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Halong Bay, known as one of the seven natural wonders of the world, is famous not only for its amazing islands and islets system formed millions of years ago, but also for its beautiful turquoise beaches associated with diverse ecosystems. What are the most beautiful Halong Bay beaches? What should tourists pay attention to when visiting these beaches?

Table Contents
  • I - Top 3 most beautiful and famous beaches in Halong Bay
  • 1 - Titop Beach Halong Bay
  • 2 - Minh Châu Beach (Minh Chau Beach)
  • 3 - Cô Tô Beach (Co To beach)
  • II - Top 4 hidden beaches in Halong Bay that tourists should visit
  • 1 - Quan Lạn Beach (Quan Lan Beach)
  • 2 - Bàn Chân Beach (Ban Chan Beach)
  • 3 - Ngọc Vừng Beach (Ngoc Vung Beach)
  • 4 - Ba Trái Đào Beach (Ba Trai Dao Beach)
halong bay beaches
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I - Top 3 most beautiful and famous beaches in Halong Bay

1 - Titop Beach Halong Bay

TiTop Beach looks like a crescent embracing TiTop Island. Due to the daily movement of the tide, the beach is cleaned and the sand is very white. Another special feature of TiTop is that the sea water is clear all year round which allows visitors to see almost all the undulating rocks under the sea surface.

titop halong bay beach
Source: Paradisecruise
Location: TiTop Beach is located in the center of Ha Long Bay, about 7km Southeast of Bai Chay tourist ferry port.
Activities: Coming to this HaLong Bay beach, you can experience numerous activities such as climbing to TiTop mountain and enjoy panoramic view of Ha Long Bay, water motorbike jet-skiing, paragliding, kayaking, and so on
Transportation: To visitTiTop Island, you can choose either yachts or boats. Normally, shared boats which groups many tourists together cost a lower expense. Tourists can consider some famous ferry companies when coming to TiTop: Halong Bay Yachts Tour, Paradise Cruises and so on:
Private wooden yachts rental: Price: 500,000 VND / boat / hour (~ $21.55), or 1,000,000 VND / boat / hour (~ $43)
Visitors can also have access to Ti Top Island via a 6-hour tour on Halong Bay. Price: VND 490,000 / person / tour (~ $ 21.12) including Halong Bay tickets tour of VND 290,000 / person ($12.5).
Tourists can contact some following companies providing cruises services in Halong to visit this Halong Bay beach: 
- Huong Hai Company Limited; Location: No. 1, Vuon Dao, Bai Chay, Ha Long City; Phone number: 0203 384 5042. 
- Hai Au Company Limited; Location: No. 4, Ha Long, Bai Chay, Ha Long City; Phone number: 0203 3847 416
- Au Lac Company Limited; Location: Tuan Chau, Ha Long, Ha Long City; Phone number: 0203 3842 115

2 - Minh Châu Beach (Minh Chau Beach)

People always say that the sand in Minh Chau beach is so white as snow. The landscape is still primitive which brings you the most relaxable time associated with the feeling of closeness to wild nature.
Location: Minh Chau commune, Van Don district, Quang Ninh province.
Transportation: To get to Minh Chau Island, you have to travel by boat or ferry. From Cam Pha to Cai Rong town, the boats at Cai Rong port will take you straight to Minh Chau beach in 3 hours.
Activities: Coming to Minh Chau beach, you will have chances to experience amazing activities such as swimming, camping, playing sea sports, and so on. 

3 - Cô Tô Beach (Co To beach)

Co To Beach has a long, clean and white stretch of sand. The sea water here is calm and tranquil. Surrounding area of this beach in Halong Bay is the green forest making fresh air which is very different from other big cities.
Location: Co To is a district in the East of Van Don district, Quang Ninh province.
Activities: Coming to Co To, you have the opportunity to enjoy many interesting activities such as swimming, BBQ parties, camping, exploring forests and so on.
Transportation: Tourists can depart from Tuan Chau Ha Long port with prices from 390,000 VND/person/one-way (~ $16.81) for standard tickets and 500,000 VND/person/one-way for VIP tickets (~ $21.55). Tourists can also start from Cai Rong- Van Don port for standard tickets 350,000 VND / person / one way (~ $15.08) and VIP ones 450,000 VND / person / one-way (~ $19.39). 
Tourists can contact Havaco Investment Joint Stock Company via phone number to buy tickets at Tuan Chau - 0858 221 668; Phone number to buy tickets at Cai Rong port - 0964 655 818.

