There are quite a lot of wonderful beaches in Vietnam. However, most foreign tourists know and go to beaches in the south and maybe miss some interesting points in the north where there are many nice beaches near Hanoi.

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  • 1 – The first beach near Hanoi - Sam Son Beach
  • 2 - The second beautiful beach near Hanoi -  Do Son beach 
  • 3 - The third best beach near Hanoi - Tuan Chau Beach 
  • 4 - The fourth beach near Hanoi - Bai Chay beach 
  • 5 - The fifth amazing beach near Hanoi -  Cat Ba Island beach
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Source: Vu Duc

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam with an area of 3,324.92 km2. Hanoi shares borders with Thai Nguyen and Vinh Phuc in the north, Ha Nam, Hoa Binh in the south, Bac Giang, Bac Ninh and Hung Yen in the east, Hoa Binh and Phu Tho in the west. Hanoi is surrounded by land, therefore, it has no beaches. However, there are a lot of beautiful beaches near Hanoi that attract a lot of tourists including Vietnamese and foreigners each summer, where they come to relax and enjoy the sea & sea food. Here are some famous beaches that are highly recommended. 

1 – The first beach near Hanoi - Sam Son Beach

Sam Son beach Vietnam

Sam Son Beach Vietnam (Source: Flc-travel)

Sam Son Beach Vietnam is the choice of many tourists as one of the best beaches near Hanoi to relax on weekends. The distance from Hanoi to Sam Son beach in Thanh Hoa province is about 170 km. To travel to Sam Son, you have some options as follows:
Train: If you choose this form of transport, you need to buy a Hanoi-Thanh Hoa train ticket (about 3 hours), then take a taxi to Sam Son, 20km distance from Thanh Hoa City to the East - travel time is about 30 minutes.
Buses, private cars: Bus routes to Sam Son beach usually depart from My Dinh Bus Station or Giap Bat Station. Travel time is about 5 hours. You can refer to the following buses:

- Hai Hanh Bus - Giap Bat Station - hotline 0237 382 2426 - 100,000 VND/ turn/ticket
Bus Thang Thanh - Ben Giap Bat - hotline 0975 708 555 - 100,000 VND/ turn/ticket
- Doanh Ly Bus - Ben My Dinh - hotline 0988 333 986 - 120,000 VND/ turn/ticket

Sam Son, a popular beach near Hanoi, has long been famous for its sandy beach, blue water and silver waves. At Sam Son Beach, visitors have the opportunity to experience “Vo Market” - an activity of buying and selling seafood just taken from the sea, which is very fresh. 
In addition, with the rapid development of Sam Son tourism, high-class luxury resorts have appeared to serve the demand of visitors for short-term vacations with family and friends. The best quality Sam Son Beach resort is FLC Luxury Sam Son Resort or FLC Luxury Hotel Samson (both of them are of 5 star international standard). 

2 - The second beautiful beach near Hanoi -  Do Son beach 

Do Son beach near Hanoi

Do Son beach (Source: Liberzy)

About 120 km from Hanoi, Do Son beach Hai Phong is quite convenient to get to. When travelling from Hanoi, you can choose a train or bus.
Traveling by train: Go to Hanoi Station at No. 120 Le Duan, Dong Da, Hanoi or Long Bien Station at Tran Nhat Duat, Dong Xuan, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi to get train tickets to Hai Phong. From Hai Phong, take a taxi to Do Son (24 km distance).
Traveling by bus: Currently, the buses to Hai Phong are very diverse, mostly departing from Gia Lam with one-way prices ranging from 70,000 to 100,000 VND. From Hai Phong, continue to catch a taxi or take the bus to Do Son. Also, high-class Limousine services, going directly to Do Son beach is an ideal choice. Here are some reliable Hanoi-Hai Phong bus companies

- Hai Au Bus: Contact: 1900 6772; Ticket price: 90.000 - 100.000 VND 
- Anh Huy Bus: Contact: 091 186 39 19; Ticket price: 80.000
- Hoang Long Bus: Contact: 0225 3920920; Ticket price: 90.000 - 150.000 VND
Coming to Do Son Beach , tourists have the opportunity to experience the smooth blue coast, visit the famous Hon Dau as well as enjoy the famous seafood of the port city.
In order to make your trip more comfortable, a Do Son beach hotel or resort is a good choice. Here are some suggestion for you:
- Tecco Do Son hotel 
- FLC Do Son Beach & Golf Resort
- Hai Quan Do Son Hotel

