One interesting experience which you must try when visiting Hanoi is exploring the markets in Hanoi. Each market has its own particular goods, atmosphere, and purchasing methods and is an ideal place where you can enjoy tasty street food with startlingly cheap prices and to learn about Hanoian’s culture.

Table Contents
  • I - Top 5 best markets in Hanoi 
  • 1 -  Old Quarter Night market
  • 2 - Dong Xuan Market - the biggest market in Hanoi
  • 3 - Hang Da Market
  • 4 -  Hom market - best Hanoi fabric market
  • 5 - Quang Ba flower market
  • III -  Other remarkably interesting markets in Hanoi
  • 1 - Thanh Cong Market – Paradise of street food
  • 2  - Hoang Hoa Tham Market – Unique Hanoi antique market
  • 3 - Long Bien Market – the biggest wholesale market in Hanoi
  • 4 - Hang Be Market – “Headquarters” of raw and cooked food 
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Market in Hanoi
Source: Vietnamtravel

It would be a bolt from the blue when visiting the markets in Hanoi. Because, food, instead of being presented in big supermarkets as Western countries, is sold in small vendors around markets, but the freshness is undeniably outstanding. It is not hard to find “meat” when they are still “alive”.
In addition, different residential areas have different flea markets Hanoi with a variety of sizes, goods and opening time, which can bring various experiences to tourists. In Particular, tourists should experience Dong Xuan market, Hang Da market, Old Quarter Night market or smaller local markets as well as sidewalk vendors.  
Not long ago, there was a Hanoi train market. Accompanied with Railway café, this market became a unique attraction tempting a lot of tourists’ curiosity. However, to keep the safety of people around this railway area, Hanoi authority did close the market and cafe shops. Hopefully, in the near future, these cafe shops as well as the market could be opened to welcome tourists safely.

I - Top 5 best markets in Hanoi 

1 -  Old Quarter Night market

The Night market in Hanoi Old Quarter is a bustling fair lying on a 3km route from Dong Xuan market gate to Hang Dao street, located 450 meters from the main part of walking street around Sword Lake area. Hang Dao street, Duong street and also Hang Ngang street become extremely uproarious and intense because of brightening and colorful mobile vendors. This fair opens from 18:00 to 23:00 every weekend night. (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights).


Best markets in Hanoi

Source: Thanh Dat

You can easily get a variety of goods with reasonable prices only from VND 50,000 to VND 3000,000 per product (approximately USD 2,15 – USD 12,93) such as: clothes, shoes, souvenirs (postcards, key rings, rice figures, handicrafts…), sunglasses, this Hanoi market
Especially every Saturday night, there are free traditional music performances held next to the fair like “Cheo”, “Quan Ho”, “Ca Tru”, “Xam” presented by Vietnamese Musician Association. Additionally, visitors have opportunities to join street performances of Vietnamese youngsters of traditional games like rope skipping, tugging, mandarin square capturing,… as well as art activities such as photography, portrait drawing,… All create such a vibrant and exciting space for tourists to enjoy. 
Tourists also can come to other crowded night markets in Hanoi such as Dich Vong market in Cau Giay District, Linh Nam market in Hoang Mai District and Phung Khoang market in Ha Dong District. These markets open every day but they are quite far from the city centre. 

2 - Dong Xuan Market - the biggest market in Hanoi

This market is over 100 years old, having gone through a lot of ups and downs with Hanoi. After many times of restoration and remodeling (after the fierce battle in 1947 and severe fire in 1977), the market gets an appearance as today on the basis of old and typical design features of the 1890s.


Famous market in Hanoi

Dong Xuan Market - Source: Monamiwedding

Coming to Dong Xuan Market, you can enjoy shopping for a huge range of different products from 6am to 6pm. On the first floor are the clothes, shoes, dried food, nuts; you can find more garment products and accessories on the second floor; the third floor is used for children products as toys, newborn products,...
There are also plenty of kiosks that sell sweets, souvenirs and food in this Hanoi local market. All of these details create an impressive, vivid and colorful picture of Vietnamese daily life. However, you should be reminded that most products come from China with a cheap price, they ought to be checked carefully before your payment.
After wandering around, shopping and taking pictures, visitors can quench the hunger with well-known food such as:
Huyen Anh rib cartilage porridge
A bowl of porridge here with a beautiful smell of sticky rice, covered by shredded meat and crispy Chinese doughnut costs only VND 35,000 (~ USD 1,5).
- Address: No.14 Dong Xuan street, Hang Ma Ward, Hoan Kiem District - opposite Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi main gate
- Opening hours: 3pm - 3am 
“Bun Cha Que” Ms. Nga
Delicious pork sticks with fish sauce and rice noodles creates a tasty dish with only VND 30,000 for 1 serving (~ USD 1.29). 
- Address: You can find this dish at Dong Xuan Market Alley, Hang Chieu Ward, Hoan Kiem District, 750 meters from Dong Xuan market
- Opening hours: 8am - 3:30pm 
Ms. Am Shrimp cake
You can enjoy crunchy shrimp cakes with fish sauce and pickled salad. This is the signature dish of Hanoian with a very cheap price – only VND 12,000 (~ USD 0.517). - Address: Dong Xuan Alley, Hang Chieu Ward, Hoan Kiem District, 280 meters from market gate
- Opening hours: 10am - 5pm
Moreover, there are tons of mouthwatering street foods which tourists can give a try at a reasonable price in this Hanoi market from VND 10,000 to VND 30,000 (~ USD 0.43 - ~1.29) such as: lime tea, sweet soup, snail noodles, eel glass noodles, etc. To have the best experience, tourists are advised to keep eyes on your property, learn how to bargain and do price surveys before choosing the most suitable stores.

