Pho is a nutritious dish because it uses complicated ingredients from several-hours-simmer bone broth, fresh beef or chicken, rice noodles, bean sprouts and herbs,.... The balance of all ingredients are the key elements making up the health benefits of pho soup. 

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  • I - Ingredients in a bowl of Pho
  • II - Health benefits of pho soup from nutritious ingredients
  • II - A few notes when eating Pho
  • 1 - How often should we eat Pho in a week?
  • 2 - Notes for balancing benefits of Pho soup 
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health benefits of pho
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Pho is a traditional dish of Vietnamese people, which is a well-known favorite among foreign tourists due to its seriously tasty flavors and rich nutritions. This article will tell you a bit about health benefits of Pho soup in Vietnam. 

I - Ingredients in a bowl of Pho

Currently, Pho has been served in 50 countries and regions, following people in Vietnam in all four directions and inserting its name in English dictionary because of its amazing and irresistible flavor.
To make that “charming” flavor, Pho has been processed sophisticatedly, seasoned with lots of special spices. Basic ingredients in a bowl of traditional Pho include: 


benefits of pho soup

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- Broth - the soul of Pho: to create mild sweetness, and clearness of the broth, it should be simmered from tubular bones, bone clumps for many hours and regularly skim off any scum. The health benefits of pho broth come from the other spices such as: peanut worms, cardamoms, anises, cinnamoms, gingers, peppers, fish sauce, onions,... to boost the aromatic broth’s flavor. 
- Rice noodle: fresh rice noodle is made from rice flour then coated thinly, cooked and sliced to taste. The attractiveness of rice noodle is its moderate toughness, the pulpy taste and flavor of rice flour.
- Meat: is mostly from beef (medium - rare beef, well - done beef, beef brisket, beef shank, beef tendon), and sometimes they even use chicken. 
- Accompanying spices & ingredients: When enjoying Pho, it is indispensable to have fresh onions, coriander, garlic vinegar (vinegar, garlic, chili), fresh lemon juice, chili oil and  crispy hot crullers is the best side dish to go with Pho. 

II - Health benefits of pho soup from nutritious ingredients

pho broth benefits

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“According to the USDA Nutrition Database of the United States, a bowl of homemade beef Pho provides an average of 215 calories, 4,47 fat, 25,2 carb, 1,22 fiber, 15g protein, 1,93g sugar and 1200mg natri”. Thus,  it can be seen that a bowl of Vietnamese Pho contains a lot of nutritional values, supplying enough energy, necessary nutritions for our bodies. That is also the reason why this Vietnamese dish becomes even more famous in the eyes of international friends. 
- Meat - a precious source of protein that brings great nutrients and energy to the body; 15g of protein has provided enough energy for the body to function all morning. 
- Rice noodle: - is a gluten-free ingredient which is good for people with Celiac disease, which helps reduce enteritis.
- Broth: pho broth benefits are from glucosamine, collagen, chondroitin which are beneficial for skeletal systems and gingerol (from ginger) to fight for antioxidants and reduce arthritis; cardamoms,... accompanying spices including many precious and healthy nutrients for our bodies. 

II - A few notes when eating Pho

1 - How often should we eat Pho in a week?

Although Pho has many benefits, eating Pho too much weekly will also negatively affect human health due to its quite high amount of sodium and fat, especially when some restaurants keep the fatty broth to serve customers as required. Therefore, before deciding to eat Pho, you should consider your nutrition requirements carefully to choose the right number of bowls you can eat. 

2 - Notes for balancing benefits of Pho soup 

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The recommendations given by the nutritionist Mary Parsons after her studying the nutritional ingredients in Pho are as following: 
- Choose a Pho restaurant using traditional methods. These places usually use the traditional method of simmering the beef bones, pork bones or chicken bones for 5 - 6 hours and regularly skim off any scum and fatty water which helps to reduce the fat level of Pho.
- Instead of having an extra-fatty Pho soup, just order a bowl of Pho with clear broth. 
- You can reduce the level of calories into your body by ordering less rice noodles. 
- Eat more vegetables & herbs to increase the fiber level and control the blood sugar problems then create a full feeling faster.
- Limiting the use of soy sauce also helps you minimize sodium level in your body when enjoying a bowl of Vietnamese Pho. 
Thus, Pho can be a wonderful choice if you are pursuing a healthy and nutritious diet. However, you should pay attention to the health benefits of Pho in terms of calories, the sodium and fattiness consumed to ensure your healthy and balanced diet. 

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