11 Mar 2021

The most popular ways of getting from Hue to Hanoi are overnight train, sleeper bus and direct flight. With a distance of 700km, it takes 1 hour by flying, 12 hours by train and 13 hours by bus. 

Table Contents
  • I – Overnight train from Hue to Hanoi
  • II – Travelling by plane
  • III – Travelling by sleeper bus from Hue to Hanoi
  • IV – Booking a package tour from Hue to Hanoi
Hue to Hanoi
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Hue city located in central Vietnam, is well-known as one of the most magnificent ancient capitals of the last feudal dynasty in Vietnam. While Hanoi has been chosen many times as the capital of the feudal dynasties as well as the present, it is a cultural, political and economic destination that cannot be ignored when traveling to Vietnam.
The distance is about 670km and travelling between two destinations is also quite easy. You can choose from a variety of means of transportation such as train, plane, bus.

I – Overnight train from Hue to Hanoi

Train from Hue to Hanoi

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With its security and stable operating hours fares, the train is always enjoyable, helping you to relax in your travel. Along with that, the railway station in Hue and Hanoi are very close to the city center, so it is even more convenient to travel to tourist destinations.
If you go to Hanoi by train, you will spend about 11 hours and 50 minutes on the train with the distance of 68 km. Every day, there are 6 trips for you to choose: SE8, SE6, SE2, SE4, SE20 and TN2. Fares range from 17 to 30 USD/ticket depending on the type of seat or bed.
Address of Hue Railway Station: 01 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Hue city

II – Travelling by plane

Currently, there are two quality domestic airlines with flights from Hue to Hanoi: Vietnam Airlines and VietJet Air. In particular, Vietnam Airlines is considered as the leading national airline in Vietnam with excellent service quality and flexibility in  flight schedule in the route to Hanoi. And VietJet Air’s ticket is considered to be cheap and good quality.
Vietnam Airlines
Hue - Hanoi flight frequency from 1 to 2 flights per day in the travel time frame is 8:55am, 10:20am, 5:55pm, 18:10pm with the price from only 89,000 VND (3.8 USD)/ticket excluding tax fee.
VietJet Air
VietJet Air is currently operating the Hue - Hanoi flight route with the number of flights of 2 flights per day with 2 specific Travel time frames of 12:10 PM and 9:20 PM. Ticket price is only from 129,000vnd (5.5USD)/ticket excluding taxes and fees.

You may concern: 

III – Travelling by sleeper bus from Hue to Hanoi

With many advantages for most tourists, the bus is still chosen by the majority of tourists. The number of vehicles travelling in a day is large, so you can easily find a suitable travel time. These buses are recommended:
An Phu –Hanoi Bus
- Travel time: 12 hours- Departure time: 5 PM
- Fare: 250.000 dong/ticket
TM Brother Bus
- Travel time: 16 hours - Departure time: 5 AM and 6 AM
- Fare: 280.000 dong/ticket
- Travel time: 9 hours - Departure time: 2: 15 PM, 3:30 M và 7 PM
- Fare: 360.000 dong/ticket
Camel Travel Bus
- Travel time: 13 giờ - Departure time: 5 PM và 5: 30 PM
- Fare: 250.000 dong/ticket

IV – Booking a package tour from Hue to Hanoi

Bus from Hue to Hanoi

Source: Vietnamnews

In Hue, travel companies are growing strongly with a variety of tours, from domestic to international ones. Hue - Hanoi tour also attracts many tourists. However, the tour also includes other famous tourist areas of the North such as Ha Long, Sapa,...
Hue Tourist Company
- Address: 11 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
- Contact: 0234 381 6263 - Website:
- Fare: 460.000 dong/person/day
Hue Smile Travel Company
- Address: 40A/ Alley 42 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hue
- Contact: 0935 484 415 - Website:
- Fare: 2.500.000vnd/person/2N4D - Tour Hue - Hanoi – Ninh Binh – Ha Long - Hue
Huong Giang Travel Company Limited (LLC)
- Address: 11 Le Loi, Vinh Ninh Commune, Hue
- Contact: 0234 394 9596 - Website:
- Fare: 3.790.000 vnd/person/ 5N5D Tour Hue - Hanoi - Sapa – Hue
Above are the suggestions on how to travel from Hue to Hanoi. Depending on your requirements and what you’d like to experience, you can choose the most suitable means of transport. Traveling by plane is fast and safe,  by train is a great experience while sleeper buses are suitable for budget-minded travelers. 

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