3 - Hang Da Market

Hang Da Market is located in a very favorable position on Hang Da Street, Cua Dong Ward, Hoan Kiem District. Long time ago, Hang Da Market was a kind of small market mainly selling dried bull and buffalo skin, as well as food and vegetables. Been through ups and downs, nowadays, the market increases its size and product variety dramatically, which can meet various demands of different customers.


Hang Da market in Hanoi

Hang Da Market - Source: Internet

Today, Hang Da Market Hanoi has been reconstructed into a modern five-floor building with 2 convenient basements. The first basement is used for second-hand clothes, fresh food, pottery and ceramic. The second one is for parking. There is an event centre on the first floor as well as the place for sweets, alcohol, clothes and grocery stores. The second and the third floor is a shopping centre with luxury brands. The fourth floor is a fitness centre. The highest one is specialized for weddings. 
Besides, there are a lot of street food vendors in and around this market. For example, bowel porridge at 88 Thuoc Bac Street (price: VND 30,000/bowl ~ USD 1.3), pate and chicken sticky rice at 2 Luong Van Can (price: VND 60,000/bowl ~ USD 2.6), “bun rieu” – noodle soup at 16 Khoai Street (price: VND 30,000/bowl ~ USD 1.3), etc or fried sweet potato cake, fried banana cake, sweet soup and ice cream are also very tasty with cheap price: from VND 20,000 (~ USD 1) to VND 50,000 (~ USD 2)

4 -  Hom market - best Hanoi fabric market

Located at 79 Pho Hue Street, Ha Ba Trung Ward, Hom Market or Hom Duc Vien Market is famous for being one of the oldest and the most crowded markets in Hanoi. Referring to Hom fair, Hanoi people immediately think of the paradise of fabrics. It opens from 6:00 to 18:00 everyday so that locals as well as tourists can enjoy shopping. 


Hom market Hanoi fabric market

Hom Market - Source: Tripadvisor

The market building has 02 separated floors: the first floor is the place for stalls selling ready-to-wear clothes and various accessories. The second floor is the convergence of stalls selling  fabrics with different colours, materials, patterns and in addition of household appliances and cosmetics. Commodities in Hom market are mainly sourced from China, so the prices are also moderate. You can find thin bedding for about VND 200,000 (~ USD 8,7) or scarf for VND 50,000 (~ USD 2.1).
After shopping, you can take a rest and enjoy plenty of tasty, nutritious and cheap street food inside this Hanoi clothes market. If you want to be full, you can try noodles, “Pho”, porridge for about VND 40,000 (~ USD 1.7). If you just want some junk food, dried beef salad, roasted quails or clear rice cake should be good choices and a glass of sweet soup can make your day. The prices are about VND 10,000 or more (~ USD 0.4)

5 - Quang Ba flower market

Located at 236 Au Co Street, Quang An Ward, Tay Ho District, about 5km from the centre of Hanoi, Quang Ba flower market is one of the biggest night flower markets in the city. The market opens from 23:00 to dawn and it’s really crowded at 1:00 – 2:00 A.M. When the whole city is deep in dreams, the market is bustling with gorgeous and colorful flowers. 
Ảnh 6: Chợ hoa Quảng Bá/Source: Arrivalguides
You will be overwhelmed by the variety and abundance of flower stalls when coming to this Hanoi flower market. Not only some popular types of flowers like rose, chrysanthemums, lilies,… but also some imported varieties such as tulips wax flowers are sold in Quang Ba Market. In addition, the market also offers a lot of flower wrapping accessories such as wrapping paper and baskets which are very convenient. Because it is a wholesale market, it provides very cheap prices. You just need to spend VND 10,000 – VND 30,000 to have a 50-rose-bouquet or VND 250,000 – VND 300,000/ a bunch of 50 flowers for expensive flowers such as gladiolus and lily. 
In addition to the beauty of blooming flowers, visitors also have the opportunity to better understand how hard the farmers grow flowers and trade. They have to stay up almost night to keep up with the beautiful flower baskets, roaming the streets of Hanoi in the morning. It is a pristine and idyllic beauty that visitors can hardly see anywhere but the thousand-year-old civilized capital of Vietnam.

