In Saigon, apart from historical relics and bustling streets, Saigon river is a city's "hidden gem" which is famous for its poetic beauty and tons of interesting travel activities & services.

Table Contents
  • I - Best experience on Saigon river
  • 1 - Saigon river cruise at night
  • 2 - Take a Saigon water bus
  • 3 - Explore Saigon river tunnel - Thu Thiem tunnel
  • II - Place to stay & dining along the river
  • 1 - Hotels and resorts near the river
  • 2 - Riverside restaurants
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Saigon river title
Source: Bao.Huyy

The Saigon River originates from the low hills and is a tributary of the Dong Nai River. The river has an altitude of about 150m, the flow passes through Binh Phuoc province, Tay Ninh province, Binh Duong province and Ho Chi Minh city before flowing into the sea. The river is 256km long, flowing along the territory of Ho Chi Minh City for 80km. The average water flow is about 54m3/s with a width of 225m - 370m, depth of about 20m and catchment area of ​​over 5000km2.
The river has a cool stream of water with green trees on both sides, at night that beauty is further adorned by the sparkle of electric light, creating the contrast between two dark and bright areas, creating a beautiful landscape.

I - Best experience on Saigon river

1 - Saigon river cruise at night

Saigon or Ho Chi Minh city is known as the city that does not sleep. At night, there are many entertainment activities, including dining on the cruises. As the cruises run slowly, it allows you to enjoy a panoramic view of the sparkling city at night while enjoying premium meals. This would be an interesting experience for you to try when coming here. These are the cruise ship service providers that you can choose from:

Saigon river cruise at nigh

Evening on the SaigonRiver (Source: Divui Team)

Saigon Princess Cruise

Ticket price: 1,300,000 VND / person (56.11USD)    
Menu: Asia and Europe food and a particular set menu for child    
Cruise route:
18h00: The cruise will dock to welcome tourists at the Saigon Port, District 4, City. HCM City.    19h15: The cruise starts to depart to Thu Thiem Bridge, runs along the river through Nha Rong wharf, downstream through the ports. Visitors will be able to see Saigon at night sparkling fanciful when night falls down while enjoying delicious dishes made by talented chefs.  
21h15: the cruise dock to drop off, ending a wonderful dinner on board.

Indochina cruise

Ticket price:
700,000 VND / adult (30.21usd)
560,000vnd / child (24.17usd)
210.000vnd / baby (9.06usd)
Menu: 17 sets of menus are available on board, prices range from 350,000 to 1,500. 000vnd / person (~ 15-65usd), or you can choose a buffet set of 33 dishes priced at 500,000 VND / person (~ 22usd)    
Cruise route:
19h00: You are picked up at No. 5 Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, District 4           
19h45: The cruise starts to depart in the direction of Thu Thiem Bridge, going along the river through Nha Rong wharf, down the Saigon ports. Guests will enjoy delicious dishes with traditional dance and unique music performances.    
21h15:  Cruise dock to drop off and finish dinner.   

Saigon cruise

Saigon river cruise dinner route:          
18h00 - 19h45: Cruise  pick up guests at Bach Dang Port, District 1             
20h00: The cruise starts to depart towards Thu Thiem bridge, moving along the river through Nha Rong wharf. While enjoying dinner, you can also enjoy special performances          
21:00: Cruise drop off and finish a great dinner.  
Ticket price: 240,000 VND - 850,000 VND / person (10.36 - 36.69 USD)             
Menu: there are 13 sets of menus, the price ranges from 315,000 - 1,250,000 VND / person (~ 14-54 USD).      

2 - Take a Saigon water bus

This is the first form of river bus transportation in Vietnam. Furthermore, the cost of traveling is also relatively low and much safer than taking a regular ferry or boat.

Saigon water bus

Bus on SaigonRiver (Source: Jayni.foodandtraveling)

Bus schedule:    

Departing trip: C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, C7, C8, C10, C11, C13, C15
Returning trip: L1, L2, L4, L8, L10, L11, L13, L15
Departing trip: C3, C6, C9, C12, C14
Returning trip: L3, L6, L9, L12, L14.

