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One of the most dominant and important factors that directly affect your trip to  Vietnam's capital is the weather in Hanoi. Specifically, it affects the process, time of experiences, and items that travelers need to prepare to bring, as well as what activities a traveler can experience. So, what is the weather like here during each time of the year?

Table Contents
  • I - An overview on Hanoi climate
  • II - Hanoi weather by month in four seasons
  • 1 - Hanoi weather in spring
  • 2 - Hanoi weather in summer
  • 3 - Hanoi weather in autumn
  • 4 -  Hanoi weather in winter
Hanoi Vietnam weather title
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I - An overview on Hanoi climate

Located in the Red River Delta region, in North Vietnam, Hanoi experiences a typical tropical monsoon climate. Moreover, due to the ¾ of topography is alluvial plain, the rest ⅓ occupied by hills and mountains, there exists the contrasts between the climate in the plains and mountains depending on the difference in height.

Hong river Hanoi climate

Red River (Source: Nguyen Bac)

Hanoi is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate having the clear separation between hot and cold, rainy and dry seasons. The distinguished features of the weather in Hanoi are represented via four specific seasons which are spring, summer, autumn and winter.
- Spring: From February to April, the weather is cool with warm rays of sunshine. However, the weather is mainly humid with drizzle.
- Summer: From May to the end of July, the weather is quite hot and uncomfortable.
- Autumn: From August to October, cool, a little dry and sunny are the typical elements of this season.
- Winter: From November to January, the weather is cold and dry with fog.
The Hanoi average temperature is 23.6°C. In the winter, the average temperature is about 16.4°C and summer is about 30°C. The annual rainfall is from 1800 to 2000mm. The best time for tourists to visit Hanoi is either from February to April or August to October. This is the most suitable time with favourable weather conditions for going on holiday, relaxing, and entertainment.

II - Hanoi weather by month in four seasons

1 - Hanoi weather in spring

Characteristics of Hanoi spring
Spring lasts from February to April. The temperature ranges from 20 to 26°C in daylight, the temperature drops to just 17°C at night. The average humidity is about 58 to 98%. Spring is considered as the season of fertility and prosperity; therefore, it is the time that all the trees and flowers start a new cycle of life with new green shoots and colorful buds after a cold winter.
Winds of spring are not cold. Sunlight is gentle. Sometimes, drizzles suddenly come, making the scene more lively and fresh. The most typical element of spring in Hanoi is muggy weather.
Activities in Hanoi spring
Temperature in Hanoi Vietnam in spring fluctuate from 15°C to 25°C. That is an ideal weather condition for sightseeing and experiencing activities. In spring, there comes the most important holiday in Vietnam, the Vietnamese Lunar New Year.
Visiting Hanoi on this occasion, tourists should take a tour to Nhat Tan or Quang An flower market to enjoy and take some of the most beautiful flowers of Hanoi spring. Hanoi streets these days are colorful and vibrant. Wandering around the streets and seeing everyone busy shopping and preparing for the Tet holiday must be an interesting experience.
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Spring Festival in Hanoi weather

Hanoi Spring Festival (Source: VnExpress)

The first lunar month is considered as the month of relaxing and entertaining because during the month many festivals are held within Vietnam. Accordingly, coming to Hanoi at that time, you will have a chance to experience numerous festivals such as: Co Loa Festival, Go Dong Da festival, Huong pagoda festival, and so on. 
Travelers should visit some famous destinations in Hanoi such as Hoan Kiem Lake, One Pillar Pagoda, Quan Thanh Pagoda, Tran Quoc Pagoda, Van Nien Pagoda, and so much more.
Tips when coming to Hanoi in spring
The festivals during the beginning periods of the Lunar New Year are usually crowded, visitors should be careful when going to famous cultural and spiritual tourist sites. You should prepare suitable clothes, umbrellas, raincoats in case of sudden rain. Moreover, the humid weather is also a good condition for bacteria to grow so visitors should pay attention to prevent seasonal flu and other kinds of diseases.

2 - Hanoi weather in summer

Characteristics of Hanoi summer
Summer in Hanoi lasts from May to July. Hot periods are fairly long and intense. Sometimes sudden showers appear. The temperature ranges from 29 to 38°C, and at night the temperature decreases to approximately 25 - 26°C.

Lotus in Hanoi weather

Lotus flower of West Lake (Source: Kenh14)

