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What to buy in Hanoi? Hanoi displays almost every form of shopping varying from modern centers containing the famous brand names to traditional open-air markets serving diverse merchandise and especially traditional craft villages, which individually create distinguished features

Table Contents
  • I - Dong Xuan market - the best shopping in Hanoi 
  • II - Other suggest for shopping in Hanoi
  • 1 - A guide for shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter
  • 2 - Top 4 best convenience stores for shopping in Hanoi
  • 3 - Top 5 best shopping malls in Hanoi
  • 4 - Top 3  traditional craft villages
  • III - Notes and Tips when shopping in Hanoi
Hanoi shopping
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People have known Hanoi as a thousand-year-old capital which is developing and integrating into modern life with the world but still retains traditional and ancient values. Additionally, the form of goods trading has also been diversified, so you always have various choices when shopping in this city. That is one of the main reasons why tourists consider Hanoi to be the first destination to visit when coming to Vietnam.

I - Dong Xuan market - the best shopping in Hanoi 

Convenience stores, supermarkets or shopping malls are the recent trend of a developed and modern city. However, the traditional markets are still a very special entity containing cultural values among Hanoi. Referring to Hanoi, it is impossible to skip Dong Xuan market, the largest and busiest traditional market in the city.
- Location: No. 1 Dong Xuan Street, Hoan Kiem District
- Opening hours: 8:00 - 20:00
- Night market: 18:00 - 0:00 - Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Best shopping in Hanoi
Dong Xuan market (Source: Matyas Rehak)
Located in Hanoi Old Quarter, Dong Xuan Market having a history of hundreds of years. The market is about 800m from Hoan Kiem lake, and a few minutes walk from the Old Quarter. Playing the role as a wholesale market mainly serving wholesale needs; however, you can still find many retail stalls in the market area. Dong Xuan market is divided into 3 floors selling different goods:
- The first floor: clothes, shoes, accessories, and electronics
- The second floor: fabrics, brocade, silk, and so on.
- The third  floor: Children's clothing area
The market is built on flat ground with open-air space. Having favorable location, convenient traffic conditions, the market not only opens during the day but also operates under the form of a night market. This night market is a unique combination between tourism and shopping activities providing a variety of items such as household appliances, souvenirs, food, and so on. This is really an ideal place for shopping in Hanoi.
In addition to that, the North of the market is the food area, even serving during the whole night. From the beginning of Hang Chieu Street, walk to the alley of the 40-year-old market, and you will see Pho Tiu Ba Phuong restaurant. The price ranges from 30,000 VND ≈ $1.29/ bowl. At the beginning of the market entrance, you will meet Bun Cha Hang Nga, a Vietnamese speciality with traditional flavors. The price is about 30,000 VND ≈ $1.29/ portion.
On Tripadvisor, an account named Shanmugasundaran has left a compliment about the experience at Dong Xuan market that: "If anyone has not visited Dong Xuan market, they will miss half of the joy of the Old Quarter tour". In short, the market is not only a shopping place but also a destination for tourists to explore the cultural and historical values as well as the lifestyle of Hanoian.

II - Other suggest for shopping in Hanoi

1 - A guide for shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter

The Old Quarter has always been the ideal place for travelers to explore Hanoi. Each street sells separated merchandise which is very suitable for you to choose souvenirs. You can consider some following suggestions: 
Hang Ma Street - Specialise in traditional handicrafts and decorations

Shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter
Hang Ma street in Chrismast (Source: Kenh14)
Considered as an indispensable destination when visiting the Hanoi Old Quarter, Hang Ma Street is 340m in length, running from Hang Duong street to Phung Hung street. It is 1.7km from Hoan Kiem Lake to Ha Ma. The street inherits the typical architecture of ancient Hanoi. The indigenous people have combined their house space with a shopping facility, attracting a lot of tourists to visit and go shopping. 
Hang Ma Street provides votive objects, and decorations, so this place is always colorful and vibrant. In addition, on special holidays like the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Lunar New Year, Hang Ma is called by the local people as "the never-sleep street" because of its bustle and hustle atmosphere. Thousands of people and travelers flock here to visit and do shopping. Beside that, when experiencing Hanoi Old Quarter Shopping, you can explore the culture of Vietnamese ancestors-worship customs via the trading activity of votive paper. Regarding cuisine, it is impossible to ignore the most delicious dishes at Banh mi Pho restaurant, Xoi at Hang Ma, and so on.
Location: Hang Ma street - Hoan Kiem district - Hanoi
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00
Hang Gai Street - Specialising in silk products

