Recently, homestays are some of the hottest accommodation models within the Vietnam tourism industry. What is a homestay in Vietnam? Not only a place to stay, it is also a home to stay and experience more about local specialties and cultural features. To help you find the most suitable homestays, in the following parts, we provide more details about homestays in Vietnam.

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  • I - General information
  • 1 - The reasons why you should choose a homestay in Vietnam 
  • 2 - Some popular kinds of homestays in Vietnam
  • II - Where to find best homestay in Vietnam
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I - General information

1 - The reasons why you should choose a homestay in Vietnam 

Homestays are one kind of accommodation which provides tourists a place to stay and relax with a fairly affordable price. A homestay always costs less than a hotel or resort does even though its amenities are not much different.

What is a homestay in Vietnam

A tiny homestay in Vietnam (Source: HEAVEN)

To try staying at a homestay brings you a chance to understand more about the Vietnamese’s culture, lifestyle associated with cuisine. Being compared to staying at a hotel or a resort, the biggest advantage of this model is that by choosing a homestay you will meet friendly and rustic Vietnamese people who are always willing to share with you several stories about Vietnam’s social issues, traditional customs and so much more. Visitors can directly participate in daily activities of Vietnamese people such as cooking, shopping, chatting, and so on. Vietnam homestays are wonderful choices for your journey to discover nature.
Each homestay’s appearance is unique one. Homestays in each place will have different and typical decorations. Each of them is setted depending on the homeowner's interest, which provides diverse and novel styles for visitors to enjoy. 
Homestays are often built and decorated according to the regional customs of the destinations you visit. Therefore, visitors can learn more about the distinguished features of each region. Traveling to a new place will be a new experience for your knowledge of Vietnam's traditional beauty which will never appear in your daily life (in your country).

2 - Some popular kinds of homestays in Vietnam

Three kind of Vietnam Homestays

Three main kinds of homestay in Vietnam (Source: Internet)

There are three main kinds of homestays:
Vietnam Homestay at big cities’ centers
Modern homestays are mostly located in big cities which are Hoi An, Hanoi, Saigon, and so on. The modern homestay with private space specializing in serving tourists with full amenities, beautiful view, special decoration style and exotic architecture. There are also a number of homestays attached to the local people’s houses because the owners take advantage of a part of the space to create short-term or overnight rental rooms for travelers. Staying at these homestays, visitors can learn and have cultural exchange with Vietnamese. Moreover, you will be recommended by them for some reliable travel information, which is very suitable for foreign tourists traveling in Vietnam.
Vietnam Homestay in villages, mountainous and remote areas
As their name, these homestays usually are located in villages, mountainous areas such as Ha Giang, Sapa, Mai Chau, Moc Chau and so on. This type of homestay is derived from the trans-nationalism of young generations who are interested in backpacking tourism, please local people to stay and eat in their houses. The design of the homestay here follows the houses’ architecture of Vietnamese ethnic groups, bringing ancient and typical features. The material used to build the homestay or the interior items is mainly wood. Tourists will experience everything there as members in the local family. You will see the liveliest customs, culinary culture of Vietnamese people. Moreover, visitors will experience the life surrounding the mountains and rivers that are extremely close to nature.
Vietnam Homestay in tourist provinces and cities
In addition to the two types of homestay above, in Vietnam there is the type of homestay in tourist provinces and cities such as Quang Binh, Ninh Binh, Mui Ne, Da Lat, the Mekong Delta region, and so on. These homestays are designed in the form of a normal house or a modern tube house. All essential needs of visitors are comfortably guaranteed. You can buy food for cooking at your homestay like you are at your own home because there is a full range of kitchen facilities.You can also choose a homestay with a host and you will have more chances to have an understanding of Vietnamese culture as well as to enjoy the cuisine with the local people.
In conclusion, homestays in Vietnam is an extremely new and interesting form of accommodation for tourists coming to Vietnam. For this model, visitors will have the opportunity to experience various activities with the locals such as: digging ditches, catching fish, walking through monkey bridges, working on rice fields, experiencing the process of dyeing cloth, weaving, etc. However, up to now, the scale of the homestay model has been quite small so visitors can only experience in a few certain locations such as: Cat Cat - Sapa; Can Tho, Hoi An, etc. 

II - Where to find best homestay in Vietnam

Homestay has recently appeared in most of the famous tourist destinations in Vietnam such as the Mekong Delta provinces, the island tourism provinces and the mountainous areas.
Homestay in Hanoi
Homestay in Saigon - Ho Chi Minh
Homestay in Hoi An
Homestay in Da Nang
Homestay in Ninh Binh
Homestay in Sapa
Homestay in Ha Giang
Homestay in Dalat

Homestay in Vietnam is one of the most worth staying places besides other kinds of accommodation such as hotels or resorts. 


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