Hanoi temperature by month in May, June and July:
May is the time of the changing season from spring to summer. Therefore, the temperature is only about 25 - 33°C.
June and July are the 2 months with the highest temperatures. Sometimes it even  reaches 40°C, which creates inconveniences for tourists from the temperate climate like Europe.
Activities in Hanoi summer
The weather is hot during the summer daylight. During the summer months, the Hanoi humidity is high (always over 80%) because this is the rainy season in the north. However, at night when the temperature decreases a lot, Hanoi streets are sparkling with lights, people flock there to talk, dance, eat and drink. Take a deep breath, relax and feel a bit of cool breeze after a long hot summer day.
In addition, in the summer there are numerous typical flowers in Hanoi streets such as Phuong flowers, Bang Lang flowers, and lotus beautifully blooming with vibrant color and fragrance. 
You will also have chances to experience the moments wandering around  the West Lake, and Hoan Kiem lake, eating Trang Tien ice cream, and walking along the pedestrian street. However, the summer weather is quite hot, so outdoor activities are not suitable. Instead of that, you can visit the amusement park or the commercial center.
You should not go outside between 11am to 14h because this period has the highest Hanoi temperature. If it is necessary to go out, you should prepare some items such as sunglasses, sunscreen, and gloves to avoid harmful effects from sunlight.
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Tips and advices when coming to Hanoi in summer
Summer is the peak of the domestic tourist season and also has several important holidays. Therefore, the demand for traveling and transportation is very high. You should consider the traffic jams and overloaded situations at tourist destinations such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Water Parks, Walking Street, and so on.
The sunlight in Hanoi summer time is quite harsh, so tourists should equip themselves with sunscreen, a hat, and long-sleeved clothing to avoid sunburn. July - September is also the rainy season in the North, so visitors should find an updated weather forecast through the accuweather app to arrange suitable schedules.

3 - Hanoi weather in autumn

Characteristics of Hanoi autumn
Autumn is known as the most beautiful and pleasant season of the year in Hanoi. It starts in August and ends in October. The Hanoi average temperature is much lower than the one of summer, ranging from 25 to 29 °C.
August and September have cooler weather compared to the previous two months because this is the time the season shifts from summer to autumn.
In October, the temperature of Hanoi drops to 23 °C at night and 28 °C within the day.
The autumn weather in Hanoi is quite pleasant, cool, and fresh. The trees begin to change colour from green to brown-orange and gradually fall down to the ground. Hanoi streets look like beautiful and romantic pictures with leaves lightly flying among the breeze wind, then falling onto the road surface.
Activities in Hanoi autumn
Coming to Hanoi on the autumn days, visitors will have the opportunities to participate in the Mid-Autumn Festival with many interesting activities at Hang Ma Street, Hoan Kiem Lake, and so on. Especially, you will have a chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the Vietnam  National day with numerous activities. In autumn, tourists also should enjoy delicious dishes such as Pho, Bun Thang, Com and diverse kinds of specialties.

Vendors in Hanoi weather

(Source: aFamily)

Slowly enjoying a cup of hot coffee and watching the people and traffic flow on streets in the best Hanoi weather time is also an indescribable experience. It will give visitors unforgettable memories. Visitors also should take a walk through the Hanoi old quarters, visit some shops, and ancient houses. For those who tend to prefer the past periods, autumn is the season of memories.
During the fall, visitors also have the opportunity to explore a very different, quiet and dreamy Hanoi. Especially, you will feel the aroma of Sua flowers, a typical flower of Hanoi autumn, every night.
Tips and advices when coming to Hanoi in autumn
In fall, Hanoi weather is quite pleasant. However, the number of domestic tourists is not too high, so visitors can comfortably experience the travel itinerary in Hanoi. The difference in temperature between day and night is usually about 5°C, visitors should prepare light coats when going out in the evening and early morning.

4 -  Hanoi weather in winter

Characteristics of Hanoi winter
Winter in Hanoi is very cold. It lasts for 3 months from December to January. The average Hanoi winter temperature ranges from 10 to 20 °C. 
November is considered as the last month of autumn and the beginning month of winter; therefore, the temperature decreases a little, ranging from 19 to 24 °C.
December is the coldest month of Hanoi winter with a temperature of only about 17 to 19°C. Northeast monsoon winds appear and make temperature decrease sharply and sometimes reach 10 °C.
In January, the temperature increases 1 to 2°C compared to December, ranging from 18 to 22°C. The humidity is about 70%.
Activities in Hanoi winter
Winter is the season of love, with the Christmassy vibe. Visitors should try walking around streets on a winter night, especially under cold drizzly rain. You will have your own feelings and memories that make you miss Hanoi so much whenever you travel to somewhere far away.

Hanoi winter temperature in noel

Christmas in Hanoi (Source: VnExpressSource: VnExpress)

Experience the street food of Hanoi winter such as grilled corn, baked potatoes, grilled chestnuts, and many delicious grilled and hot pot dishes. 
Visit Hanoi Old Quarters, order a hot cup of coffee, sit down,listen and share daily stories with friends, watch everything change color and feel the cold atmosphere of Hanoi winter.
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Tips and advices when coming to Hanoi in winter
Winter is also the time of the peak season for international tourists. As a result, Hanoi will be more crowded. Visitors should book tours in advance to avoid fully booked accommodations or bad services. The weather in Hanoi in winter is not too cold, but due to the influence of northeast monsoons winds, visitors should keep warm by preparing the suitable clothes.
Hanoi Old Quarters with numerous tourist attractions, Hanoi Vietnam weather and climate also has its own distinct features which make the capital different from the South and Central regions. Visiting Hanoi, you will feel the special spirit of the capital of Vietnam. The 4 seasons of Hanoi will bring you different experiences that you cannot see in any regions of Vietnam. Each season has its own beauty that brings you the unforgettable impression when coming to Hanoi. Always check the Hanoi weather forecast before visiting or having any travel plans here.

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