Vietnam National Day is one of the glorious historical milestones in the cause of national construction and defense. This is the day President Ho Chi Minh read the declaration of the birth of Vietnam at Ba Dinh Square. Since then September 2 - Vietnam's national day has become an important holiday for all people.

Table Contents
  • I - Overview of the National Day of Vietnam - September 2
  • 1 - Historical background
  • 2 - The main content of the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam
  • II - Activities in the National Day of Vietnam
  • 1 - Street decoration
  • 2 - Celebration program
  • III - The place should visit in the National Day of Vietnam
  • 1 - Ba Dinh Square
  • 2 - Visiting Ho Chi Minh Museum in the Vietnam Independence Day
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I - Overview of the National Day of Vietnam - September 2

1 - Historical background

Japan began to fight with France and gradually replaced the French to occupy Vietnam in 1940 and completely replaced the French occupied and governed Vietnam and Indochina from March 1945.

- August 15, 1945 – The King of Japan (Emperor of the Showa era) declares on the radio station accepting unconditional surrender to Allied countries

- On August 19, 1945, the revolution successfully took power in Hanoi

- On August 24, 1945, King Bao Dai announced his approval of the abdication. At 4:00 pm on August 30, 1945, King Bao Dai officially recited his abdication at the Noon Gate (Hue) ending the monarchy in Vietnam and became the last Emperor of the Vietnamese feudal dynasties.


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2 - The main content of the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam

The declaration includes 3 parts:

Introduction: The legal/theoretical basis of the Declaration: Refers to basic human rights through the excerpt of the content of the 1776 American Declaration of Independence and the the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen of the French Revolution of 1791: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

Part two: Summary of historical background and the process of fighting for the independence of the Vietnamese people from the occupation & control of the French Indochina and the Japanese Empire.

Part Three: The Declaration of Independence, affirming the right of liberty and independence as well as the will & desire of Vietnamese to uphold freedom and independence.

II - Activities in the National Day of Vietnam

There are many activities and festivals to welcome the National Day on September 2 such as:


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1 - Street decoration

The big streets and narrow alleys are dyed the crimson red color of the national flags. The flags hung in straight lines on the streets became a feature in Vietnam on September 2. The street is also lavishly decorated with flags, flowers and colored lights.

2 - Celebration program

Programs to celebrate the Vietnam National Day include many activities such as organizing parades, rallies, music performance or fireworks (in some special years). Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are the major places where the fireworks take place on the national day. Ho Chi Minh City, you can see fireworks at Dam Sen Cultural Park and the tunnel across the Saigon River. In Hanoi, it is held at Hoan Kiem Lake, Thong Nhat Park, and My Dinh National Stadium. The fireworks display time usually lasts 15 minutes from 9 pm to 9.15 pm on September 2.

III - The place should visit in the National Day of Vietnam

On this Holiday, you can visit Ba Dinh Square or Ho Chi Minh Museum to experience the holiday’s atmosphere in Vietnam. 


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1 - Ba Dinh Square

Ba Dinh Square is located on Hung Vuong Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi. On the National Day of September 2, Ba Dinh Square is the place where many meetings and celebrations take place such as: flag raising & saluting ceremony, parade, visiting Uncle Ho's mausoleum,... Coming here, you have a chance to understand more about President Ho Chi Minh's life.

2 - Visiting Ho Chi Minh Museum in the Vietnam Independence Day

Ho Chi Minh Museum is located at 1 Nguyen Tat Thanh street, Ward 12, District 4, Ho Chi Minh City. The museum is one of the most impressive French architectural works in Saigon. The Museum has two dragons on the roof designed in Vietnamese architectural style. Opening hours are from Tuesday to Sunday, morning from 7:30 to 11:30 and afternoon from 13:30 to 17:00. Admission fee is 40,000 VND / time ($1.7) for foreign tourists.

Some notes for you to Vietnam at this time:

- The travel expenses in holidays might be a bit higher than normal days

- The places to visit are crowded, you should keep your personal belongings carefully

- Polite dressing is recommended

The National Day of Vietnam is a meaningful holiday with many cultural activities. Hope you have an interesting trip to Vietnam on this occasion.

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