Hoi An is not only an extremely famous tourist city in Vietnam with its ancient beauty but also famous for many specialties such as Cao Lau, Ramie Banh Mi, Banh Mi, ... or decorative and handmade items. Crafts. So shopping in Hoi An Vietnam is definitely something tourists need to find out before coming

Table Contents
  • I - Top things to buy in Hoi An 
  • 1 - Bags
  • 2 - Non la (Conical Hat)
  • 3 - Clothes
  • 4 - To he (Toy figurine)
  • 5 - Shoes
  • 6 - Art works
  • 7 - Lanterns
  • 8 - Accessories
  • 9 - Scarves and ties
  • 10 - Food
  • II - Place to shopping in Hoi An
  • 1 - Markets in Hoi An
  • 2 - Art Galleries
  •  3 - Famous Hoi An shops
  • III - Shopping tips in Hoi An
  • 1 - Check out the materials
  • 2 - Bargain
  • 3 - Learn about the items carefully before you buy
  • 4 - Buy what you need
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Lantern shop Hoi An
Source: Na Bao
If you are planning to travel to Hoi An, please refer to the recommended things to buy and famous places for shopping in Hoi An ancient town.

I - Top things to buy in Hoi An 

1 - Bags

Hoi An shops
Source: Thenysmile
When it comes to popular bags in Hoi An, fabric bags are worth mentioning. They look like normal cloth bags, but were hand-painted by talented artists with beautiful landscapes of Hoi An.
In addition, wicker bags are also very popular. The beautiful bags are woven with soft and durable slices. Outside the bags are decorated with beautiful and delicate patterns with natural colors.

2 - Non la (Conical Hat)

Shopping in Hoi An Vietnam
Source: Le Ha Truc
Conical hat has been a traditional fashion item of Vietnamese since ancient times. However, for many years, Hoi An tourism has taken advantage of the conical hat as a highlight in the tour of Hoi An. The normal conical hats, under the hands of skilled artisans, become beautiful and unique.
On those hats, the charming scenery  of Vietnam as well as the people appear vivid and harmonious. Putting on the conical hat means you are introducing part of Vietnam's unique culture to the world.
Conical hats are a gift, a souvenir that you should definitely own yourself when traveling in Hoi An. Perhaps this is the most beautiful spiritual item on your Vietnam journey.

3 - Clothes

There are quite a lot of apparel shops in Hoi An as well as clothing stores for men, women and children. Clothes shopping in Hoi An vary from model to style. Coming here, tourists can choose a favorite shop and buy clothes to wear during the time of travel or as a gift or souvenir.
In addition to buying ready-made clothes, visitors also have the opportunity to tailor their measurements through speedy tailoring service in Hoi An. In just 3 hours, visitors can immediately own clothes with the selected model, if it does not fit, they will be repaired on-site.

4 - To he (Toy figurine)

To he, or toy figurine , in Thanh Ha pottery village has long been a souvenir of visitors as they come to Hoi An. Making To he is one of the most long-standing crafts in Hoi An ancient town.
To he is made from clay. When we blow it, it will make many people excited.

5 - Shoes

There is a famous shoe street on Hoang Dieu Street with best shoe shops Hoi An, which is visited by many tourists. It displays hundreds of shoes and sandals with different designs and colors for you to choose. Just walking around the street for about 1 hour, you can own your favorite shoes with affordable prices.

6 - Art works

Hoi An is a fertile land of artworks; from sculpture, woodwork, pottery to paintings, etc, most of them are handmade and in a really creative way. Hoi An people make art works from many materials, mainly based on the topic of the country.

7 - Lanterns

Things to buy in Hoi An
The colorful lanterns in Hoi An - Source: Thanh Soledas
It can be said that the sparkling lantern street has become a well-known symbol of Hoi An. Every night, the town of Hoi An is brightened up by the fanciful, magical light of colorful lanterns.
You should go to lantern shops Hoi An, buy and drop on Thu Bon River or buy as a gift, the receivers would certainly be surprised and excited.

8 - Accessories

Hoi An also impresses visitors because of the beauty of various types of accessories in terms of materials and designs. The types of accessories are usually made from gold, silver, gemstones, pearls, etc designed in a trendy fashion. You can not miss the bracelets, the rings, the necklaces, etc with new and unique designs when coming to Hoi An.

9 - Scarves and ties

In Hoi An there are also many places selling fashion scarves and ties, making it easy for you to choose. These are the indispensable accessories to match with clothes. So choosing a scarf or a tie as a souvenir or for your personal use is not a bad idea.

10 - Food

Hoi An food has quite a lot of famous dishes: Cao Lau, Chicken Rice, Quang Noodles, Rice Crackers, Vietnamese Sizzling Crepes, Fried Girdle Cakes with Scallops On Top, Fried Snails, etc or snacks like sweet soups, herbal teas, milk tea, etc. Only then will you see the diversity of dishes.
It may take quite a while to experience all of these delicious dishes, but don't worry, the experience probably won't make you disappointed.