Hanoi Old Quarter shopping
Hang Gai street (Source: Expedia)
Located in the Old Quarter, Hang Gai Street has a length of 252m, going from Dong Kinh Nghia Thuc Square to Hang Bong Street, Hang Gai street is one of the best places for shopping in Hanoi. Hang Gai is known as Silk Street with products woven by talented craftsmen. You can buy souvenirs from traditional Do Paper and embroidered fabrics. After exploring the shops, you can stop to visit a coffee shop and browse through galleries on the street. Some highly recommended restaurants for tourists in Hang Gai street are Captain Sky Bar & Restaurant, Old Street Cafe & Restaurant, and The Little Hanoi.
Location: Hang Gai - Hoan Kiem - Hanoi
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00
Hang Da Street - Trading in leather products

Best shopping in Hanoi Old Quarter
Hang Da street (Source: Wikimedia)
From 900m from Hoan Kiem Lake, Hang Da Street is less than 250m straight to Quan Su street. Hang Da is famous for selling leather goods, and now the street is expanding to provide more kinds of products such as fruit, household appliances, and so on. Located near the Duong Thanh street, Hang Da commercial center attracts a large number of shoppers and tourists within Hoan Kiem district. The center has two floors. It is also clean and quite large. There are some suggested places for you to eat near Hang Da market such as Central View Restaurant & Rooftop, Marvel Restaurant, and Lang Lieu Restaurant.
Location: Hang Da street - Hoan Kiem district 
Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00

2 - Top 4 best convenience stores for shopping in Hanoi

Within a life becoming more and more busy, convenience stores obviously take the throne and are gradually becoming an essential part of daily life. The market is more and more open, so more and more different brands appear in Vietnam. There are 4 prominent convenience store systems in Hanoi: 

What to buy in Hanoi
(Source: Circlek)
Circle K
Presenting in Vietnam in mid-2009, Circle K gradually affirms its status and attractiveness to users, especially to young generations. The system provides fast food services such as Sandwich, Dimsum, Vietnamese dishes, and drinks. You can easily find a Circle K in the Old Quarter area at 45A Hang Dau, 85 Hang Ma, 76 Hang Duong, 76 Dong Xuan, and 17B Hang Da. 
Opening hours: 24/7
Vinmart + is Vietnamese a chain store standing at top 2 most famous retailers. Vinmart is normally located among densely populated areas with convenient traffic conditions. Although having a small area it contains almost all utensils, food, health and cosmetic products to meet the needs of local customers as well as foreign tourists. Around the Old Quarter area, you can visit Vinmart + at 45 Phu Doan - Hang Trong, 7 Hoi Vu - Hang Bong, and 4B Trang Thi - Hang Trong.
Opening hours: 8:00 - 22:00
Hapro Food
Launched on April 30, 2020, Hapro Food belongs to BRG Mart chain of BRG Group. Hapro This is one of the best shopping areas in Hanoi where food is concentrated at the central streets of Hanoi with an area of 80-300 square meters. It has modern design, and clear instructions which are convenient for shopping. The items on sale are varied from dry food to fresh food. Store's location includes 36 Hang Ngang, 86 Hang Dao, 97 Hang Gai, 68 Hang Trong, and so on.
Opening hours: 8:00 - 22:00
Entering the Vietnam market in around 2011, Guardian gradually asserted itself in the field of health care and beauty products retail chain stores in Vietnam. The brand belongs to Dairy Farm Group, a leading Asian retailer. Guardian has a modern store model with youthful and large space that is comfortable for shopping. Guardian is located in the Old Quarter area at 219 Hang Bong.
Opening hours: 9:00 - 22:00

3 - Top 5 best shopping malls in Hanoi

Hanoi has gradually followed the new integration trend, so the concept of shopping at the commercial center has no longer been strange to everyone. There are some of the central shopping malls that attract a large number of visitors.

Shopping in Hanoi what to buy
 Vincom Center (Source: Odinland)
Vincom Center
Vincom Center is a part of Vingroup. It has a modern international level shopping, entertainment, and cuisine space, which is gradually shaping a new shopping style among Vietnamese people. Vincom Center is located on the main streets and in the central buildings. This shopping place in Hanoi contains a parking garage, a supermarket, shopping malls with famous domestic and foreign brands, high-end entertainment complex, and rich culinary stores system. 
The Vincom system in Hanoi city includes Vincom Center Metropolis, Vincom Center Ba Trieu, Vincom Center Nguyen Chi Thanh, Vincom Center Pham Ngoc Thach, and Vincom Center Tran Duy Hung.
Opening hours: 11:00 - 21:00
Aeon Mall
Operating in 2015, Aeon Mall in Long Bien district was the first Japanese commercial center in Hanoi. After that, it expanded the branches to the Ha Dong district. As a combination of department stores and supermarkets, Aeon Mall has 150 booths providing diverse sorts of products. Along with that, Aeon Mall center also integrates the system of shopping, sightseeing, cuisine, entertainment and movies. Currently, you can experience services at Aeon Mall at 2 locations which are Aeon Mall Long Bien and  Aeon Mall Ha Dong.
Opening hours: 10:00 - 22:00
Trang Tien Plaza
Trang Tien Plaza is a landmark construction built by the French in 1901. This place is considered a turning point of development of commercial centers. The customers of Trang Tien Plaza are the high-class customers gathering 50 international brands, of which the top legends include Burberry, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Rolex. Coming here, you will experience shopping at 6 luxuriously designed floors with high-end fashion and accessories.
Address: 24 Hai Ba Trung Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09:30 - 21:30, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 09:30 - 22:00. 

