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Ha Tien is a small city located in the Northwest of Kien Giang province, about 350km from Ho Chi Minh City. Coming here, you can enjoy "Ha Tien Thap Canh" (top ten great landscapes in this city) bearing most of the significant features of Vietnam's western region

Table Contents
  • I - Famous attractions in Ha Tien Vietnam
  • 1 - Hai Tac Island (Pirate Island Vietnam)
  • 2 - Mui Nai coast 
  • 3 - Thach Dong Cave - Tien Son Pagoda
  • 4 - Da Dung Mountain
  • 5 - Mac Cuu Tomb and Binh San Mountain
  • 7 - Dong Ho lake
  • 8 - Tam Bao Pagoda
  • II - Best things to do in Ha Tien Vietnam 
  • 1 - Exploring local cuisine
  • 2 - Visiting Ha Tien Night Market
  • III - Further travel information  
  • 1 - Ha Tien weather information
  • 2 - How to get to this city?
  • 3 - Hotel, Resort system
  • 4 - Border Checkpoint
  • 5 - Recommended tour
  • 6 - Ha Tien Vietnam map
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Ha Tien
Source: Tam Bui

I - Famous attractions in Ha Tien Vietnam

1 - Hai Tac Island (Pirate Island Vietnam)

Located in Tien Hai commune, Ha Tien district, Hai Tac Island is just about 28km from the coast of Ha Tien. In Vietnamese, 'Hai tac' means pirates. The island has such a special name like that because it used to be a place for pirates to hide treasures and attack passing merchant ships in the past. Nowadays, it becomes a famous attraction where visitors can comfortably swim in and enjoy the gorgeous scenery of blue water and white sand slopes. The best time to get there is the dry season from November to May next year. However, remember to check the weather forecast before going to the island because sometimes storms occur there.
To get to Hai Tac Island, you need to go to Ha Tien pier (Kim Du street, To Chau ward). You can also park your car there with the price ranging from 50.000 VND / day for a 4-seat car to 100.000 VND/ day for a 50-seat car. Afterward, you can take a boat to the island with a ticket price of about 40,000 VND / ticket (~ 1.7USD). It will take about 1h30 hours to get to the island. There are 2 trips a day at 9 am and 2pm.

2 - Mui Nai coast 

Mui Nai Beach Ha Tien, also known as Loc Tri Coast, is one of the oldest and most beautiful ones in this city. To get there, you can choose between riding a motorbike or booking a taxi. If you come there from Ho Chi Minh City, you can go through To Chau Bridge, turn left at the roundabout then follow Provincial Highway 29 of Phao Dai Ward then for about 6km. Then you will reach the coast. 

Mui Na beach Ha Tien

Mui Nai beach (Source: Internet)

There are 2 beaches along the Mui Nai coast which are No Beach and Bang Beach. Their area is not too large but their wave is very comfortable and gentle. Thus, it is suitable for visitors who want to immerse themselves in nature bathing, sunbathing, or watching the sunrise and sunset. The special feature of this coast is that the sand has a dark brown color which turns into black color when the wave comes. According to the people, the black sand is very good for the skin because it contains a lot of natural mud. Not only that, Mui Nai is also famous for a number of fruits and the West seafood specialties.

3 - Thach Dong Cave - Tien Son Pagoda

Cave in Ha Tien town

Thach Dong cave (Source: Dalaco)

Located in My Duc commune this famous sightseeing spot is about 5km from the center of Ha Tien town. For a very long time, it has been associated with an ancient folk tale named 'the legend of Thach Sanh'. The legend has it that a giant eagle has kidnaped the princess and kept her in this cave. Afterward, she was rescued by Thach Sanh - the hero that shot the giant beast. Thach Dong Cave is a large block of limestone mountains standing up with mysterious caves. When you go deep into the cave, you will find the sacred Tien Son Pagoda. On the other hand, if you climb to the top of Thach Dong, the gorgeous panoramic view of the center town and a part of neighboring Cambodia might surprise you. 

4 - Da Dung Mountain

Located in My Duc commune, near the Cambodian border, Da Dung Mountain has been recognized as a historical relic of Vietnam when associated with two heroic wars against France and the US. To get there, you can take Highway 80 from the center town to near Thach Dong, then turn right about 2.5km. You will reach Da Dung Mountain which is about 100m high. There exist about 14 large and small caves connected together forming a mysterious maze line. Standing from the highest peak of Da Dung mountain, visitors can enjoy the magnificent and impressive natural scenery that may not be available anywhere else.

