Ly Son Island, an attractive destination which is well-known as the land of garlic planting in Vietnam. Tourists come here to admire pristine landscapes, experience the local life in a private island in the central region. This is an island district of Quang Ngai province and quite close to Da Nang city, so you can combine the Da Nang - Hoi An tour on the way visiting this island.

Table Contents
  • I - Ly Son Island how to get there?
  • II - The weather 
  • III - Attractions in Ly Son Island
  • 1 - The lighthouse
  • 2 - To Vo Gate
  • 3 - Thoi Loi Peak
  • 4 - Cave Pagoda (Hang Pagoda) - natural rock cave on Ly Son Island
  • IV - Things to do in Ly Son Island
  • 1 - Enjoy a beach vacation
  • 2 - Specialties on the Ly Son island
  • 3 - Squid fishing at night
  • 4 - Take photos at mural Village
  • V - Ly Son Island accommodation
  • 1 - Hotels
  • 2 - Homestays
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I - Ly Son Island how to get there?

To get to the Island, you have to get to Sa Ky port first (Dinh Tan hamlet, Binh Chau commune, Ly Son district, Quang Ngai province). The distance from Danang City to Sa Ky port is 130km. From Sa Ky port you move by boat or ship to the island for 25km.

boat get to ly son island

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Some boat services providers: 

- Super Bien Dong - 180,000 VND ($7.83) / ticket - 2 trips/day. Phone number: 0977761 879

- An Vinh - 130,000 VND ($5.65) / ticket - 2 trips/day. Phone number: 0868627276

II - The weather 

The best time to visit Ly Son Island is in the summer when the seawater is clearer and greener, so you can easily see the seabed. Garlic harvest time here usually falls in February - March every year, you can participate in garlic harvesting activities with the local people. You can also go to this island during the Hoang Sa Soldier Feast and Commemoration Festival (March 18-20 of the lunar calendar) - around April - May of the solar calendar, this is an annual festival to respect and commemorate the people who have contributed to building and defending Ly Son island.

Note: In the rainy season from September to February next year, traveling by boat to the island is a bit more inconvenient because the boat only departs when enough people according to the number of seats and the waves are not too strong. you should reconsider the time to visit so that you do not have to wait for too long. On stormy days, all ships are not be served.

III - Attractions in Ly Son Island

The best way to get around and explore this beautiful island is by rental motorbike. There are many motorbike rental shops such as:

- Vo Gia motorbike rental shop:

Address: Tay village, An Vinh commune

Rental fee: 100,000 VND ($4.35)/ 1 day

Phone number: 0914.244.269 or (055) 386.7888

- Kim Phuong motorbike rental shop:

Address: Dong village, An Vinh commune, Ly Son Island

Rental fee: 150,000 VND ($6.5)/ 1 day

Phone number: (055) 3867.399 - 039.495.698

When you rent a motorbike, make sure your documents such as a passport, driver's license are valid.

ly son island lighthouse

Source: Vietravel

1 - The lighthouse

Location: Ly Hai commune, Ly Son district

From here you can see the poetic yellow garlic field and the blue sea that is very airy.

2 - To Vo Gate

Location: 1.5km from the Ly Son Island wharf.

This is a place with unique natural spots with a 2.5m high rock arch located right next to the coast that is very suitable for sightseeing or photography activities.

3 - Thoi Loi Peak

Location: An Hai commune, Ly Son district

This is a mountain peak formed from an inactive crater 2.5 million years ago. Standing here, you can admire the sunset and the whole island because it is already the highest peak of the island (149m).

ly son island cave pagoda

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4 - Cave Pagoda (Hang Pagoda) - natural rock cave on Ly Son Island

Location: Northeast of Thoi Loi mountain.

It is called Cave Pagoda because the pagoda is located in the largest rock cave in the cave system on the island, created from the Thoi Loi mountain range with lava color and a cliff of nearly 20m high. The way to Cave Pagoda is stone steps carved by the hands of the local people. Cave Pagoda is built along a large natural rock cave in the Thoi Loi mountain range with a beautiful million-year-old lava system that is 20m high.

