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Travel from hanoi to halong bay Vietnam by bus or limousine is the most popular way, while seaplane and helicopter is new and more expensive but much experienced. Due to the short distance, there is no Hanoi to Halong bay flight 

Table Contents
  • I -  Shuttle bus from Hanoi to Halong bay
  • II – Travel by seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay
  • III – Helicopter Hanoi to Halong Bay 
  • IV – Motorbike riding
  • V - Private car Hanoi to Halong bay
  • VI – Traveling to Halong by train
From hanoi to halong bay
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Located in the western part of the Gulf of Tonkin, in the northeastern sea of ​​Vietnam, Halong Bay is a tourist destination that you cannot miss. The magnificent beauty created by the islands under the hands of the creator has been recognized by UNESCO twice as a world natural heritage. This is also the ideal place for you and your family to have a weekend vacation after hard working days in Hanoi.
Depending on the route you choose, the distance from Hanoi to HaLong Bay falls from 150km to 170km, there are 3 specific routes:

Route 1: Hanoi - Hai Duong - Ha Long, about 170 km long.
Route 2: Hanoi - Hai Duong - Hai Phong - Ha Long, about 163 km long.
Route 3: Hanoi - Bac Ninh - Ha Long, about 155 km long.
It will take you about 2 hours 40 minutes if you go through the expressway (Hanoi - Hai Phong - Ha Long) or about 4 hours if you go through the old route (Hanoi - Hai Duong - Ha Long).

Halong Bay from Hanoi

Halong Bay (Source: Baoquangninh)

With such a distance, you can choose to move to HaLong Bay by one of the following means: seaplane, bus, limousine, private car, motorbike

I -  Shuttle bus from Hanoi to Halong bay

Traveling by bus takes about 2.5 to 4 hours, depending on whether the bus is going to a new expressway or an old route.

Shuttle bus from Hanoi to Halong bay

Bai Chay Bus Station (Source: Bestprice)

For the form of passenger car or Limousine, tourists can contact some of the following passenger transport service providers:
Kumho Viet Thanh - 45 seats 
- Frequency: 07 trips/day
- Ticket price: 120,000 VND/person (~ $ 5.17).

- Pick up point: My Dinh bus station, Nam Tu Liem district, Hanoi city
- Drop off point: Bai Chay Bus Station, No. 17, Road 279, Bai Chay, Ha Long City.
- Phone number for reservation: 0968 36 00 22

Guest price - 28-seat bed car:
- Frequency: 02 trips/day
- Ticket price 170,000 VND/bed/person (~ $ 7.3)
Pick up point: Son Tay bus station, Chua Thong street, Son Tay town, Hanoi city
- Drop off point: Bai Chay Bus Station, No. 17, Road 279, Bai Chay, Ha Long City.
- Phone number for reservation: 0969 383 599

Adam Viet Company: Flexible pick up and drop off according to tourist schedules in Hanoi and Ha Long (door-to-door service).
- Front chair 180,000 VND/seat (~ $ 7.75)
- Middle seat 240,000 VND/seat (~ $ 10.34)
- Last seat: 220,000 VND/seat  (~ $ 9.4).
- Phone number for reservation: 19000 575 725

Ninh Quynh Limousine - 9 seats
Ticket price: 180,000 - 200,000 VND/way (~ 7.75 - 8.64 $) depending on seat position.

- Pick up point: No. 164 Co Linh, Thach Ban, Hanoi. There is support for car transfer to take place in the inner city of Hanoi.
- Point down: No. 1106, group 7B, zone 9B, Bai Chay, Ha Long.
- Phone number for reservation: 0888 610 8108

When traveling by Limousine / Bus, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the scenery along the way, better calculating the costs due to the stable fare. At the present time, this is the most optimal means of transportation both in terms of price and travel time (about more than 2 hours for travel time). Travelers should prioritize this type of transportation for the best trip experience. 

II – Travel by seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay

This is a new option for tourists. Seaplane has 12 seats for passengers, spacious windows, travel time about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Passengers will be picked up at Noi Bai airport. Daily there are about 2-3 flights per sector. Departure point is Noi Bai airport. The drop off point of flight is Tuan Chau harbor.

