Visiting Hanoi in April is highly recommended. It is time for welcoming summer and immersing in the countless outdoor activities.

Table Contents
  • I - What is the weather in Hanoi in April like?
  • 1 - Rainfall 
  • 2 - Temperature
  • 3 - Humidity 
  • II - What to do in Hanoi in April?
  • 1 - Visiting Hung Kings festival 
  • 2 - Thay Pagoda Festival (March 5th-7th lunar calendar)
  • 3 - Experience Vietnam Reunification Day (30th April)
  • 4 - Visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
  • 5 - Enjoy Hanoi food in April
Mar 09
Hanoi in April
Source: Brian Garcia

I - What is the weather in Hanoi in April like?

Weather in Hanoi this time is quite pleasant. You do not have to suffer from either the cold monsoons or the harsh sunlight. April is the time for "Blackberry winter - Rét Nàng Bân" to appear - one of the latest cold spells in North Vietnam and Hanoi as well.

1 - Rainfall 

There are sudden and prolonged rains in Hanoi in April. The average rainfall is 105mm. After the rain, the air seems to be fresher, cooler, and less dirty. In addition to the rainy season, most of the time during the day is shady, the number of sunny hours in this month is only about 90 hours. Hats or umbrellas should be prepared in advance.

2 - Average temperature in Hanoi in April

Hanoi temperature in April

Source: Son Vu Le

The average temperature is about 24oC (the highest is 27.2oC; the lowest is 21.7oC). The temperature may drop a little lower, about 11.8oC, when “Rét Nàng Bân” appears. 

3 - Humidity 

April is also the time when Hanoi humidity peaks by about 89.4 percent, while the annual average is about 82 percent. According to local people's experience, in the second half of April, this humidity could be slightly reduced. 

II - What to do in Hanoi in April?

1 - Visiting Hung Kings festival 

Hung Kings festival, taking place on 10th March in the lunar calendar, is one of the major holidays of Vietnam - the commemoration of the gratitude of Hung Kings who first built the country. There are several unique activities such as procession ritual, thrifting, tug of war, the competition to pack Chung cake,...

What to do in Hanoi in April

You should not miss the Hung Kings festival when visiting Hanoi in April - Source: Insidevietnam

- Location: Nghia Linh Mountain, Hy Cuong Commune, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province (90 km from Hanoi city centre - 1 hour 40 minutes traveling by car).

- In 2021: The festival takes place on April 21 in the solar calendar.

- In2022: The festival takes place on April 10 in the solar calendar

2 - Thay Pagoda Festival (March 5th-7th lunar calendar)

Thay Pagoda is located in Sai Son commune, Quoc Oai district, Hanoi city - the worship place of Master Dao Hanh, an ancestor of water puppetry. Visiting Hanoi in April, you can experience the feeling of climbing over cliffs and crags while attending the festival; admiring ancient Vietnamese architecture including the pagoda campus, water house, bridge Nhat Tien and watching water puppet shows,...

- In 2021: The festival takes place from April 16 - 18 in the solar calendar

- In 2022: The festival takes place from April 5 - 7 in the solar calendar

3 - Experience Vietnam Reunification Day in Hanoi in April (30th April)

There are activities such as hanging the national flag at each family, on every street of Hanoi this time. Hanoi also organizes other solemn events to commemorate this historic moment such as parades, music programs,...You can feel the trait of old Hanoi when every street becomes more deserted and less traffic. Most of the people living in Hanoi often choose to spend a short vacation or return to their hometown to visit families. Highly recommended places on 30th April in Hanoi: Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum,...

4 - Visiting Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Visiting Hanoi in April

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum - Source: Vietnammoi

April is also the ideal time to visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and enjoy the atmosphere of the historic days of April. Besides visiting Uncle Ho Mausoleum, you can visit other tourist spots nearby such as Uncle Ho’s stilt houses, One Pillar Pagoda,...

- Location: No. 2, Hung Vuong Street, Dien Ban Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City

- Opening hours: 7:30 - 10:30 from Tuesday - Thursday and 7:30 - 11:30 from Saturday - Sunday. Closed every Monday and Friday.

- Ticket price: 25,000 VND/person/ ($1.07)

- Note: dress politely; camera is not allowed inside the mausoleum

5 - Enjoy food in Hanoi in April

Some typical food of Hanoi you should not miss this time such as:

Bun Cha

After seasoning with spices, the meat is cooked with charcoal, leaving it fragrant and fat without drying out. They are served with noodles, herbs, and typical sauces after ripening. Price ranges from 25,000 to 50,000 VND/person ($1.07-2.15).

Hanoi Coffee

Visiting Hanoi in April, you should try the following types of coffee drinks such as: iced coffee, egg coffee, coconut coffee....The average price is from 25,000 - 45,000 VND/cup of coffee (~ 1.07 - 1.93 $).

Steamed rice rolls (Banh cuon)

Steamed rice rolls are served with grilled meat, herbs, and typical sauces. Price 25.000-50.000 VND/person ($1.07-2.15).

Visiting Hanoi in April, you can feel the fresh, pleasant atmosphere, have the chance to attend many unique cultural festivals and learn more about the beauty and personality of the locals.

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