III -  Other remarkably interesting markets in Hanoi

1 - Thanh Cong Market – Paradise of street food

Located in the old residential dormitory of Bac Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh District, Thanh Cong Market is known as “paradise of food” or “junk food supermarket”, especially the area opposite the kindergarten A and A4 yard. It has more than 20 snacks stalls with all kinds of specialities from North to South. There are some highly recommended dishes you should try:
Eel vermicelli
You can try water vermicelli, mixed one or stir-fried vermicelli which is very delicious and well seasoned at 102A5 Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh District. Opening hours are from 9am to 9pm. The price for one bowl is from VND 30,000 – 50,000 (~ USD 1.3-2.1)
Junk food 
Junk food like salad, glass rice cake, pillow cake or  fried fermented roll are sold at 111A5 Thanh Cong, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi, near Thanh Cong Market in Hanoi. Opening hours are from 10am to 9pm. Price ranges from VND 15,000 – 50,000/ 1 dish (~ USD 0.6 – 2.1)
Smooth freshwater bivalve “Hue”
Smooth freshwater bivalve “Hue” at Dormitory A4 building, Ba Dinh Dist., Hanoi opens from 8:00-21:00 with reasonable price from VND 10,000 – 20,000/bowl (~ USD 0.4 – 1.3)
Sweet soup
Sweet soup of all kinds as mixed soup, corn soup or mung bean sweet soup with the price from VND 12,000 – 15,000/dish (~ USD 0.5 – 0.6)
In addition, Thanh Cong Market has many other mouthwatering dishes such as rice cakes, spring rolls, fried chinese doughnuts, baluts or Vietnamese pancakes. You would have wonderful and enjoyable experiences when coming to this market.

2  - Hoang Hoa Tham Market – Unique Hanoi antique market

Hoang Hoa Tham Antique market is located at lane 456 Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Ba Dinh Dist, one of the must-see markets for antique enthusiasts. The founder is Mr. Kieu Quoc Khanh – a man with a strong passion for calligraphy. He was the one who came up with the idea of inviting people to sell and exchange in lane 456 in Hoang Hoa Tham area.


Hanoi antique market

Source: VnExpress

This famous market in Hanoi has an area of  about 400m2 with more than 20 stalls. Each booth is less than 1m2 wide, sellers don’t need to pay any cost, they just need to bring their antiques and exchange. Until now, every Saturday morning, the shopkeepers bring dozens of antiques to display such as ancient bowls with few chipped corners, ancient clocks, meticulously wood-carved paintings or memories of war. 
The prices have different ranges, the lowest is about from 1 million VND (~ USD 43.48) to tens of million depending on what antique is that and how old it is. At the fair, you not only admire valuable items but also learn historical and cultural values that are still imprinted until today.

3 - Long Bien Market – the biggest wholesale market in Hanoi

Long Bien Market is located in Ba Dinh District, right at the foot of Long Bien bridge, behind Tran Nhat Duat Street. The market, established in 1992, is still one of the largest fruit markets in Hanoi. The market has a total area of ​​more than 27,000 square meters with hundreds of different stalls selling vegetables, tubers and fruits. The market usually starts from 10pm to 4am all weekdays.


Wholesale market in Hanoi

Long Bien Market - Source: VnExpress

The fruit products are sold in this Hanoi local market from all provinces across the country. Fruits go with their seasons, whatever fruit you need, this market can still offer. In summer, you can easily buy typical fruits such as mango, plum, ambarella, watermelon, mangosteen, lychee ... Or in winter, you will find a lot of pomegranates on sale, orange, grapefruit, ... they are all very fresh, watery and delicious. The prices of the fruits here are clearly listed for easy selection. Because this is a wholesale market, there is a small note that you have to buy a large enough quantity, usually from 3kg and more or traders will not agree to sell. 

4 - Hang Be Market – “Headquarters” of raw and cooked food 

This market is called Hang Be, however it is not located on Hang Be Street but on Cau Go Street, Hoan Kiem Dist. Located right at the centre of Hanoi, Hang Be Market is extremely famous, having all kinds of different items. You can find not only raw and fresh food but also ready-to-eat food in Hang Be Hanoi food market. There are a variety of fresh foods such as vegetables, seafood like crabs, shrimps, squids, so on. Everything is available even more qualified than other markets.
Moreover, Hang Be Market is also famous for cooked food such as Chung cake, five-colour sticky rice, boiled chicken biting flower and especially fish-sauce belly pork that brands this place. Prices range from VND 50,000 – 300,000 (~ USD 2.8 – 13.2).
In addition, you can find a lot of traditional dishes of Vietnam such as stewed pork, stewed fish, squid cake, Vietnamese pork sausage, spring rolls, nereididae cake with prices from VND 30,000 – 200,000 (~ USD 1.3 – 8.7). You can directly observe chefs cooking and enjoy when it’s still hot, which makes the market’s own beauty. 
It can be seen that each market in Hanoi brings you different unique experiences of shopping and enjoying the exciting and bustling daily life of ordinary labourers. Therefore, come here and see by yourselves, it’s sure that you will have unforgetable and wonderful time.

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