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IV - Things to do in Ly Son Island

1 - Enjoy a beach vacation

ly son island beach

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- The beach behind Be Island: this is a large beach with fine white sand, clear blue water, you can not only swim but dive to see coral.
- Hang Cau Beach, in front of Hang Cau, the water stagnation looks like a swimming pool. Tourists can easily see all kinds of marine creatures, in addition to setting up tents and playing here.

2 - Specialties on the Ly Son island

ly son island garlic

Source: Nhathuoclongchau

Black Garlic: This is garlic fermented from fresh local garlic that is used to prevent cardiovascular disease and provide diuretic effects, collagen increases and strengthens the immune system,... This is a very healthy food which is suitable to buy for family and friends, the price ranges from 1,200,000 VND to 1,500,000 VND (52.2 $ -65.2 USD).

Seafood: spanner crabs, giant clams are very special foods to try in your Ly Son Island tour, here are some famous restaurants with these two specialties:

- Thanh Loi Seafood is rated 7.9 of quality on foody with prices ranging from 50,000 VND-1,300,000 VND (2.2 $ -74.7 $). Address: Tay An Hamlet, An Vinh commune.

- Seafood Restaurant - Khoi Chieu, the price from 20,000 VND-400,000 ($0.87 - 17.4). Address: An Vinh commune.

Thorn leaf cake: this is a specialty and traditional dish of the local people in Ly Son Island Vietnam. The cake is made from glutinous rice flour, thorn leaves, sugar, peanuts, green beans, all blended to bring a sweet, sticky with the flavour of sesames and beans, the price ranges from 30,000 VND to 50,000 VND ($1.3 - 2.2)/dozen (10 pieces).

3 - Squid fishing at night

This is one of the most interesting things to do at night in Ly Son Island. You can hire the boat and equipment from local service providers to experience. 

Service provider: Ky Viet travel agency - Phone number: 0972 578 692


ly son island mural village

Source: Minh Khanh

4 - Take photos at mural Village

Location: An Binh small island. With free entrance tickets, the themes of the paintings are diverse about the marine creatures, the daily life of local people. 

V - Ly Son Island accommodation

1 - Hotels

ly son island accommodation

Source: Booking

Ly Son pearl island hotel & resort:

The hotel is located right next to the beach designed in a modern and simple style with a large outdoor swimming pool. This is also an ideal place for you to watch the sunrise on the sea.

Address: Dong village, An Vinh commune, Ly Son district

Room rate: 1,400,000 - 2,500,000 VND ($61 - 109)

Phone: 02553879888

ly son island hotel

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Muong Thanh Holiday:

Located right next to the main road and the beach. Muong Thanh Holiday offers you a luxurious accommodation space, wooden furniture and a beautiful sea view. Staying here, you can experience Spa services, relaxing massages.

Address: An Vinh commune, Ly Son district,

Average room rate: 1,200,000 VND ($52.2)

Phone: 0255.3867.333

2 - Homestays

place to stay in ly son island

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Ecolodge Homestay:

This Ly Son Island homestay is located right on the beach with white sand and yellow sunshine. Each room is designed as a tent with simple leaf roofs, typical roof architecture of indigenous people.

Address: Bac An Binh commune, Ly Son district

Average rate: 230,000 VND ($10)

Phone: 0782277540

ly son island homestay

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Bep’s house:

Bep’s house: This homestay is located in the middle of a residential area on the Ly Son island with simple design & bright colors. It also has a full range of services for you such as cooking stove, toiletries, laundry service, drinks or food, ...

Address: Thong Tay, Ly Son

Average rate: 150,000 VND ($6.5)

Phone: 097.811117

Ly Son Island Vietnam is highly recommended for all tourists who are interested in a beach & sea vacation in central Vietnam where you can immerse yourself in a pristine island, enjoy the finest refresh seafood.  

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