5 - Mac Cuu Tomb and Binh San Mountain

Attractions in Ha Tien

Mac Cuu Tomb (Source: Wikipedia)

This place belongs to the Mac family who openly explores the land of Ha Tien and has been used to worship their ancestors. Furthermore, Mac Cuu Tomb is a special architectural complex built in the Nguyen Dynasty (18th century). It consists of temples and tombs running from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain. Particularly, it is located on Mac Cuu Street, Binh San Ward. Thus, you can come here by motorbike or car and do not need to pay any cost to visit. 
On the other hand, Binh San mountain, located about 1km from the city center to the Northwest, is a more than 50m-high mountain covered with lush green all year round. Long time ago, it was chosen as the settled place of people with a great contribution to the Mac family led by Mac Cuu. Standing on the peak of Binh San mountain, visitors will have the opportunity to capture the panoramic beautiful pictures such as Mui Nai, Phu Tu island, Thach Dong, and so on.

7 - Dong Ho lake

Dong Ho whose total area is more than 1300 ha has been considered as one of the largest wetlands in this town. Its water surface area is about 900 hectares while more than 200 hectares of it are mangroves, and the rest being residential land or aquaculture land. The special feature of this attraction in Ha Tien Kien Giang is the extremely diverse ecological environment with a variety of flora and fauna. Moreover, coming here you can try several interesting experiences namely going fishing like real fishermen. You can go to the village then ask the fishermen there to take part in a fishing trip. It might be an unforgettable memory, especially for foreign tourists.

8 - Tam Bao Pagoda

Ha Tien Kien Giang attraction

 (Source: Nguyen Tan Trung)

Located at 75 Phuong Thanh, Binh San Ward, Tam Bao Pagoda which is also known as Tieu Pagoda was built by Mac Cuu in 1730. Up to now, the pagoda has been restored 2 times. The first renovation was designed and built by Venerable Master Phuoc in 1930 while the second time was conducted by a nun named Thich Nu Nhu Hai. Several outstanding works such as the statue of the Buddha, the exposed Bodhisattva statue, or the Buddha meditating under the bodhi tree statue was created during the second renovation. Despite going through many restorations and embellishment, Tam Bao pagoda still retains the pure architecture of a spiritual place.

II - Best things to do in Ha Tien Vietnam 

1 - Exploring local cuisine

So what should we eat in this city? Certainly, it is impossible to ignore the noodle made from snakehead fish meat served with little herbs which will offer you an increasingly credible flavor. 

Food in Ha Tien

 (Source: Thanh Giang)

Ca Xiu - one of the most famous specialties here, is also needed to be considered. Ca Xiu is an aquatic animal whose meat is quite hard and very similar to terrestrial animals. Normally, local people used it to make salad mixed with some mango, onions with lettuce, peanuts, and anchovy fish sauce. You can also experience many other famous specialties of this city such as sticky rice, steamed noodles, crab cake...

So in which Ha Tien restaurant can you enjoy the most significant specialties? 
- Quan 5 restaurant at 36 Dang Thuy Tram, Binh San Ward, which specializes in serving seafood dishes and baked goods should be taken into account. 
- Cay Bang Herring Salad Shop No. 273 on Highway 80, city center is also very famous and not to be missed for sure. The average price for each plate of fresh salad is about 100,000VND. 
- Oasis bar restaurant: you can go to this restaurant at 30 Tran Hau to enjoy local dishes but also familiar Western-style dishes if you are not familiar with the specialties there.

2 - Visiting Ha Tien Night Market

This night market is located on Tran Hau street in the town center and opens around 6 pm daily. It is not only a trading place for local people but also attracts a lot of tourists. In this night market, you can find a variety of goods such as cosmetics, handicrafts, fabrics, and so on. 

Ha Tien night market

Night market (Source: Batdongsan)

The market also has many famous specialties namely vermicelli, steamed noodle soup, crab soup. Travelers can wander around stretched stalls to enjoy every bit of the flavor there as well as the bustle of the traditional market in Western Vietnam.

III - Further travel information  

1 - Ha Tien weather information

Located in the subequatorial monsoon tropical climate, this city has an average temperature of about 27 degrees C. The lowest temperature is about 24 degrees C while the highest one is about 30 degrees C. There are 2 seasons over a year here including the rainy season (from May to October) and the dry season (from November to April). In general, it has a pleasant and cool climate.
The most ideal time to come here is in the dry season which is from November to the end of April. During this period, the weather is often sunny, the sky is clear, cloudy and very suitable for traveling.