Ticket price:   
The fare for a bus on the river is 15,000VND/ticket (0.65usd) for all stations (one way) and 30,000VND / ticket (1.30usd) for round trip. You can buy tickets directly at the station.

3 - Explore Saigon river tunnel - Thu Thiem tunnel

Thu Thiem tunnel is the first tunnel in Vietnam, connecting the two banks of the river and up to the present time is the most modern in Southeast Asia. The tunnel has a length of 1490m with 371m of submersible tunnels (according to the name of the construction method), in which the length of 770m is enough to ensure that 6 lanes move, with 2 escape routes and ventilation equipment, water supply, lighting, fire protection... besides the speaker system to alarm when something goes wrong.

Thu Thiem Saigon river tunnel

Saigon Thu Thiem Tunnel  (Source: Trung Vo)

Thu Thiem tunnel is built under the river, this is a special point when you travel on this tunnel. Not only that, the roof of Thu Thiem tunnel is also a place that attracts a lot of young people coming here to enjoy, check - in as well as watch the sunset from the top of the tunnel, which will be an interesting experience that you cannot forget.
While walking around Thu Thiem tunnel, you can enjoy the delicious street food and feel the cool breeze blowing in from the Saigon River Vietnam. You can try grilled skewers of meat, mixed rice paper, fresh cream, tea, pancakes, fried quail eggs or seven-color noodle rolls ... along with countless attractive dishes that you cannot ignore.

If Thu Thiem tunnel is a river-crossing, Cu Chi Tunnels is the most impressive construction in Saigon. 

II - Place to stay & dining along the river

1 - Hotels and resorts near the river

The following hotels all have direct views of the river, giving you the coolness and peace of mind, especially at night.

Hotel near Saigon river

The reverie Saigon Hotel (Source: Thereveriesaigon)

The Reverie Sai Gon
Address: 22 - 36 Nguyen Hue and 57 - 69F Dong Khoi , District 1 , City. Ho Chi Minh     
Price: 4.900.000 vnđ (211.55usd)        
Hotline: 028 3823 6688            
Majestic Hotel Saigon
Address: 1 Dong Khoi, Ben Nghe, District 1 , City. Ho Chi Minh        
Price: 2,900,000 VND (125.20usd)      
Hotline: 028 3829 5517            
The Myst Dong Khoi Hotel
Address: 6 - 8 Ho Huan Nghe, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City 
Price: 1,700,000 VND (73.39usd)       
Hotline: 028 3520 3040            
Sky Gem Central Hotel
Address: 26 - 28 Dong Du, Ben Nghe, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
Price: 780,000 VND (33.67usd)          
Hotline: 028 3822 7592            

2 - Riverside restaurants

In addition to enjoying dinner on Saigon river cruise, you can choose to dine at riverside restaurants. Guests can still have a meal while watching the tranquil river and above all, the cost is also cheaper than eating on a cruise.
The Deck SaiGon
Address: 38 Nguyen U Di, Thao Dien Ward, District 2       
Price: 350,000 - 380,000 VND / person (15.11 - 16.41usd)            
Hotline for reservation: 028 3744 6632          
Bistro Song Vie
Address: 197/2 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2   
Price: 100,000 - 500,000 VND / person (4.32 - 21.59usd)   
Hotline for reservation: 028 3744 6090          
Boat House
Address: 36 Thao Dien, Thao Dien Ward, District 2           
Price: 100,000 - 330,000 VND / person (4.32 - 14.25usd)   
Hotline for reservation: 028 3744 6790          
Village Romaine
Address: 195 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien Ward, District 2      
Price: 250,000 - 550,000 VND / person (10.79 - 23.75usd)            
Hotline for reservation: 028 3744 2222          
Saigon is a rapidly growing city, one of the two major cities of the country. Besides economic development, Saigon is also very developed in tourism with many famous landmarks, attracting a lot of tourists every year to visit and relax. The Saigon River flowing in the city brings the city the freshness of nature, dispels the fatigue and dust of daily life, and is a great place to rest and relax.

Map of Saigon river


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