Seaplane Hanoi to Halong Bay

Seaplane at Noi Bai Airport (Source: Seaplanes)

Flight ticket rates depend on the time of flight and the form of flight. With the form of sightseeing flights, the fare is about 2,300,000 VND / person (~ 99 $). With one-way flight, the fare ranges from 4,060,000 VND - 8,930,000 VND / person (~ 175 - 385 $). Return flight from VND 8,113,000 / person (~ $ 350).

Travel by seaplane from Hanoi to Ha Long is a fast, convenient way to move around, saving you time and money. However, the cost of this form is quite high, located in the high-end segment for tourists to Ha Long. 

III – Helicopter Hanoi to Halong Bay 

It takes about 45 minutes - 1 hour to travel by helicopter. Tourists will move from Gia Lam airport (military airport) to Ha Long. There are two flights per day. Flights usually depart around 9am or 2pm. 

Helicopter Hanoi to Halong Bay

Experience of visit HaLong bay by helicopter (Source: Tripnow)

Ticket rates for one-way flights range from 9,040,000 - 10,120,000 VND / person (~ 390 - 440 $). Round trip cost about 17,850,000 VND / person (~ 770 $). 

Choosing this form, tourists will be able to enjoy the view from above, have a nice view, and save time because of the short journey. However, the high fare, small plane space, not suitable for people with a history of heart disease and a fear of heights are the limitations of this form.

IV – Motorbike riding

There are two possible Hanoi to Halong bay motorbike route

Route 1: Hanoi - Sai Dong - Bac Ninh - Highway 18 - Pha Lai - Chi Linh - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long Crossroads. This distance is about 155km long.

Route 2: Noi Bai Airport - Bac Ninh - NH18 - Pha Lai - Sao Do - Dong Trieu - Uong Bi - Ha Long. This distance is about 160 km long.

The cost of riding a motorbike depends on the gas price at the time you travel. In addition, you need to bring cash for snacks along the way or some additional expenses, about 200,000 - 300,000 VND / bike / 2 people (~ 8.6 - 12.93 $)

You need to equip maps, helmets, sun protection shirts, vehicle papers and other identity papers, ... when choosing this form. 

This form is quite dangerous and tiring because of the long distance, but saves money. You can also take the initiative to go, enjoy the beautiful scenery and especially suitable for those who love backpacking.

V - Private car Hanoi to Halong bay

For those who want to be active in the schedule, travel time, ... can use car rental service with drivers to move from Hanoi - Ha Long. To use the service, you only need to contact the provider and standard requirements for the schedule, valid passport / temporary residence card, group list (if any).
For those who want to rent a self-drive car, you must prepare documents such as: International driver's license, driving license according to Vietnamese regulations, valid passport / temporary residence card or papers other equivalent identities.

Private car Hanoi to Halong bay

Hanoi - Ha Long Expressway (Source: Baoquangninh)

The price of a car with a driver is detailed as follows:
- With a 4-seat car: one-way rental is about 1,500,000 / time (~ $ 65). Car rental for 1 day is 1,700,000 VND / time (~ 73.5 $). Car rental for 2 days is 2,700,000 VND / time (~ $ 117).
- With a 7-seat car: one-way rental is 1,600,000 / time (~ $ 69). Car rental for 1 day is 1,800,000 VND / time (~ 78 $).
- With a 16-seat car: one-way rental is 1,800,000 / time (~ $ 78). Car rental for 1 day is 2,000,000 VND / time (~ $ 86).
- With 29-seat car or more: one-way rental is 2,500,000 / time (~ $ 108). Car rental for 1 day is 3,200,000 VND / time (~ $ 138).
The rental price includes the driver's salary, tolls, parking fees, and other charges are not included in the schedule. Contact telephone number: 0388 155 155.

Traveling by car rental will help you have a private space and be active in terms of time. However, the cost will also be higher than traveling by public bus.

VI – Traveling to Halong by train

Unfortunately, the Hanoi - Halong train route is paused, train information will be updated later.
Above are the most selected tourist information from Hanoi to HaLong Bay. Hope the above information has provided useful things for you to prepare for your trip.

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