Beer Hanoi has been widely known as a spiritual dish and culinary beauty of the Hanoians for a very long time and gradually, it becomes an inevitable part of daily life there. As a result, it might be a big loss for any tourist who leaves the capital without experiencing this special flavor of Hanoi once.

Table Contents
  • I - An overview about Hanoi beer
  • 1 - Origine
  • 2 - Price of beer in Hanoi
  • II - Popular kinds of beer
  • 1 - Craft beer Hanoi
  • 2 - Steam and Fresh beer
  • 3 - Egg beer Hanoi
  • 4 - “Hanoi beer” branch
  • III - How Hanoians enjoy beer?
  • 1 - Hanoi beer street culture
  • 2 - Popular Pubs
  • 3 - Famous restaurants
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I - An overview about Hanoi beer

1 - Origine

In Hanoi, there are several types of beer and each has a different origin. Craft beer which was introduced to Vietnam from abroad decades ago has become one of the most famous types with a number of manufacturing factories along Vietnam. Applied advanced technology and natural ingredients, this kind of beer has captured the hearts of many Hanoians and those who have enjoyed it. 
Egg beer was created by a Hanoian named Nguyen Chi Hoa who is well-known as the owner of Giang cafe. In the 90s, he created a new strange recipe by putting eggs in beer and surprisingly it tastes terribly incredible. Afterwards, the egg beer became a must-try beverage for many foodies.

2 - Price of beer in Hanoi

Normally, the price of craft beer is more than 43 USD / barrel while egg beer ranges from 1.73 USD to 2.16 USD a cup. Besides, steam beer is the most affordable, only about 0.43 to 0.52 USD / cup which is acceptable for anyone's pocket.

II - Popular kinds of beer

1 - Craft beer Hanoi

The figure that distinguishes craft beer from regular beer is the creative brewing recipes. Producers can add several ingredients and combine their own liking to taste the new and attractive beer. Craft beer has many familiar natural flavors such as mint, passion fruit, apple cat, ginger, cinnamon, passion fruit, licorice, rose, or jasmine.

Jasmine craft beer Hanoi

Jasmine craft beer (Source: Meritt Thomas)

2 - Steam and Fresh beer

Steam beer is the most popular kind of beer in Hanoi's street. It is not pasteurized and sterilized by the Pasteur method before being bottled or canned. Moreover, it must be stored in a cool environment ranging from 2 to 4 degrees Celsius which will keep its inherent rich and original taste.

Steam and Fresh beer

Fresh beer (Source: Bestpricetravel)

The period of fermenting brewing of fresh beer is twice as long as steam beer and also has higher sugar content. On the other hand, this kind of beer is not pasteurized, so it retains its original taste without much modification.

3 - Egg beer Hanoi

Egg beer, created by a Hanoian, is a unique combination of beer and eggs. Egg yolk after being whipped up will be mixed with sugar and butter which makes it sweet, and then topped with a cold beer. Thus, we have a cup of egg beer - a specialty of Hanoi.

Egg beer Hanoi

Egg beer (Source: Fb Minhmat)

4 - “Hanoi beer” branch

This is a product of Habeco enterprise which has more than 60 years of development. This branch was officially launched in 1991 and became the first canned beer product of Habeco brewery in Hanoi. Throughout the development process, the enterprise has achieved a series of achievements such as the First Class Labor Medal in 2000; Top 10 strong brands in Vietnam in 2005; Famous brand cup in 2004 in Madrid and so on.
This kind of beer with a variety of products namely cans, bottled beer has also become a cultural feature closely attached to the life of Hanoians. 

III - How Hanoians enjoy beer?

For a very long time, Hanoians have had a beer-drinking culture and normally enjoyed drinking beer on several occasions. Usually, beer bottles are most preferred in the hot summer weather, or on holidays, New Year, family gatherings, and weddings. Moreover, gentlemen from work also try to reward themself with some fresh beer every afternoon. In general, beer in Hanoi can be considered as a soulmate of people here.
If you have the opportunity to get to Hanoi, remember to order a cup of beer with ice and enjoy the cool feeling in your throat as well as the aroma of barley. Hanoians often drink beer with boiled peanuts, rice cakes, dried beef, and spring rolls whose indigenous flavors can make visitors surprised.
Initially, drinking beer with ice will surprise many visitors as well as doubt that the taste of beer will fade, but just take a taste, it can make you feel addicted. In addition, Hanoians have a community habit when drinking beer. You can easily catch some crowd drinking beer, chitchatting, having fun, and cheering "1 2 3 zoooh" on the street during the evening rush hours.

1 - Hanoi beer street culture

A lot of Hanoians love sitting on the sidewalk and sipping a beer while sharing daily stories with their friends. There is a very famous beer street located near Hoan Kiem Lake called Ta Hien Street (or bia hoi junction Hanoi). It not only attracts diners with the fresh taste of beer but also by the bustling atmosphere of the real Hanoi.
This street is filled up with simple restaurants, toad seats, and hundreds of people crowded around the shops to enjoy beer every night. Some popular street pubs that must be named Huyen Linh beer shop (41 Luong Ngoc Quyen), Old town beer shop (18 Ta Hien)...

Ta Hien Hanoi beer street

Ta Hien street at night (Source: VnExpress)

2 - Popular Pubs

Not only drinking street beer, but Hanoians also have the habit of enjoying it in pubs. While you can only aim for a beer with simple dishes and snacks in Ta Hien Street, pubs are used to serving several delicious dishes with a rich menu. Besides, pubs are more suitable for those who want to discuss business, parties, or meet old friends. Some famous pubs in Hanoi: Hai Xom (86 Le Trong Tan, Thanh Xuan district), Van Ho beer (2B Hoa Lu, Hai Ba Trung district), Thu Hang beer (123 Nguyen Sinh Sac, Cau Giay district)...

Hai Xom beer in Hanoi

Brand of Hai Xom beer (Source: Hanoitoplist)

3 - Famous restaurants

Besides enjoying street beer, popular beer, you can also experience beer in luxury restaurants with a variety of types of beer. These restaurants often brew their own beer and sell beer along with targeted dishes. Popular restaurants in Hanoi
Legends  beer Hanoi (4 Vu Ngoc Phan, Dong Da): specializes in Germany beer
Pasteur street brewing Hanoi (1 Au Trieu, Hoan Kiem): famous for craft beer
Evenstar craft beer pub (Lane 21 Pham Ngoc Thach, Dong Da) - specializes in craft beer
To brief, we've already had a quick look at Hanoi beer culture as well as suggested places to enjoy beer. If you have the opportunity to travel to Vietnam especially to the capital of a thousand years of civilization, try to experience Hanoi's beer culture at least once!
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