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Vietnam desserts are not only diversified but also very tasty. Moreover, there are many dishes that are good for health and the digestive system. Desserts are partially helping street food in Vietnam become more abundant and diverse.

Table Contents
  • I – Jelly Dishes
  •  II – Types of yogurts
  • 1 - Violet Glutinous Rice Yogurt
  • 2 – Vinamilk yogurt
  •  3 – Mixture Jackfruit with Yogurt (Sua chua Mit)
  • III – Soups (Che) 
  • 1 - Three colored sweet soup
  • 2 - Rice ball sweet soup
  •  3 – Che Ba Ba
  • 4 – Che Bap (Made from corn and tapioca rice pudding)
  • 5 - Sweet banana with coconut soup
  • 6 - Agar Agar and Mock Pomegranate Seeds Dessert (Che Suong Sa Hat Luu)
  • 7 - Vietnamese Coconut Soup (Che Dua Dam)
  • 8 - Khuc Bach sweet soup
  • 9 - Red beans sweet soup
  • 10 – Made from grapefruit oil and slivered rind (Che Buoi)
  • IV – Types of dessert cakes
  • 1 - Mung bean cake Vietnam
  • 2 - Mango cake
  • 3 - Green tea cake
  • 4 - Flan cake - One of the best dessert in Saigon
  • V – Other types of desserts
  • 1 – Tofu (Vietnamese Soy Dessert)
  • 2 - Fruit beams
  • 3 - Ice cream with Sticky Rice
  • VI - A few simple Vietnam desserts recipes
  • 1 - Recipe of Red beans sweet soup
  • 2 – Recipe for Green tea Mousse Cake
Vietnam desserts
Source: Insidevietnam
Desserts in Vietnam are not only rich in taste but also extremely affordable, usually the price will range from 10,000 - 50,000 VND, equivalent to about 0.5 - 2.5 $. Diners can enjoy these dishes anywhere in the S-shaped land. After learning and enjoying, you can easily divide them into 04 main groups as follows:

I – Jelly Dishes

Dishes served with jelly are also very popular with diners. Because the characteristic flavor of jelly dishes are coolness, slight sweetness and a certain degree of plasticity. When you enjoy it, it will bring you a very relaxing feeling, especially on hot summer days. There are some famous jelly desserts such as jelly or yogurt jelly.

 II – Types of yogurts

Yogurt is a fairly diversified dish in Vietnam, depending on the combination when you try it, there are many different desserts. Here I would like to introduce three popular Vietnamese desserts made from yogurt. 

Vietnam desserts 5
Source: Pinterest

1 - Violet Glutinous Rice Yogurt

The dish is a combination of yogurt and glutinous rice. When eating, diners can taste the buttery glutinous rice and a very special wine yeast. 

2 – Vinamilk yogurt

Vinamilk yogurt is a dairy product of Vinamilk Group, the leading nutrition unit in Vietnam. Currently, Vinamilk's products are available in 31 countries in many different territories.

 3 – Mixture Jackfruit with Yogurt (Sua chua Mit)

The yogurt is combined with delicious ripe jackfruit. When trying it, diners can combine it with jelly and pomegranate seeds as well. The mixture of jackfruit with yogurt is an indispensable dessert and snack in the summer.

III – Soups (Che) 

Soup is a popular dessert in Vietnam cuisine. This is quite diverse from the raw-material stage to the way of processing. But there is still one thing in common like the sweetness and including broth and kernel. When you enjoy it, you can serve it with ice to create a sweet and cool feeling.

1 - Three colored sweet soup

The main ingredient is beans with different colors: Green beans, red beans and white beans served with jelly and coconut milk. The fat taste of beans combined with the soft jelly and delicious coconut milk. In particular, the three colored sweet soup often attracts customers by the eye-catching colors and aromatic flavor. It’s an ideal dessert in the hot summer.

Vietnam desserts 2
Source: Jamja

2 - Rice ball sweet soup

Rice ball sweet soup is originally a traditional dish during Tet holiday. It attracts diners by the sesame taste, the plasticity of the dough and the sweetness of the bean paste. Along with this is the sweet and spicy ginger water, when you try it, you should add a little extra peanuts. The greatest time to try a bowl of Rice Ball Sweet Soup is during the first days of the fall.

 3 – Che Ba Ba

While Three Colored Sweet Soup is a combination of three types of beans, Che Ba Ba is a famous desert Ho Chi Minh city which combines three types of potatoes, tapioca and wheat flour. When enjoying, you can feel the taste of sweet potato, taro and manioc with the flour, creating an attractive chewy and elastic texture. You can enjoy the "authentic" Che Ba Ba at a small street shop in Hoi An.

4 – Che Bap (Made from corn and tapioca rice pudding)

As the name implies, the main ingredient of this dessert is corn. The dish is a combination of corn and tapioca or cassava flour. Che Bap is usually displayed in small bowls and can be served with ice. This is a rather special dish, a mixture of the sweet corn flavor and the dense broth.

5 - Sweet banana with coconut soup

The combination of ripe banana slices, kudzu flour, coconut milk and peanuts creates a sweet, buttery and fatty soup. Especially when enjoying this type of banana, you will taste the very unique flavor of various types of bananas 

Vietnam desserts 3
Source: Internet

6 - Agar Agar and Mock Pomegranate Seeds Dessert (Che Suong Sa Hat Luu)

Enjoying Agar Agar and Mock Pomegranate Seeds Dessert is like a journey of taste and sight. The soup has many eye-catching colors and delicious flavors: the fat of coconut milk, the pineapple aroma and the crunchiness of the pomegranate seed.

