Thua Thien Hue is a province located in the central part of Vietnam, the intersection between the South and the North, so the climate and weather in Hue is also the intersection of those two climatic regions. Visitors who want a favorable and proactive Hue trip should know the features and some notes about the weather here.

Table Contents
  • I - Hue weather in the dry season
  • 1 - Characteristics of the dry season in Hue
  • 2 - What to experience in the dry season in Hue
  • 3 - Hue traveling tips in the dry season
  • II - Hue weather in Rainy season 
  • 1 - Typical rainy season in Hue
  • 2 - What to experience in the rainy season in Hue                            
  • 3 - Hue traveling tips in the rainy season
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Hue weather
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Hue is located in the monsoon tropical area, but outside has monsoon tropical characteristics. Because it is located in the intra-tropical zone together with the Bach Ma mountain range lying in the sub-latitude direction in the south, it has a transitional nature from the sub-zone to the tropical monsoon.
The weather in Hue is divided into two distinct seasons: the dry season and rainy season. In the dry season, temperatures are high, with little rainfall and hot dryness. In the rainy season, it rains a lot, the temperature is low and cold.

Weather in Hue
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I - Hue weather in the dry season

1 - Characteristics of the dry season in Hue

The dry season here usually starts from March to August due to the influence of the southwest wind, so the temperature is high and very dry, the average humidity is only about 75 - 86%, not too low, so visitors are still It feels quite pleasant.
The dry season in Hue starts from March, the monthly average temperature ranges from 21°C - 28°C; the dry mid-season months are April, May and June, the temperature will be slightly higher from 37°C to 39°C and humidity about 82%. At the end of the dry season in Hue falls in July and August, the temperature may be a bit softer in the range 32 - 34°C, and at night it may drop a bit deeper to 25°C.

2 - What to experience in the dry season in Hue

In the dry season, visitors to Hue can choose to enjoy Festival Hue, during April yearly. This is the first large-scale international cultural art festival program in Vietnam. The show takes place in days and nights with special art and entertainment shows not only from Vietnam but also from many other countries. Especially, when you want to learn about the culture and characteristics of Hue, the Hue festival is not to miss. For detailed information on time and program details, visitors can refer to the website:
Besides the Hue festival, the dry season is a very suitable time for visitors to visit famous tourist destinations in Hue, because dry weather in Hue makes it easy to take photos (if allowed). The places tourists can choose to explore are Hue Imperial city, Tomb of Khai Dinh, ​​Tomb of Tu Duc, Tomb of Minh Mang, Thien Mu Pagoda, Trang Tien Bridge on the banks of the Perfume River, the majestic Bach Ma mountain range, Busy Dong Ba market with a variety of goods, some souvenirs for visitors to bring ...

Weather in Hue Vietnam
                                Lang Co beach (Source: Internet)
In addition to choosing to enjoy the arts and visiting tourist destinations, visitors can also choose to go to the famous beaches of Hue, come to these beaches to dispel the heat of the air in summer. The sea tourism season in Hue usually takes place from May to July every year. Visitors can immerse themselves in the white wave of Thuan An and Lang Co beach with cool blue water. Besides swimming, visitors can also experience the life of fishermen, go to Lap An lagoon, Tam Giang lagoon, Truoi lagoon from February to July.
In addition, visitors can not miss the experience of a leisurely cyclo ride around Hue city in the early mornings or sunset afternoons filled with cicadas. The price for a cyclo ride is only about 40,000-100,000 VND (1.72-4.31 USD) / time, depending on the schedule, time and depending on the agreement with the driver.

Weather in Hue in april
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- Another interesting experience in the dry season in Hue is listening to Hue songs on the romantic Huong River. On the dragon boat ride, watching the ancient capital city and listening to the sweet tunes from songs about the dear Hue country visitors will feel relaxed, comfortable and peaceful. The fare for the cruise is about 150,000 VND (6.47 USD) / person.           

3 - Hue traveling tips in the dry season

There are some small notes that tourists should pay attention to before traveling to Hue city in the dry season:
- Before each trip, visitors need to see the weather forecast carefully, because Hue weather is also quite erratic, the temperature can reach up to 40 degrees C which is not favorable for the trip.          
- Need to prepare the necessary equipment to cope with the sun in Hue, such as: hats, sunscreen, long sleeves, sunglasses, paper bags. in addition, also should bring a little extra cash, bank cards, identification documents, and basic medical equipment, ...           
- The dry season is the best time to visit Hue Vietnam with many holidays and celebrations, so it is called the peak season of tourism. Along this time, the cost will also be higher, visitors should consider this to avoid price surprises.           
- If you do not go on tour, please arrange the itinerary to visit the destination that is suitable and convenient for transportation. This arrangement saves you time, and the travelling will also be smoother.           

II - Hue weather in Rainy season 

1 - Typical rainy season in Hue

The rainy season usually lasts from September to February next year. In this season, due to the influence of the northeast wind and cold air blowing in, Hue has quite cold weather with lots of rain, especially the lowest can be lowered to 8 degrees C (Uncommon)
The rainy season in Hue starts from September and October every year, at this time the rainfall is relatively large at about 561mm. V noisy two-month peak season is May 11 and 12, the annual rainfall, the highest can reach 620mm / month. Therefore, to Hue at this time, tourists should prepare raincoats, umbrellas,... to avoid the rain in Hue. The low point of the rainy season here falls in January and February every year, the rainfall is only about 200mm / 2 months; however, the temperature is quite low due to a little influence of the northeast monsoon, the temperature drops to about 23°C during the day and 15 - 17°C at night. Visitors should actively prepare themselves for thin clothes suitable for the weather here. 

2 - What to experience in the rainy season in Hue                            

 (Source: Upin)
The weather in Hue in the rainy season brings the feeling of peace and romance. Tourists should experience some activities such as:
- Sip a cup of tea, coffee and watch the rainfall:  in Hue, there are many places that are said to be ideal for watching the rain such as Vong Canh hill, Ngu Phung floor, hotels along Huong river, ...While the coffee warms up your hands, take a sip occasionally, chats about stories, watch the rain and have an enjoyable experience.
- Enjoy the dishes: Hue cuisine is extremely diverse and unique, with reasonable prices. From the so-called "rain team" dishes such as Hue beef vermicelli, hot boiled snails, baked potatoes, tofu, or spring rolls, mussel rice... to cakes like banh canh, filter dough cake, banh xeo, ... are delicious because of the heat on rainy days. Even Hue culinary devotees believe that everything will be delicious when it rains, but Hue food is hot, fragrant, and suitable for the weather.           
- Like the dry season, in the rainy season in Hue, visitors can still experience cyclo to see the streets, life and people of Hue under the rain,... and listen to Hue songs on the Perfume River. 

3 - Hue traveling tips in the rainy season

Coming to Hue in the rainy season, visitors will not have to worry about lack of accommodation, or crowded restaurants, because this is the season where there are few tourists. However, because it is the rainy season, it rains a lot, so visitors will be limited to visiting famous places. It can rain anytime so guests should remember to bring umbrellas or raincoats to avoid getting wet themselves, and also remember to bring medical supplies, cash, personal documents. 
Weather in Hue in January(Source: Huehomestay)
Regardless of the weather in Hue, this destination always has many beautiful features that visitors admire and enjoy. However, during the festival season – April is the most ideal time to come to Hue, because visitors can participate in many cultural activities, understand more about the culture and habits of indigenous people. That is also an ideal time for tourists to visit, experience entertainment activities and scenery in Hue.
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