19 Jan 2021

If you are a person who loves to explore, and you want to travel to many places to have more knowledge about nature, people and life around them, a very interesting place is Cat Tien National Park.

Table Contents
  • I - Overview
  • II - Things to do in and near Cat Tien National Park  
  • 1 - Riding a bike
  • 2 - Boat ride on Bau Sau
  • 3 - Cat tien national park trekking
  • 4 - Visiting the giant Tung tree
  • 5 - Learning about Oc Eo culture
  • 6 - Visiting the animal rescue center
  • 7 -  Exploring the nightlife in Cat Tien national park
  • 8 - Ta Lai village
  • 9 - Ben Cu rapids
  • 10 - Heaven Waterfall - Dung Waterfall
  • III - Other information about Cat Tien national park
  • 1 - Tickets for sightseeing services
  • 2 - Equipment - widgets
  • 3 - Eating places
  • 4 - Cat Tien national park accommodation 
  • 5 - Suggested Cat Tien national park tours
Cat Tien national park
Source: VnExpress

Cat Tien National Park is a nature reserve with a total area of ​​71,920 hectares in southern Vietnam, located in the three provinces of Dong Nai - Lam Dong - Binh Phuoc and about 150km from Ho Chi Minh city.

I - Overview

1 - How to get to Cat Tien national park?

Motorbike: First, follow Highway 1A to Dau Giay intersection and turn left to Highway 20 (this is the road to Da Lat).
After that, going a distance of about 58km, you will see Ta Lai junction, turn left for about 24km, and you will see Nam Cat Tien National Park. The good news is there are many trees on the road, if you go under harsh sunlight, you will be able to escape from the hot weather.
Passenger car / bus: 
- Average ticket price is about 100,000 VND / route / seat (~ 4.3 $).        
- Departure point: these cars will depart from Mien Dong - Ho Chi Minh bus station and drop off at the gate of Cat Tien National Park.        
The garages: Kim Hoan bus - ticket sales at counter 5 Mien Dong bus station - Phone number: (0251) 379.1133 - (0251) 360.5233; Phuong Trang bus - Phone number: 089206571        

Nam Cat Tien national park

(Source: Kkday)

2 - Cat Tien national park weather

The climate of Cat Tien is divided into two distinct seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. Usually people will go from December to May because the weather is clean, cool and there is very little rain. From June to November, it is the rainy season, the air is humid, and it rains a lot, the temperature drops, and at night there are many mosquitoes and insects. Moreover, traveling at this time is very inconvenient because the road is slippery and dirty.

II - Things to do in and near Cat Tien National Park  

Cat Tien jungle lodge

(Source: VnExpress)

1 - Riding a bike

If you want to go sightseeing by bike, you can go to Bau Sau Street in Nam Cat Tien. The price of bike rental in the garden is 150,000 VND / day (~ $ 6) or 30,000 VND / hour (~ $ 1.29). Rental price will fall further if renting after 5pm.
Note: Please remember to ask for a map at the management office to not miss any place on the road. You should go with a group of friends to avoid getting lost, if possible, go in the morning to feel the fresh air and see the beautiful nature.

2 - Boat ride on Bau Sau

Cat Tien park

Boat on Bau Sau (Source: Internet)

Bau Sau is a freshwater lagoon with an area of ​​2500ha, with wild beauty and rich vegetation. Boating or camping is an interesting activity that visitors should try when coming here. Boat ride around Bau Sau is 150,000 VND / boat for 3 people (~ $ 6.4). Tickets to visit Bau Sau is 140,000 VND / person (~ $ 6), if you go on a night tour, the cost is about 120,000 VND / person (~ 5.1 $) for groups of 9/10 people. 

3 - Cat tien national park trekking

At the national Park, there is a long trekking road, around the two sides of the road are a series of ancient hundred-year-old trees such as: Lagerstroemia, giant water hyacinth, ... In addition, there are animals such as crocodiles, spiders, birds, and butterflies flying around creating a very lively and interesting scene. If you want to know and learn about the landmarks here, you should hire a guide.

4 - Visiting the giant Tung tree

The Tung tree here is an ancient tree over 400 years old, it takes about 20 people to embrace the whole tree. In the rainy season, there will be a lot of tropical forest leeches so you need to be careful..

5 - Learning about Oc Eo culture

Cat Tien national park tours

(Source: Baodantoc)

In 1997 this relic was recognized as a national-level historical-cultural relic in Vietnam. This place is a cultural mecca marked with the influence of Hinduism, Brahmanism, Cham culture, Oc Eo culture …Archeological process at the site unearthed many towers worshiping gods such as Than Phuc Ganesa, God of Destruction ShiVa and many other traditional religious-style sculpture. This place still preserves precious objects such as gold metal pieces engraved with the image of the South God, the Turtle, the Cow, and the Goddess.

6 - Visiting the animal rescue center

Usually, abandoned rare and precious wild animals will be brought into this area by the rescue team. There are hundreds of different types of animals such as bears, monkeys, elephants, wild cats, foxes, reptiles, ... Not only that, this place also contributes a large part to the treatment and care of injured, diseased animals of the wildlife relief center.

7 -  Exploring the nightlife in Cat Tien national park

Cat Tien national park accommodation

(Source: Umove)

The nightlife here is very interesting, when night falls, everything goes to sleep, the animals here wake up and walk around the national park. Camping at night near Bau Sau lagoon where you can see with your own eyes the sight of groups of deer dragging each other along a long line for food in the woods or monkeys climbing from branch to branch when hungry. These animals have a special feature that when you shine a light on them, they still do not react but just bow down to eat or continue. Perhaps they are familiar with humans.