7 - Vietnamese Coconut Soup (Che Dua Dam)

Coconut is one of the popular plants in southern Vietnam. There are many dishes made from coconut but Coconut Soup is impossible to ignore. This is one of the best vietnamese desserts with coconut milk, copra, fresh coconut water and jelly. 

Vietnam desserts 4
Source: Vietfun

8 - Khuc Bach sweet soup

The distinguishing feature of Khuc Bach sweet soup is the processing and raw-material stage. The main ingredients of white tea are: gelatin, green tea powder, almonds, longan - lychee, cream and fresh milk. Specifically, gelatin and green tea powder will be cooked into white chunks, then cut into bite-sized pieces combined with longan / lychee and almonds.

9 - Red beans sweet soup

The main ingredients are red beans. Red bean sweet soup has always been popular to  customers because of its sweet taste and high nutritional quality. Moreover, the fat coconut milk is extremely special. 

10 – Made from grapefruit oil and slivered rind (Che Buoi)

The main ingredient of che Buoi is the pulp, a part of ripe grapefruit which contains a lot of fiber which is good for the digestive system. Moreover, when you eat, you can find it porous and quite soft. It is combined with simmered green beans, tapioca and coconut milk.

IV – Types of dessert cakes

When it comes to Vietnam, not mentioning the cakes is a big mistake. They are mainly well-known and are the specialties of each region. 

Vietnam desserts 6
Source: Vietnamvoluntourism

1 - Mung bean cake Vietnam

This is a specialty of Hai Duong and the main ingredient of this cake is mung bean (green beans). As you eat, you can feel the sweet aroma of green peas and the sweetness of sugar mixed together. The cake is a form of dough that is squashed into the shape so when you eat, you can feel the cake slightly melting in your mouth, which is very delicious.

2 - Mango cake

Mango cake is a special dish with bold flavors of Nha Trang, the main ingredients are ripe mango, sesame and flour. When eating, diners can feel the aroma of mango in each piece of crispy and fragrant cake. To enjoy the authentic mango cake, you definitely have to go to the coastal city of Nha Trang.

3 - Green tea cake

With the main ingredient of green tea powder, this cake has reminded customers of its delicious, greasy taste of ice cream and high nutritional content, especially the good antioxidant EGCG. Nowadays, wherever their locality is, diners can enjoy this delicious dessert.

4 - Flan cake - One of the best dessert in Saigon

Vietnam desserts 7
Source: Bunbobae
Going to Ho Chi Minh City without enjoying this "legendary" flan is a waste. This Vietnamese dessert is light yellow, the outside of the cake is smooth when being cooled, soft and gradually melting in your mouth. The cake is not too sweet and it is the typical flavor of burnt sugar, almost the same as coffee, very appetizing.

V – Other types of desserts

When it comes to desserts or snacks, it is indispensable to mention tofu, fruit beans and ice cream. By the name, diners can somehow imagine what the main ingredient of these dishes are.

1 – Tofu (Vietnamese Soy Dessert)

Vietnam desserts 8
Source: Mykitchies
It is originally a dish whose main ingredient is soybean. After being immersed and pureed, the juice is processed to form a binder. However, tofu is not too soft or too strong, but it tastes soft, fat and quite cool. When combined with sugar water along with jasmine and jelly, it makes a great snack.

2 - Fruit beams

We can use many ripe fruits such as watermelon, mango, papaya, dragon fruit, jackfruit, etc. The fruit will be cleaned, peeled, diced and mixed with coconut milk, dried coconut and fried peanuts, creating a delicious, refreshing, rich in vitamin and fiber snack.

3 - Ice cream with Sticky Rice

This dessert is the perfect combination of cool and buttery balls of ice cream and sticky rice. When eating, diners can feel the cool, supple and fat taste in one piece. Therefore, Ice cream with sticky rice has become a popular dessert of many diners. 

VI - A few simple Vietnam desserts recipes

Vietnam desserts 9
Source: Unique Cuisine

1 - Recipe of Red beans sweet soup

Step 1: Prepare the ingredients
- 300g of red beans
- Sugar
- Cassava flour
- 50ml of coconut milk
Step 2: Prepare raw materials for the soup. Wash red beans and then soak in water for about 6 hours before you cook.
Step 3: Use soaked red bean water to simmer beans for about 30-40 minutes in low heat. After the beans are soft and friable, add a sufficient amount of sugar.
Step 4: Dissolve tapioca flour with cold water and gradually add it to the simmered red beans. Until the soup mixture reaches the desired viscosity, then stop, during the process of adding tapioca, you should stir well and avoid touching the bottom of the pot.
Step 5: Ladle the red bean soup into the bowl when you pour it, pour coconut milk on top, you can add a little dry coconut and ice for a more attractive dish.
So we've got a proper Vietnam dessert

2 – Recipe for Green tea Mousse Cake

Instructions for making Green tea cake at home with simple ingredients. The main ingredients to prepare for this dish include:
- 6g green tea powder
- 25g white sugar 25g
- 100g white chocolate
- 100ml fresh milk
- 1 fresh egg
- 10g gelatin powder
- Flour
The procedure is as follows:
Step 1: Whisk the egg whites until the smooth mixture is formed, add 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice to the egg yolk before whisking.
Step 2: Melt chocolate and add fresh milk.
Step 3: Mix cake, egg yolk and green tea powder then bake, forming a soft sponge.
Step 4: Mix the fresh milk and chocolate gelatin until the mixture is smooth, then place it on the baking cake in step 3. Put in the freezer for about 2 hours.
Step 5: Prepare a mixture of dissolved green tea powder and gelatin then pour on the previous cake, leave it in the freezer and wait to enjoy.
It can be seen that dessert in Vietnam is really rich with different flavors and colors. If you have the opportunity, come to the beautiful Vietnam and experience the cuisine of this land.
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