally, enjoy coral reefs and fish feeding.
Ticket price: 850,000 VND / 15 minutes / person (~ 36.6 $).
Flyboard is a new adventure game in Nha Trang, helping players to stand in the air with water sprayed into the sea, tumbling like a dolphin.
Ticket price: 1,200,000 VND / 15 minutes / person (~ 51.7 $).

2 - Participate in Nha Trang beach activities

Beach party
Partying or camping on the beach is a great experience that you should not miss if you are traveling with family or friends. Building a tent, barbecuing, eating and singing will help you have a memorable campfire night under the clear sky and cool sea breeze.

Nha Trang beach activities
Source: Internet 
Beach festival
Nha Trang Beach Festival is held every 2 years with many diverse activities attracting tens of thousands of tourists and people. Massive, serial and intertwined shows at sites and beaches give viewers great emotions and opportunities to explore Nha Trang's unique cultural beauty.

III - Nha Trang beach accommodation

1 - The hotels near the beaches 

Best beaches in Nha Trang
Muong Thanh Grand Hotel Nha Trang - Source: Agoda
Muong Thanh Grand Hotel Nha Trang
Muong Thanh Grand Hotel Nha Trang is a 4-star hotel with high-end standards, beautiful sea view, and elegant and luxurious interior. This hotel is highly appreciated by the accompanying services such as spa, massage, bar and delicious breakfast.
- Price: 1,250,000 VND - 1,390,000 VND / room / night (~54$ - 60$)
- Phone: 0258 3552 468
- Website:
Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel
Sheraton Nha Trang Hotel owns an on-site swimming pool, luxury room service and breakfast that is highly priced by domestic and international guests. This 5-star hotel is located in the city center, quite close to museums and commercial centers, so it is convenient for guests to shop or visit.
- Price: 1.860.000đ - 2.500.000VND / room / night (~80$ - 107$)
- Phone: 0258 3880 000
- Email:

2 - The resorts in Nha Trang beaches

Nha Trang beach bar
Amiana Resort and Villas Nha Trang - Source: Agoda
Amiana Resort and Villas Nha Trang
Amiana Resort and Villas Nha Trang is a resort with a natural saltwater infinity pool and a private beach with pure white sand. This resort has luxury sea view rooms with Vietnamese cultural interiors that will impress anyone who comes here.
- Price: 4.330.000đ - 4.940.000VND / room / night (~186,5$ - 213$)
- Phone: (+84 258) 355 3333
Fusion Resort Nha Trang
Fusion Resort Nha Trang is located on a high sand hill overlooking the Bai Dai beach, providing 5-star resort service for visitors. This resort offers wellness spa treatments to provide guests with a wonderful and memorable experience.
- Price: 3.480.000đ - 4.850.000VND / room / night (~150$ - 209$)
- Phone: 0258 3989 777
For more options about Resorts in Nha Trang, click here

3 - Homestay near Nha Trang beaches

Nha Trang beach party

The elegant space in Vivid Seaside Homestay - Source: Internet

Vivid Seaside Homestay Nha Trang
Vivid Seaside Homestay Nha Trang is located quite close to the attractions in the city, only about 800m from Hon Chong beach, so visitors can easily travel here to swim. The homestay has a sophisticated and modern design that makes guests feel comfortable and satisfied by the quality of service here.
- Price: 520.000đ - 800.000VND / room / night (~22,4$ - 34,5$)
- Phone: 090 567 62 82
Ccasa Hostel Nha Trang - Homestay Container
Ccasa Hostel Nha Trang is a unique house that attracts many tourists when coming to Nha Trang and is known as Homestay Container. Ccasa uses old containers and other reusable materials to create fully furnished rooms.
- Price: 500.000đ - 700.000VND / room / night (~21,6$ - 30,1$)
- Phone: 0258 3838 833
Nha Trang is a coastal city that fully possesses the elements to become a tourist paradise and attracts tens of thousands of tourists to visit and swim every year. Hopefully, through this article, you have obtained useful information of top beautiful beaches in Nha Trang to help your trip to Nha Trang be more complete and wonderful.

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