13 Jan 2021

Train street in Hanoi is a symbol of culture existing from French colonial times until now. A hot attraction for visiting and experiencing life on the sides of the street, some famous addresses are Phung Hung train street or Le Duan train street. For more information, you can take a look at the post below.

Table Contents
  • I - Hanoi Railway station
  • II - Discovering the Hanoi train street
  • 1 - Life on the two sides of the railway
  • 2 - What to eat around train street
  • 3 - The beautiful corners for pretty pictures
  • 4 - Tips for keeping safety 
  • 5 - The locations for taking beautiful pictures in Hanoi
Hanoi train street
The Hanoi railway runs through many districts of Hanoi, but the most famous route is the one that goes through Le Duan Street, or the Dien Bien Phu and Phung Hung intersections, about 2 km in length. Those above are the best areas for traveling, with convenient locations, beautiful scenery and many great railway coffee shops for sitting and enjoying Hanoi tastes while waiting to see the train go through.

I - Hanoi Railway station

Hanoi Railway Station, formerly known as Hang Co Station, is an important transport hub of Hanoi in particular and Vietnam in general. Currently Hanoi Railway Station has 2 zones:
- Zone A: 120 Le Duan Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi (this zone provides services for North - South trains departing from Hanoi Railway Station and stopping at Saigon Railway Station)
- Zone B: 01 Tran Quy Cap, Van Mieu, Dong Da and Hanoi (this zone provides services for trains departing for Hai Phong, Lang Son, Dong Dang and Quan Trieu)
Currently, Hanoi Railway Station has routes departing for the provinces below:  Hanoi – Sai Gon Thong Nhat Train;  Hanoi - Vinh; Hanoi – Da Nang; Hanoi – Lao Cai; Hanoi – Hai Phong; Hanoi – Dong Dang; Long Bien – Quan Trieu

Hanoi railway station
 (Source: Vnexpress)

II - Discovering the Hanoi train street

1 - Life on the two sides of the railway

Hanoi railway is about 2 meters away from the houses of residents, some places are even just over 1 meter, every day there are more than 10 trains passing by. However, the daily life of the people here is still quiet like anywhere else in the capital. Adults still cook and chat, children still play freely and restaurants still attract a lot of customers. All activities still take place slowly and calmly, ignoring the presence of the railway. 

Hanoi train street location
(Source: Kenh14)
But sometimes it is unavoidable that the lives of people will be affected by dust and noise, many railways run through the residential area without a barrier or alarm system to ensure safety. This street in the railway village is only enough for walking or motorbikes, while cars cannot access, leading to difficulties for people to travel. 
The lives of residents around Vietnam hanoi train street are also full of unpredictable difficulties and danger, but they are determined to stay here. Because they have spent their whole lives in this place, the whistle of the train has become familiar. Without the whistle, it might feel like something is lacking. Another special thing in the railway village that is not to be found anywhere else is "all people shout together" when they hear the whistle from far away, everyone has the habit of looking whether there are any children or anyone standing near the railway, they shout out to remind each other. That is why, although it is very dangerous, the number of train accidents in the village are very low.

2 - What to eat around train street

When visiting Hanoi railway street, you will enjoy a variety of delicious dishes, with many different flavors without worrying about the price. When going here, you should visit Pho Bo railway - this has been a famous dish for a long time, from the subsidy period.

Hanoi famous train street
(Source: Le Minh Son)
Pho Bo Railway restaurant is full of childhood memories with Scallion hanging on crampons, thick and heavy ceramic bowls, aluminum ladles, etc. all of which make anyone coming here feel peaceful, especially at night.
- Address: Pho Bo Railway – 03, Tran Phu, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi
- Price: 35.000 - 45.000VND (1.51 - 1.94USD)
Hot Pot - Grill restaurant
- Address: 298 Le Duan, Trung Phung, Dong Da, Hanoi
- Price: 150.000 - 200.000 VND (6.46 - 8.62USD)
Not only that, the cuisine in Railway street or Tong Duy Tan Street has many other delicious dishes such as: 
- Chicken stew: 70.000VND/bowl (3.02USD)
- Roasted chicken with rice: 90.000VND/set (3.88USD)
- Ky Dong stuffed pancake: 25.000VND (1.08USD)
- Ba Cam Snails: 30.000 - 50.000 VND (1.29 - 2.16USD)
When you have tasted several delicious dishes, do not forget that there are also many cafes which are famous for space and delicious drinks, there is a place to rest when you're full and have room to check in. So awesome, right?
Hanoi train street cafe is one of the most interesting things to take in when visiting here. Phung Hung railway street coffee is always crowded because not only tourists but also couples, young people and many families know this place. Sitting right by the railway, watching the train pass by, sipping a cup of coffee, chatting, enjoying the authenticity until the point of "goose bumps", you will have very interesting and special emotions that are only found when visiting this place. 
In case tourists want to watch how the train go through the streets, here is Hanoi train street schedule and timetable 
Mon – Friday. 7 pm; 7.45 pm; 8.30 pm; 10 pm.
Weekend. 6 am; 9 am ; 11.20 am; 3.20 pm; 5.30 pm; 6 pm; 7 pm; 7.45 pm; 8.30 pm; 9 pm ; 11 pm.

3 - The beautiful corners for pretty pictures

Hanoi train track street
 (Source: Zingnews)
About 300m away from the railway coffee area, you can get lost in the green, full of trees railway, ideal to take pictures of the youth, holding visitors' mind. For a good spot, you will have to choose the right angle so that the rows of trees on both sides of the railway form a dome, the frame will be fully covered with grass and trees, etc. With only a few techniques such as a little bit of adjusting colors, adjusting trees and clouds, you will create your own angles to create beautiful pictures.

4 - Tips for keeping safety 

Article 25 of the law on road traffic will be a manual to keep you safe when traveling through  Hanoi railway street and road sections related to the railway. In addition, when traveling, you should also pay attention to traffic safety, because Hanoi has a large number of vehicles traveling on the roads, if not paying attention, there will be unfortunate accidents. If you go to the street, you should avoid the rush hours from 6:30 am - 9:00 am, 16:30 pm - 19:00. These are the hours of going and getting off work and the traffic will be extremely congested, if you want to have an interesting outing, please be mindful.

5 - The locations for taking beautiful pictures in Hanoi

Not only can you take beautiful pictures at the railway Hanoi famous train street but also a lot of other beautiful places to take photos in Hanoi, such as: West Lake Alley (outside gate area, the turn into the InterContinental Hotel Hanoi at Lane 5, Alley 38, Tu Hoa Street, Tay Ho District), Thanh Nien Street, Book Street, Walking Street around Hoan Kiem Lake, especially, some streets near the old quarter train street such as Phung Hung Street, Skywalk Lotte Center Hanoi (54 Lieu Giai), Ba Dinh),...

Hanoi Old Quarter train street
 (Source: Kenh14)
Hanoi railway street is one of the most fascinating spots and is visited by many tourists. Come here to see a normal life of people along the sides of the train street and have a chance to see the train go through dynamic streets.  
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