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If Da Nang is a city of poetic bridges, Hanoi has bridges that demonstrate a period of epic and majestic history. For more details, we invite you to learn about the bridges in Hanoi through the article below.

Table Contents
  • I - Bridges of Cultural - Historical significance in Hanoi
  • 1 - The Huc Bridge
  • 2 - Long Bien Bridge (another name is Doumer Bridge) 
  • 3 - Thang Long Bridge 
  • II -  Hanoi bridges for economic development
  • 4 - Chuong Duong Bridge
  • 5 - Thanh Tri Bridge 
  • 6 - Vinh Tuy Bridge
  • 7 - Nhat Tan Bridge
bridges in hanoi
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Hanoi is not the city with the most number of built bridges in Vietnam. However, in terms of historical factors and determinants of regional economic development, bridges in Hanoi have more than all marks. 
- Historical bridges: Referring to historical factors, we cannot ignore the names of the following bridges: Long Bien Bridge, The Huc Bridge, Thang Long Bridge. Each bridge is considered a living witness to a heroic history of Hanoi. Although today, the city has developed and strongly urbanized, these ancient bridges still retain an ancient beauty and stand tall, standing in the middle of the sky.
- Transport-economic developmental bridges: Referring to this factor, we cannot ignore a series of the following big bridges: Chuong Duong Bridge, Vinh Tuy Bridge, Nhat Tan Bridge.

Below is top 7 famous bridges in Hanoi:

I - Bridges of Cultural - Historical significance in Hanoi

1 - The Huc Bridge

The Huc Bridge, also known as Red bridge or Hoan Kiem lake bridge (the halo condensation) was built in 1865 during the reign of King Tu Duc in the heart of Hoan Kiem Lake, with the aim of connecting Ngoc Son temple to the shore. The bridge was built to the east - the direction of the sun, with the meaning of receiving oxygen, as a prayer for luck and happiness. Currently, along with Ngoc Son temple and Turtle Tower, The Huc bridge is considered a symbol of spiritual culture of Hanoi people.
The bridge has a curved shape like a shrimp, including 15 spans with 32 round wooden pillars. The deck is paved with boards of equal length and width. In addition, the handrail and handles on both sides of the bridge are painted crimson. This color gamut is the image symbolizing life, happiness and luck from the point of view of the people of East Asia.

the huc bridge in hanoi

Source:  Didauchoigi 

2 - Long Bien Bridge (another name is Doumer Bridge) 

Long Bien Bridge was started construction in 1898, with the purpose of serving the circulation of goods and traffic from the Northern Delta area to Hai Phong, from Hai Phong to the inner city of Hanoi. Long Bien Bridge crosses the Hong River, connecting the two districts of Hoan Kiem and Long Bien of Hanoi. 
Long Bien Bridge has a length of 1682m, including 19 spans. The famous steel Hanoi bridge is 4.75m wide and the middle area is for trains, the two sides are for pedestrians, motorbikes and cars with a width of more than 3m. 

long bien bridge in hanoi

Source: Hanoioldquarte

Long Bien Bridge is considered an invaluable "asset" of the Hanoians. This is an eloquent demonstration, showing a period of resilient history in the war against the French. Long Bien Bridge is associated with the historical years of the war against the French, being bombed 10 times, damaged 7 bridges and 4 large pillars, but the bridge still stands there, just like the patriotic spirit, the mighty spirit does not yield to the power of the people of Hanoi. Later, together with the city people developed their economy and trade goods through roads and railways. If you come to Hanoi, you should try the feeling of riding a motorbike across the Long Bien bridge or sitting on iced tea at the bridge at midnight. 
Nowadays, the image of Long Bien Bridge has become more casual and attached to the daily life of ordinary people. It is not difficult to see a row of small grilled corn on the bridge, the stalls selling guava, agricultural products produced by people on the mudflats or sand mining, swimming, camping on the mudflats in the dry season. 

3 - Thang Long Bridge 

Thang Long Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Hanoi that is located on ring 3, serving as a bridge between Dong Anh district and Bac Tu Liem district. The bridge consists of 2 floors for railway and road purposes. The main length across the river is 1,688m with 15 steel beam spans
In addition to the meaning of transportation and transportation of goods, Thang Long Bridge is also a testament to the Vietnam-Soviet friendship relationship. Initially the bridge was built by China in 1974, but then the Soviet Union provided grants in the form of non-refundable to complete the final items. And on May 9, 1985, the project was officially put into operation. 
The famous bridges we have just listed above not only highlight cultural and historical values ​​of a war but also contribute greatly in serving traffic. It is the historical factors that these bridges bring that have attracted a large number of tourists when coming to Hanoi. 

II -  Hanoi bridges for economic development

4 - Chuong Duong Bridge

This bridge was built in 1983 to solve traffic congestion on Long Bien and Thang Long Bridge. This construction is constructed and completed by a team of architects and workers in Vietnam.
Chuong Duong Bridge crosses Hong River and holds the task of connecting Long Bien District with Hoan Kiem District with the length: 1,230m, load capacity: H30. The bridge is divided into four two-way lanes, the outermost has a motorbike lane with a width of 1.5m.

chuong duong bridge in hanoi

Source: P,A,S,M 

5 - Thanh Tri Bridge 

Thanh Tri Bridge is an important bridge in Hanoi built in the early years of the 21st century, with the aim of completing the road traffic system for the Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh axis. Bridging Hoang Mai district with Long Bien, starting from National Highway 1A in Phap Van (Hoang Mai), cutting the highway Hanoi-Hai Phong in Thach Ban (Long Bien). The end point intersects National Highway 5 in Sai Dong (Long Bien).
The bridge is up to 3km long, the bridge surface width is 33m, divided into 6 lanes, including 4 lanes for high-speed vehicles (100km / h). 

6 - Vinh Tuy Bridge

Vinh Tuy Bridge linking Hai Ba Trung and Long Bien districts, built on February 3, 2005 and on September 26, 2010, was officially inaugurated and put into use.
The bridge is designed with multiple spans with two motorized lanes, one bus lane, one mixed lane. The total length of the Vinh Tuy bridge is nearly 5000m with the river section having a length of 3,690m.

7 - Nhat Tan Bridge

Nhat Tan Bridge is undertaken by leading Japanese engineers, was started on March 7, 2009 and was inaugurated and put into operation on January 4, 2015.
Nhat Tan Hanoi Bridge connects Tay Ho district with Dong Anh district. The first point is located in Phu Thuong and Tay Ho wards and the end point of the bridge is intersected with Highway 3 at km7 + 100 in Dong Anh district.

nhat tan bridge in hanoi

Source: Skyscrapercity

The bridge is designed with 5 spans of cable stayed, this is a symbol of Figure 5 doorway. The bridge deck is designed 43.2m wide with 8 lanes. In these 8 lanes, it is divided into 4 lanes for motor vehicles, 2 lanes for motorbikes, 2 lanes for buses, and roads for pedestrians. In the evening, Nhat Tan Bridge is lit by shimmering lights, reflected down the Red River's bed into a beautiful cFigure frame. Although the age of the four bridges is not too long, it shows the value of traffic connection, the development of infrastructure as well as the economy of Hanoi city
Above is our introduction to very famous bridges in Hanoi. Each bridge has its own story. Wishing everyone a happy experience and useful information that our website brings.

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