Places to shop in Hanoi
Lotte Center (Source: Shutterstock)
Lotte Center
Lotte Center is the 3rd tallest building in Vietnam. From the first to the sixth floor of Lotte Center specially designed for shopping so this is the ideal place to meet your needs. Things to buy in Hanoi Lotte Center are plentiful with food, high quality household appliances with rigorous inspection procedures. Located in Ba Dinh, Lotte shopping mall is representing a new form of shopping in Hanoi.
Address: 54 Lieu Giai, Cong Vi ward, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi
Opening hours: 9:30 - 22:00
The Garden Shopping Center
Following the direction of modern European design in the new administrative area of Hanoi- My Dinh, the Garden Shopping Center is the largest commercial center in Vietnam with an area of up to 27,000 m2, and 6 floors for shopping and food. B1 area is a supermarket. G area is international brand cosmetics - restaurant - cafe with the first floor is jewelry and fashion for women; the second one for men's fashion - children's toys, the third floor is household appliances- furniture, and the fourth floor is food & drink - sports - cinema complex. 
Address: The Garden Shopping Center, Urban Area, Me Tri, My Dinh, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi
Hours of operation: 09: 00–22: 00

4 - Top 3  traditional craft villages

In Hanoi, there still exist craft villages converging their own identities and unique features that reflect the typical culture of Hanoi. You can follow some of the following addresses to find and buy high quality traditional items from the local people. 

Best place for shopping in Hanoi
Bat Trang Ceramics Village (Source: VnExpress)
Bat Trang Ceramics Village
The 500-year-old craft village which is located in Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, along the Red River area. At Bat Trang Pottery Market, there are many small stalls selling statues, flower pots, and various kinds of ceramic products with eye-catching colors and diverse shapes. A reason why Bat Trang becomes an ideal place to shop in Hanoi is that when coming here, you will experience the pottery-making process to understand more about the work of the artisans and visit the neighboring ancient village to see the unique Vietnamese architecture.
From the center of Hanoi, if you want to travel to Bat Trang pottery village, you can refer to the bus routes such as
- Route 47A: The transfer point of Long Bien - Bat Trang
- Route 47B: Long Bien transit point - Kim Lan parking lot
- Route 52B: Thong Nhat Park - Dang Xa
Van Phuc Silk Village
Van Phuc Village is known as the cradle of brocade in Vietnam. This thousand-year traditional silk village is currently located in Ha Dong district, about more than 10km from the center of Hanoi. Over the generations, Van Phuc village still preserves its traditional identities with various embroidery patterns, symmetrical lines, and durable quality to make the most charming Ao Dai - the Vietnamese traditional custom which is worth your choice. In addition, the silk village also reconstructed streets including silk street, food street, and biological street to attract tourists.
Dong Ho Painting Village
Dong Ho is one of the most ancient and long-standing Vietnamese painting styles originating from Dong Ho village, Bac Ninh province (about 25km from Hanoi). The craft village was recognised as the national intangible cultural heritage. Artists use traditional printing techniques to create seven main categories including worship paintings, congratulatory paintings, historical paintings, comics, proverbial paintings, landscape paintings and paintings that reflect Vietnamese daily life. You can easily notice the appearances of all kinds of paintings in Vietnamese restaurants, hotels, museums, and exhibitions.
Address: Dong Ho Village, Song Ho Commune, Thuan Thanh District, Bac Ninh Province
Localtravelidea Ảnh 10: Du khách mua sắm tại Hà Nội/Source: Vietnamnet

III - Notes and Tips when shopping in Hanoi

- Opening hours: Usually open all weekdays from 9:00 - 21:00
- Means of Transport: For the shopping areas being far from the center of Hanoi, you can go by bus or rent a motorbike. However, you must consider the rush hour in Hanoi which is about 6:30 to 9:00 and 16:00 to 19:00. Besides, ride-hailing companies like Grab, Bee, GoJek, and so on are also the ideal choices for you.
- Price: Normally, the prices of goods found in convenience stores and malls are clearly listed. However, when shopping at traditional markets and stores, you can bargain with the shop owners about the prices- it's also a Vietnamese cultural identity.
It is obvious that shopping in Hanoi Vietnam is an interesting activity. Hanoi not only attracts tourists by its natural associated with cultural beauty, and friendly people, but also attracts people by the diverse shopping system varying from traditional to modern products. It helps you own meaningful local souvenirs that is also one of the main factors that makes you a memorable journey in Hanoi and Vietnam.
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