II - Place to shopping in Hoi An

As listed above, there are many things to buy in Hoi An and if you are wondering where to buy, let's find out about some shopping places.

1 - Markets in Hoi An

The first particular point in Vietnamese culture that is worth mentioning is the market culture. Whatever you would like to buy, you can find in the market. There are quite a few markets in Hoi An so you definitely should go for a visit there.
First of all, Nguyen Hoang Night Market is located in Minh An Ward, Hoi An City,  a bustling market of the old town at night. There are various specialties, delicious dishes or souvenirs, handicrafts, clothes, etc. Coming to Hoi An without visiting the night market is considered not coming to Hoi An.
Next, the market you need to visit is the central market of Hoi An. For years, this market is like a "culinary paradise" in the heart of the old town. The market’s food court contains hundreds of shops selling gifts and specialties, coming here you can easily find yourself good dishes with affordable prices.
In addition, this market also gathers the best lantern shops Hoi An with many types of colorful and brilliant lanterns at night. Coming to the lantern street, you can not only admire the mysterious beauty of thousands of lanterns, but you can also choose to buy yourself one to drop on the river or bring home as a gift.

2 - Art Galleries

In Hoi An there are quite a lot of art galleries that are frequently visited by visitors. We would like to give you some addresses you can refer to so that you can plan to visit when coming to Hoi An.

Best shop in Hoi An
Arthouse Vietnam Gallery - Source: Hoianart
Art House Vietnam Gallery: Art House Gallery exhibits numerous art paintings created by many modern Vietnamese authors. Besides enjoying, visitors can also buy a few pictures with an affordable price
- Address: 692 Hai Ba Trung, Hoi An, Quang Nam
- Opening hours: 9AM - 5PM
- Contact: +84 989 391 486
T&G Art Gallery: The gallery exhibits and sells art works ranging from imagery to abstract ones, made of various materials such as silk, lacquer to oil, sculpture and acrylic.
- Address: 46 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An City, Quang Nam
- Opening hours: 9AM - 6PM
- Contact: +84 905 292 282

 3 - Famous Hoi An shops

Quoc Huy Silk – Apparel shop: Quoc Huy Silk is a fashion apparel shop, specializing in all kinds of dresses, vest tops, tourist costumes,...
- Address: 39 Tran Phu, Cam Chau, Hoi An City
- Opening hours: 9AM - 9PM
- Contact: 091 654 5067
CocoBox – Coffee shop: CocoBox sells drinks whose ingredients are locally grown fresh fruits. In addition, Cocobox also has organic foods that are good for health.
- Address: 94 Le Loi, Minh An Ward, Hoi An City
- Opening hours: 7AM - 10PM
- Contact: 0235 3862 0000
Ngoc Van Shop: One of the best shops in Hoi An specializes in the retail business of souvenirs, handmade materials, fashion clothes,...
- Address: K47/8A Tran Hung Dai, Minh An, Hoi An City
- Opening hours: 7AM - 9PM
- Contact: 093 591 1011

III - Shopping tips in Hoi An

If you are coming to Hoi An for the first time, you should learn some shopping tips before you arrive in the old town. Read through some of the experiences we have learned to make your trip smoother.

Hoi An shopping
Source: OneDanang

1 - Check out the materials

First, when you want to buy anything, check out the material. You should take preference over durable materials, then consider the aestheticism and whether it is suitable as to the weather in your country or not if purchased as a gift or as a souvenir.

2 - Bargain

Bargaining while buying is the essential thing you need to do when you go shopping in Hoi An. Most of the sellers will raise prices higher than the real value of the product, so you need to bargain for a suitable price as well as to preserve your pocket money so that you can experience many other activities in Hoi An
However, please be assured that the friendly Hoi An people will not overly enforce tourists. Smile when you bargain, we believe you will buy the item at an affordable price.

3 - Learn about the items carefully before you buy

Of course, when you buy anything, you have to learn about it, searching online or through your relatives and friends are all good ideas. It helps you to buy the right items, avoiding unfortunate confusion.

4 - Buy what you need

You should not buy all the things you find interesting when you are travelling in Hoi An. Buying too much not only wastes the money you have but also puts weight on your luggage so it would be difficult to bring on the plane. So only buy the items you need, the ones you really want to buy and buy at a reasonable level.
5 - Other interesting things to do
Hoi An - a gem in central Vietnam, is well-known as a centre of tourism at which travelers can find tons of interesting things to experience.
Visiting the cultural tourist attractions in Hoi An: Ancient town, Tan Ky or Phung Hung Old house, Cau pagoda, My Son sanctuary,..
Experiencing the local vibes at the long-standing craft villages such as Tra Que vegetable-planting village, Thanh Ha pottery village.
Having a sea vacation at gorgeous Hoi An beaches: An Bang beach, Cua Dai beach,...
Above are all the best things to buy in Hoi An, famous places you can go for shopping. Do not forget to remember our notes to have the best experience and have meaningful items to bring home.
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