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The dry season in Ho Chi Minh City lasts for 5 months from December to April. Normally, the dry season has low rainfall, low humidity, and high temperature. This is the ideal time for you to travel around, take a tour to historic spots,...

Table Contents
  • I - Ho Chi Minh weather overview
  • II - Ho Chi Minh weather in dry & rainy seasons
  • 1 - In dry season (December to April)
  • 2 - In rainy season (from May to November)
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Ho Chi Minh City known as Saigon is one of the biggest key economic areas as well as an important center of international trade within Vietnam. In addition, the city is also considered as a tourist attraction which has several amazing landscapes, cultural heritage, historical sites, and so on. Therefore, it is clear that Ho Chi Minh City is an ideal destination for your holiday in Vietnam. In order to make the most memorable journey to Saigon, the weather is an important factor. The following parts will provide visitors with useful and practical information in terms of Ho Chi Minh city climate

I - Ho Chi Minh weather overview

Being located at latitude 10o46’ S, quite close to the equator; therefore, Ho Chi Minh City experiences the typical weather of Tropical savanna. A year has only two seasons which includes a rainy and a sunny one. The average temperature is 27°C. The highest temperature in the year reaches 32°C in the dry season and the lowest one is 21°C in the rainy season. The annual precipitation is 1,949mm. The average humidity is quite high, approximately 79.5%.

Ho Chi Minh weather

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As mentioned, Ho Chi Minh City has two distinct seasons with very different characteristics. The dry season lasts from May to November and the rainy one starts in December, and ends in April. Going to Saigon in any season, tourists will experience convenient, and inconvenient elements. To be more specific, what tourists should pay attention to when visiting Ho Chi Minh City in the two dry rainy seasons, you will have the answer right away. 

II - Ho Chi Minh weather in dry & rainy seasons

1 - In dry season (December to April)

Characteristics of Ho Chi Minh dry season:
Normally, the dry season has low rainfall, low humidity, and high temperature. During that time, the average temperature of the day is about 26 - 29
°C; humidity of nearly 70 - 72%; the highest monthly rainfall is 50mm appearing in April (the end of the dry season) and the lowest one is 4.1mm in February. The average monthly hours of sunshine is quite high, which has a fewest figures of 226 hours, and the highest one is 272 hours in December and March respectively. 
Sunny days which are very suitable for sightseeing tourism activities, visiting historic sites, and joining in outdoor activities such as visiting water parks, camping, cycling, and so on. Moreover, due to the weather condition, transportation is also extremely convenient.
Activities in dry season:

Activities in high temperature in Ho Chi Minh

Dam Sen (Source: Internet)

Ho Chi Minh City weather in dry season is favourable for you to try some following activities:
- Traveling arounds the streets of Saigon by cycle rickshaw while experiencing the hustle and bustle of the city.
- Enjoy the city filled with the yellow color of apricot flowers and chrysanthemums during the Vietnam Lunar New Year (January to February). Furthermore, during Tet holiday, Ho Chi Minh City has a new appearance formed by colorful, vibrant lights, and flowers. Several traditional activities are also organized in this occasion such as fireworks, spring festival, and so much more. 
- You can also take a tour to historic sites, landscapes, and outdoor amusement parks areas such as Suoi Tien Park, Dam Sen Park, Notre Dame Cathedral,
Independence Palace, Opera House, and so on.
- Don’t forget to enjoy the typical Saigon street food at markets, and food streets; visit the floating market, travel on Nha Be River, Saigon river, Cu Chi tunnels,...
Tips and advices when coming to Saigon in dry season:
- Always use sunscreen because the harsh sunlight can easily burn the skin
- The dry season is also the peak of the tourist season, you should carefully take a look at needed information, reservations to avoid unexpected incidents.

Activities in high temperature in Ho Chi Minh

Weather in Ho Chi Minh city dry season is suitable for Tet experience (Source: Thao Luong)

- From January to February, due to the Lunar New Year Eve, the demand for transportation is extremely high (especially among 7 days before and after the Tet holiday); you should be careful of traffic congestion and overload transportation situations.

2 - In rainy season (from May to November)

Characteristics of Ho Chi Minh rainy season
In the rainy period, you may experience the heavy rain suddenly falling that greatly affects negatively on the traffic with Ho Chi Minh city. The average humidity of the season ranges from 80 to 85%; the lowest average monthly rainfall is 116.5 mm (in November), and the highest one is about 327.1 mm (in September). The average sunshine duration within a month at this time is much less than the one of the sunny season, which states the highest time of about 200 hours of sunshine in November, and the lowest one is 170 hours in June. Temperature in Ho Chi Minh City this time is not too high, approximately 27
°C. However, the weather of this season often changes from one month to another as mentioned below:

Coffee in good weather in Ho Chi Minh

Saigon Coffee (Source: Behance)

- May: Weather in Ho Chi Minh in May changes from dry season to rainy season. Therefore, the temperature still stands at a rather high level of 28°C. At this period, tourists may experience sudden showers of rain which suddenly come and go.
- June, and July: The rainfall starts to increase. Due to high humidity, rain falls more often and much longer.
- August, September, and October: The rainfall decreases but enough to cool the Saigon’s atmosphere.
- November: This month is the end of the rainy season; therefore, the precipitation is quite moderate. You can freely travel around the city under a very favourable weather condition.
- October and November are the 2 peak months for international tourists. 
Activities in rainy season
The activities that you can experience in Saigon's rainy season are not too different from the dry one. However, in a colder Ho Chi Minh weather with more sudden rain, the must-try activities should include:  
- Enjoy Saigon coffee associated with the bustle and hustle city covered under the romantic rain.
- Experience amazing dishes that can warm you up like a hot pot, BBQ grill, and so on. 
- Take the time to experience shopping at shopping malls, and supermarkets; visit museums, opera houses, Ben Thanh market and many other markets in Saigon,..

Tips for bad weather in Ho Chi Minh City

Prepare umbrella (Source: Osman Rana)

Some tips and advice when coming to Saigon in rainy season
You should prepare umbrellas or raincoats to deal with the sudden rain. You also need to update the weather forecast and schedule appropriately in order not to affect your time and your health.
In addition, you also must pay attention to traffic congestion, and flash floods on the Saigon’s streets during and after the rain. Currently, the local authority has taken many efforts to improve the drainage system of the city to limit flooding, and traffic congestion. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about those issues.

In conclusion, the weather in Ho Chi Minh city is quite stable and suitable for several kinds of tourism activities. Hopefully, via the provided information, you will have a better understanding about Saigon's climate. From that, you can have the best itinerary and experience when visiting the city named after one of the greatest presidents of Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh.

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