2 - How to get to this city?

From Ho Chi Minh City
There are several ways to get from Ho Chi Minh to this city. You can choose between airline, bus, taxi, or motorbike depending on your individual needs.
- By bus: Tourists have various options in terms of traveling by bus. The most popular branches are Mai Linh, Kumho and Phuong Trang. If you want to go directly from Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien, you should take a Kumho's bus, but if you want to go to Rach Gia to explore first Mai Linh and Phuong Trang will be the better choices.         
Ticket price ranges from 180,000 to 220,000 VND / bed ticket. 
Contact phone number to book tickets at the Western Bus Station - Ho Chi Minh city: (028) 3,752.7878; Le Hong Phong bus station: (028) 3,833.8180 - 3833,8190

From Ho Chi Minh to Ha Tien

 (Source: Vietnam Airlines)

- By plane: Tourists can fly directly from Ho Chi Minh to Rach Gia airport and then take the bus to the city center. Currently, only Vietnam Airline operates this route, and there is only one flight per day departing from Tan Son Nhat airport at 6:00 am and landing at Rach Gia airport at 6:50 am. Ticket prices in the range of 1,000,000 VND / ticket depending on the time. 
From Rach Gia airport, you can take a bus to this destination which is about 88km away. There are 2 bus branches that operate continuously which are Phuong Trang with a ticket price of about 70,000 VND / pax and Mai Linh with a ticket price of about 65,000 VND / pax. Thus, visitors can freely choose an appropriate departure and return time.
From Can Tho
You can ride by motorbike or car from Can Tho to Ha Tien Vietnam. Among which traveling by car will save much more time and energy. Visitors can choose Mai Thao bus with 2 trips per day departing from Can Tho bus station from 5:30. It takes about 4 hours to get there. The average ticket price is about 120,000 VND / pax. It's best to book in advance to avoid tickets being sold out.

3 - Hotel, Resort system

Coming to this city, you can choose to stay in the downtown areas such as Tran Hau street, Mac Thien Tich street, Phuong Thanh, Lam Son where located some famous hotels and resorts namely:
- River Hotel: - Lot B3, Tran Hau Trade Center, Binh San Ward. Room rates range from 500,000 - 1,500,000 VND / night
- Happy Hotel:  13-14 Hoang Van Thu street, Phao Dai ward. The cheapest room rate is about 500,000 VND / night
- Kim Co Hotel: 21,22,23 Tran Hau center, Phao Dai ward. Room rates from about 300,000 VND / night
- Sele House: 38 Phao Dai street, Phao Dai ward. Room price is only from 350,000 VND / night.

4 - Border Checkpoint

Ha Tien border crossing

(Source: Internet)

Ha Tien Border Checkpoint is connected with Prek Chak Border Checkpoint in Kampong Trach district, Kampot province of Cambodia. If you want to travel to Cambodia, you need to prepare the following documents: a valid passport for at least 6 months and a copy of your citizen's identity. It's free to pass through the Border Check point, you might have to spend 50,000 VND / person to pass Cambodia's border gate. Check-in fees are only collected once and do not need to be repaid.

5 - Recommended tour

This is just a small town in Kien Giang, so it only takes you 1-2 days to explore all the landscapes there. Tourists can consider this travel schedule below:
- 1st day: Dong Ho Lake - Da Dung Mountain - Thach Dong Cave - Mac Cuu Tomb - Binh San Mountain - Mui Nai Beach - Night market.
- 2nd day: Hai Tac Island

Priate island Vietnam

 (Source: Wiki-travel)

After exploring this city, you can continue their journey to Phu Quoc island - Kien Giang Province by taking a ferry or a speedboat. The ferry usually departs at 8:20 am at Thanh Thoi ferry in Quarter 1, To Chau ward, which will take about 2 hours. The ticket price is about 150,000 - 200,000 VND / pax. Meanwhile, speedboats will start at the wharf and take 1 hour to reach Phu Quoc. Its ticket price is about 200,000 - 250,000 VND / pax.

6 - Ha Tien Vietnam map

The above is all information related to exploring Ha Tien Vietnam that travelers need to know. If you love the vibrant scenery of Western Vietnam, this city is definitely needed to be added to your bucket list!

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