To set a favourable schedule as well as prepare the most suitable clothing for a trip to the Hoi An ancient city, you should pay attention to the following information and tip about the weather in Hoi An. 

Table Contents
  • I - Hoi An weather in dry season 
  • 1 - Characteristics of the dry season in Hoi An
  • 2 - Activities in Hoi An dry season
  • 3 - Some tips for traveling to Hoi An in dry season
  • II - Weather in Hoi An in rainy season
  • 1 - Characteristics of Hoi An rainy season
  • 2 - Activities in Hoi An rainy season
  • 3 - Some tips for traveling to Hoi An in rainy season
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Being a Central Vietnam city, Hoi An experiences almost all characteristics of the tropical climate. Hoi An is located in the transition zone between the North and the South; therefore, the city tends to own the typical features of the tropical monsoon with two distinct seasons, a rainy season and a dry one.

Weather in Hoi An

Hoi An (Source: Pete Walls)

The weather in Hoi An is pleasant, and cool with an ideal average temperature. However, at the hottest time of the year, the temperature is around 40 degrees Celsius. In the cold months, the average temperature is also ideal, which is not much colder than the other regions within Vietnam, about 22,8 degrees Celsius.

I - Hoi An weather in dry season 

1 - Characteristics of the dry season in Hoi An

The Hoi An dry season lasts from February to August annually. The temperature stands below 33oC during hot weather and 18oC  in cold one. In short, in this season, the weather is very dry, cool and pleasant.
February is the time when the transition from the rainy season to the dry season takes place. Accordingly, the rain will be less, the weather is a bit colder, but still pleasant. This month is also the time of the Vietnam Lunar New Year, so it will bring the most interesting experiences for you. 
In April, May, and June, the daytime is quite hot; however, the evening the weather will be very cool. 
July and August is the transition period from the dry to the rainy season. As a result, you may sometimes see light rain.

Tra Que Hoi An weather in dry season

Tra Que Vegetable Village (Source: VnExpress)

2 - Activities in Hoi An dry season

In the dry season, the weather in Hoi An Vietnam is cool, a bit sunny, and dry, which is very convenient to visit monuments, landscapes, experience Vietnamese culture while visiting architectural arts of Hoi An Ancient Town associated with traditional villages such as Tra Que Vegetable Village, Thanh Ha pottery village, and Kim Bong carpentry village. Coming to spiritual sites like Ong pagoda and Phuoc Kien pagoda is also a good idea. 

Activies in Hoi An weather in dry season

Sautéed mussels (Source: Ivivu)

Coming here, you must enjoy the amazing cuisine. Delicious dishes in Hoi An food are so various that you may need a whole food tour to enjoy. Hoi An chicken rice, Cao Lau, Quang noodles, pancake, wonton, dumplings, corn sweet soup (made from Cam Nam corn), and so much more. It will be a regret if you miss the chance to enjoy those famous specialities
As the Hoi An weather at this time is dry, you can also take a tour to the far-from-center destinations. About 4 to 5km to the south-east of the city is the Bay Mau coconut forest where you will travel along the river by basket boat, enjoy coconuts and made-from-coconut dishes. Ticket price to visit Bay Mau coconut forest is 30,000 VND ($1.29)/ person. If you want to relax under the sunny beaches in Hoi An, and enjoy the cool breeze, Cua Dai Beach as well as An Bang Beach are the good choices.

3 - Some tips for traveling to Hoi An in dry season

The dry season coincides with the peak of domestic tourism, so the number of tourists visiting is quite high. You should book the accommodation via website or online forms in advance to get the good rooms as well as to avoid the overloaded situation. 
Although the sunlight in Hoi An is not too harsh, you still need to prepare some necessary  items to protect your skin and health such as umbrellas, hats, sunscreen, and so on. 
Another point is that at the peak of tourism months the price of accommodation is quite expensive, which will be slightly higher than other periods.

II - Weather in Hoi An in rainy season

1 - Characteristics of Hoi An rainy season

The rainy season in Hoi An starts in September and ends in January. During that time, the average temperature is 22 degrees Celsius. Sometimes, you may experience the sudden rain that brings the romantic and peaceful beauty to the ancient Hoi An city. 
In September, the first days of the rainy season come to the city. Rain will fall more frequently. The next three months are considered as the time of the worst weather within a year. Heavy rain lasts for many hours and even storms also happen. They cause flooding in this area. However, by January- the last month of the rainy period, you will see less rain because the weather also starts to turn into the dry season.

Activities Weather in Hoi An in rainy season

Hoi An coffee in rainy season (Source: Hiddenhoian)

2 - Activities in Hoi An rainy season

The most interesting experience during the rainy season in Hoi An is chilling at the coffee shops while watching the romantic rains. You will have time to enjoy the poetic, ancient, and peaceful of the city. You may think that on rainy days, there is nothing to do. The fact is not like that, under the rain, you can take a basket boat to go around the old streets as an interesting and special way to visit the city. 
When the rain turns lighter and gradually vanishes, you can use umbrellas to take a walk or get a cycle rickshaw to explore Hoi An beauty after rain showers. Hoi An weather after the rain becomes strangely pleasant.The "Hoi An Memories" show is the idealist choice for you who are interested in art. Being held on a special outdoor stage, the program is like a magic boat driving the audiences back to the image of a prosperous Hoi An trading port in the 16 and 19 century.

3 - Some tips for traveling to Hoi An in rainy season

Visitors in Hoi An weather

Foreign visitors in Hoi An (Source: Thanh Chung- LĐ)

In the rainy season, sometimes a few storms will happen in Hoi An, you should update the weather forecast and make appropriate adjustments.
You need to prepare all necessary items such as umbrellas, raincoats, waterproof bags, and medicine to protect your health.
The rainy season is not the peak time of domestic tourism; however, this coincides with the peak of international tourists as well as some major holidays such as Vietnam National Independence Day 2/9, Christmas, Lunar New Year, and so on. As a result, it is quite crowded. The demand for travel increases, the price of accommodation and services also grow higher than normal days. It leads to traffic congestion, and other inconvenient issues. 
In summary, this is an ideal destination with many worth-visiting attractions in Hoi An that you must visit at least once, even in the dry or rainy season. Each season has its own distinct features, unique beauty, and different kinds of tourism activities. However, weather in Hoi An in the dry months should be more suitable for holidays, particularly from February to July. At this time, you will be more comfortable in participating in various activities. 

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