3 - The third best beach near Hanoi - Tuan Chau Beach 

Tuan Chau beach near Hanoi

Tuan Chau beach (Source: Vnexpress)

Tuan Chau Island in Ha Long, considered as the jewel of Ha Long tourism, is about 120km from Hanoi. Nowadays, traveling to Tuan Chau is very easy with buses or high-class vehicles such as limousines. All Hanoi - Quang Ninh bus routes cross Tuan Chau and travel time is about 4 -5 hours. For VIP vehicles, the limousine bus is a two and a half hour drive on the Hanoi - Quang Ninh highway and you will step foot in Tuan Chau beach - Halong. 
In Quang Ninh, Tuan Chau Beach - Halong is another choice for those who are looking for beaches near Hanoi. Tuan Chau beach has pure beauty, with white sand stretches, the clear blue sea water with reflections of the sky, touching the heart of every visitor. Coming to Tuan Chau beach, besides swimming, visitors have the opportunity to try water sports: canoes, windsurfing and kayaking. In addition, visitors should not miss the crocodile or lion circus performances, and eye-catching water music shows.
In Tuan Chau beach of Vietnam - a tourist island, it will never be hard to find a good place for enjoying a true-leisure time. If you are looking for a Tuan Chau beach resort, Tuan Chau holiday villa beach resort is highly recommended. 

4 - The fourth beach near Hanoi - Bai Chay beach 

Bai Chay beach near Hanoi

Bai Chay beach (Source: Wyndhamhalong)

Bai Chay beach Vietnam which is located in Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province, 150 km from Hanoi Capital. Currently, with the development of road traffic, the route to Bai Chay is quite easy and simple.
You can travel by train, bus or private car to Ha Long city and then take a taxi to Bai Chay beach. You could also have new and unique experiences by traveling to Bai Chay by Hai Au Seaplane. The flight departs from Noi Bai airport to Tuan Chau port with a flight time of 45 minutes. From Tuan Chau port, you take a taxi to Bai Chay beach. 
Bai Chay, another best beach near Hanoi, is the largest beach in Ha Long City. Despite being an artificial beach, Bai Chay Beach stretches for more than 1000m with green pine trees running along, creating a peaceful and wild beauty.
Coming to this beach, besides swimming, visitors can also participate in other interesting activities such as exploring the night market, Bai Chay Ancient Town; experiencing amusement activities at Sun World Park Ha Long, and viewing Halong bay. 
Some Bai Chay beach hotels listed below may help you in time saving:
- Muong Thanh Grand Bai Chay Hotel
- May House Hotel
- Saigon Halong Hotel 

5 - The fifth amazing beach near Hanoi -  Cat Ba Island beach

Cat Ba beach near Hanoi

Cat Ba island beach (Source: Vietvisit)

Cat Ba Island is a famous tourist island, located in Hai Phong province. The distance from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island is about 160km, which is the reason why Cat Ba island beaches is in the list of “beaches near Hanoi”. 
There are 2 main ways to travel to Cat Ba Island. The first way is to take a train to Hai Phong and then take a hydrofoil boat at Ben Binh or go along Dinh Vu Ferry to the island. The second way is the bus routes that directly operate the trips from Hanoi to Cat Ba Island with a travel time of about 3 to 4 hours. There are some bus companies using this route you can refer to:
Hoang Long Bus Company
- Contact: 0225 3920920
- Reference ticket price: 170,000 - 190,000 VND
Cat Ba Express Bus Company
- Contact: 0848 244 999
- Reference ticket price: 280,000 VND
Cat Co Beach, located on Cat Ba Island is famous for its pristine beauty, surrounded by winding mountains. The famous activity in Cat Ba Island is the experience of soaking yourself in the clear blue water of Cat Co beach. Also, visitors can try kayaking, or having enjoyable moments on Cat Ba Monkey Island beach and Lan Ha Bay. Visitors can also enjoy a luxurious vacation at the 5-star hotel Hotel Perle d'Orient Cat Ba - MGallery with world-class services. In addition, Ocean beach resort cat ba island is a great option for cat ba island beach resort choices. 
In total, those above beaches near Hanoi are really some perfect choices for tourists to enjoy summer vacation.


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