II - Top 4 hidden beaches in Halong Bay that tourists should visit

1 - Quan Lạn Beach (Quan Lan Beach)

quan lan halong bay beach
Source: Travelsense
Being located quite far from the mainland compared to other beaches, Quan Lan beach attracts tourists by its unspoiled beauty that has not been fully exploited by humans.
Location: Bai Tu Long Bay,  Quan Lan Island, Quang Ninh Province.
Activities: Visiting Quan Lan Beach, you are free to participate in many outdoor activities including swimming, camping, BBQ parties and so on
Transportation: To get to Quan Lan, tourists have two options to take a wooden boat or a high-speed train from Van Don port or Hon Gai port. Ticket price is about 100,000 VND / person / one way (~ $4.3). Some companies providing passenger transportation services in Ha Long Quan Lan such as:
Departure from Hon Gai port: Havaco Investment Joint Stock Company; phone number 0917 366 566. Departure time: 6:45 a.m; 10:00 a.m and 14:30 p.m.
Departure from Cai Rong port: Hoang Vy company; phone number: 0973 755 222. Departure time: 9:30 a.m; 15:00 p.m or 7:30 a.m; 9h30 a.m; 11:30 a.m; 13:00 p.m; 15:00 p.m on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

2 - Bàn Chân Beach (Ban Chan Beach)

Visitors seldom visit Ban Chan Beach near Halong Bay because its location is too far from the center of Ha Long Bay. However, going there, its gorgeous scenery will not disappoint visitors.
Location: More than 2 hours from the mainland by ferry.
Transportation: Travel by boat or canoe.
Activities: Although the activities there are not as plentiful as other places, visitors still can try swimming, diving, kayaking, and so on. 

3 - Ngọc Vừng Beach (Ngoc Vung Beach)

Ngoc Vung Beach, a best beach near Halong Bay, is even more primitive than Quan Lan. The beach from above is like a velvet shawl with white and floating light streaks. 

ngoc vung halong bay beach
Source: Ins @omar.a.ibrahim_28
Location: Van Don district, Quang Ninh province.
Transportation: Because it is located extremely far from the mainland, the only means of transport that can allow visitors to Ngoc Vung Beach is ship (ferry, boat, etc.). There are 3 ports providing trips to Ngoc Vung which are Vung Duc port, Cai Rong port and Hon Gai port.
Activities: swimming, sunbathing, sightseeing, overnight  camping, campfire, experience as a fisherman and so on. 

4 - Ba Trái Đào Beach (Ba Trai Dao Beach)

The beach is located among the area of three islands shaped like three peaches in the ancient legend. The landscape of this place is the combination of pristine islands and blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine that is known by very few people.
Location: Near Cat Ba island, more than 20km southeast of Bai Tau carrier area.
Transportation: The vehicle to Ba Trai Dao beach is still a boat or a canoe departing from Bai Chay.
Activities: There are several interesting activities for tourists to experience including swimming, kayaking, exploring islands, and so on. 

kayaking at halong bay beaches
Source: John Mayer
In short, we have just provided preliminary information about 7 best beaches in Halong Bay. However, all the beauty only can truly be felt on tourists' own trip. Therefore, let's experience at least one of these beaches, tourists will find a very different Halong Bay which is not just a "World Natural Heritage '' known for many years. 
People also asked:
1 - Does Halong Bay have a beach?
Of course it does
2 - Are there any sharks in Halong bay beaches? 
Luckily, there have been no sharks found or any warning for shark appearance in these beaches so far. It can be explained that: there is no food source for sharks in such shallow and static water as in Halong Bay.  Practically, there are 2 types of sharks found living near the shore in Halong Bay: Carcharhinus sorrah and Scoliodon laticaudus. However, they are harmless to humans (according to an investigation by the Institute of Mari
ne Environment and Resources and the National Science Museum of Japan) 
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