8 - Ta Lai village

Ta Lai is a place with fresh and airy air, suitable for cycling through rubber plantations and large grasslands . Also a place to keep a series of thousands of ancient relics of the Ma and S'tieng ethnic groups. When you come here, you should visit the long house built on a high hill, seeming to reach the clouds.
In particular, the people here are very hospitable, friendly and enthusiastic, they will tell you about daily life, teach ethnic dishes and customs of the Ta Lai people. If you go by car from the main yard of the national park, you will go through immense green forest.

9 - Ben Cu rapids

Here there are large, flat rocks, above the very fresh air, you can see huge mountains and big trees, which is very suitable for those who love nature and are looking for a fresh space.

10 - Heaven Waterfall - Dung Waterfall

Cat Tien national park trekking

(Source: VnExpress)

Following the trail about 0.5km, you will be taken to the banks of the Dong Nai River, which is a vital river for economic development in the region and a source of water for the hydroelectric plant. Tri An. When you come here, you can go in a large group to have fun and explore. A nice time to go is from December to April, the road will be much safer.

Another popular attraction near this park that should be visited is Cu Chi tunnels

III - Other information about Cat Tien national park

1 - Tickets for sightseeing services

Fee to visit the National Park from
- For adults: 60,000 VND / 1 person / time (~ $ 2.5)        
- Elderly, disabled, invalids, sick soldiers: 40,000 VND/person/ ticket (~ 1.7$)
- For students: 20,000 VND / person / ticket (~ $ 0.8), (when bringing student ID).        
- Children under 6 years old: completely free.        
If you want to move to Bau Sau , you need to rent a bicycle for about:
- Regular bicycle 30,000 VND / h (~ $ 1.29)        
- When renting a Jeep, VND 500,000 (~ $ 21.55) for a round trip for 5-7 people.
- Tickets to Bau Sau about 140,000 VND / person (~ $ 6.03).        
- Tickets to visit the wildlife sanctuary 60,000 VND / person / visit (~ $ 2.5).    

2 - Equipment - widgets

When visiting Cat Tien national park, you need to equip yourself with the following tools and supplies to match such as: specialized shoes, canned food, camp, snacks, medical first aid tools, water, ...

3 - Eating places

When you come here, if you go to Bau Sau street, you can borrow from the forest rangers to cook , you can also order the forest rangers to cook (only accept evening, no lunch)  for only from 40,000 - 50,000 VND / serving (~ 1.62 - 2.16 $).
There are also dishes: snakehead fish, forest perch, river fish hot pot, wild vegetables, at the restaurant:
- Cay Dau restaurant: 150 seats - Contact: 0251 3669 174        
- Tre Vang restaurant: 100 seats - Contact: 0251 3669 621        

4 - Cat Tien national park accommodation 

You can spend the night at the following accommodation locations:
River Lodge: Nam Cat Tien, Tan Phu, Dong Nai, Vietnam
- Price range: (~ 7 - 30 $) / night        
- Telephone contact: 0948520529        
Green Bamboo Lodge Resort: Road No. 4, Tan Phu, Dong Nai, Vietnam.
- Price range: (4 - 50 $) / night        
- Contact phone number: 0973346345        
Green Hope Lodge: Cat Tien Hamlet 1, Dong Nai, Vietnam
- Price range: (~ 7 - 40 $) / night        
- Contact phone number: 0972184683        
Cat Tien Forest Call Lodge: Hamlet 4, Nam Cat Tien, Dong Nai, Dong Nai Province
- Price range: (~ 4 - 34 $) / night        
- Contact phone number: 02513669950        

Cat Tien national park weather

(Source: Wiki.youvivu)

5 - Suggested Cat Tien national park tours

Day 1: Travel from Ho Chi Minh City - the National Park - walk at Bau Sau and experience cycling - visit giant Tung tree - waterfall sky waterfall - camp fire feeling Nightlife.
7:30 am: Start going to National Park, expected to move in 4 hours        
11:30: Arrive, check in procedures.        
12 o'clock: Have lunch at restaurants. Lunch break for more than an hour.        
13:30: Into Bau Sau area and 5km long walk to visit and feel how beautiful nature is.        
15:00: Rent a bicycle at Bau Sau, then go around Bau Sau Street where there are many birds, butterflies, ...        
16:00: Visit the Tung tree and the boat through the waterfall - sky waterfall (should walk to be able to visit easily and observe the natural scenery better.        
17:30: Back to the center and return to the bathroom.        
18:00: Have dinner at the tourist center of the national park.        
19:00: Prepare camp and set up tents, organize outdoor entertainment activities.    Go to see the wild animals at night and go back to the camp to sleep.        
Day 2: Visit the village of Ta Lao ethnic group and Oc - Eo culture
7:30: Wake up and prepare for the trip.        
8:30: Start going to Oc - Eo cultural village. Here you will enjoy traditional dishes and be told by the people about the customs, traditions, the legend of the village god, ...        
10:00: Continue to Ta Lai village and learn about the culture and people here.        
12:00: have lunch with the people of Ta Lai and take a nap.        
14:00: Return to headquarters, pack up and prepare to leave.        
15:00: Travel to Ho Chi Minh City and end the journey.        

Cat Tien national park is one of the most famous and impressive Vietnam national parks fo explore for nature lovers. The above are all the itineraries for you to experience visiting Cat Tien National Park. Hope that is helpful for your trip in Vietnam.

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