22 May 2021

Hanoians are often considered to be quite conservative & reticent in character; gentle & picky in eating; elegant & thoughtful in the way of talking, working and living.

Table Contents
  • I - Are people in Hanoi considered Hanoians? 
  • II - The feature of the original Hanoians 
  • 1 - Characteristics
  • 2 - Lifestyle of Hanoians
  • 3 - Habit of Hanoi people
  • III - Beautiful images of the Hanoians
  • 1 - Calligraphy masters
  • 2 - Hanoi girls in the traditional dress
Source: Humansofhanoi

I - Are people in Hanoi considered Hanoians? 

The phrase "original Hanoians" came into life to distinguish the people who were born and have ancestors living in Hanoi for many generations with unique lifestyles and characters from the people coming to Hanoi for working and living here for one or two generations. 



 Source: Quynh Anh

This also creates cultural interference in accent, and lifestyle between the Hanoi people and people from other localities. That is also the reason why on big holidays, long holidays, Hanoi becomes deserted and much less people. 

II - The feature of the original Hanoians 

1 - Characteristics

Hanoi people are quite famous for their elegant, simple and traditional lifestyle by Confucian standards. Women behave properly due to the three obediences and four virtues, men rarely talk out loud. Throughout history, some typical characteristics have faded away.

This character of Hanoians is also reflected through the simple yet beautiful and polite way of dressing. In a conversation, you can easily feel the elegance through their tone and way of speaking which is slow and full of the subject, predicate, and honorific term.

The sophistication and simplicity of the Hanoi people can also be felt through typical dishes of Hanoi such as pho, bun cha, nuggets,... People here appreciate the nutritional quality of the dish and food preparation, but the presentation is quite simple. 

2 - Lifestyle of Hanoians

The lifestyle of the people also clearly shows the spirit of an old proverbial: "When you drink water, think of its source". They respect their family traditions. During meals, for instance, the elderly and children in the family are often served the rice first. Before eating, the youngster must invite the elder in the family.


hanoi people

Source: Van Mai Hương

On the 1st and 15th of every month according to the lunar calendar as well as during the Lunar New Year, the Hanoians often prepare a hearty tray of rice for their ancestors. The fuller the tray is, the more grateful they are to their ancestors. Hanoi is also a locality that retains many old villages, long-standing traditional craft villages because they always "cherish" the traditional values ​​of the predecessors. 

3 - Habit of Hanoi people

Some typical habits are: 

Enjoying coffee in the morning

It is quite easy to catch the image of an old man reading a newspaper sipping a cup of coffee in the morning while wandering around Hanoi, especially on the weekends. 

Drinking draft beer

People in Hanoi often serve beer with boiled peanuts, spring rolls in summer afternoons on sidewalks. Drinking beer not only helps refreshment but also helps people ensure their bond by sharing more life stories. 

III - Beautiful images of the Hanoians

people in hanoi

Source: Internet

1 - Calligraphy masters

Visitors can see the image of Old maester (Ong Do) sitting by the ship's ink tray, red paper and writing calligraphy at the Temple of Literature, especially in the beginning of the lunar year. They often give letters carrying the desire of the people in a new year, 'Talent' for students, 'Health' for the elder, and 'Prosperity' for the businessmen.

2 - Hanoian girls in the traditional dress

The image of schoolgirls wearing Ao Dai wandering around ancient streets like Phung Hung street, Hoang Dieu street, Van Mieu street or universities is probably the most beautiful image of Hanoi. You can also take a photo easily with the hospitable, easy-going, and friendly Hanoi people, so do not hesitate to ask.

Coming to Hanoi, visitors are easily attracted by the elegance and openness in the characters of the Hanoians.

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