10 Apr 2021

Checking Da Nang Vietnam weather forecast including rainfall and daily temperature is the key to having a wonderful trip to this beautiful city. Moreover, the climate in Da Nang is strongly affected by the monsoon, typhoon and rainy season. You should be well aware about the weather in this city to know the best time to visit.

Table Contents
  • I - An overview about Da Nang weather & climate 
  • II - Dry & rain season of the weather in Da Nang
  • 1 - Dry season (from January to August)
  • 2 - Rainy season in Da Nang (from September to December)
  • III - Da Nang typhoon season
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Da Nang, located in the Central coastal region, is a municipality of Vietnam. This vibrant coastal city is the bridge connecting the South & North, because of its location behind the Bach Ma mountain (mountain range stretching from west to east), the weather in Danang has rainy & dry seasons and sometimes is influenced by cold winters from the North.

I - An overview about Da Nang weather & climate 

Due to being located behind the Bach Ma range, the climate in Da Nang has intertwined the northern subtropical climate and the southern savanna tropical climate. Furthermore, the complex topographical differentiation from the hills and mountains to plain & sea, facilitates the formation of diverse climatic zones. In general, the weather is not too harsh year round, along with the beautiful natural landscape, Da Nang is always the leading tourist destination in Vietnam.


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The Da Nang climate includes two distinct seasons: dry season (January - August) and rainy season (September - December). Particularly in a few months of the year (around December - February next year) the temperature here can drop below 20°C due to the influence of the northeast monsoon from the North, but the cold weather does not last too long. The total rainfall falls at 2000mm, the average temperature is about 25.6°C.  

II - Dry & rain season of the weather in Da Nang

Weather characteristics between rainy and dry seasons are shown as follows:

1 - Dry season (from January to August)

During this time, the low rainfall remains at 70-80mm/ month; the sunshine time fluctuates from 139 to 253 hours/ month. The average temperature in dry months is about 26°C with the highest temperature is up to 29.1°C in July and the lowest temperature is down to 21.8°C in January. The humidity in the air is approximately 80%. In general, the weather at this time in Da Nang is quite pleasant, cool and suitable for marine and outdoor activities such as climbing the Marble Moutains, shopping in Danang, swimming in My Khe Beach, visiting Ba Na hill,... 

2 - Rainy season in Da Nang (from September to December)

At this time, the rainfall peaks, accounting for 216 - 650mm/ month, while the average number of sunshine hours is about 103 - 176 hours/ month.  The humidity in the rainy season is always above 80%. The monthly average temperature is from 22 - 27°C, the lowest temperature is 22.4°C in December and the highest temperature is 27.4°C in September.
In general, the average temperature in Da Nang is about 25.6°C, the Da Nang temperature range between days of the month is only about 3 - 5°C. Thanks to its special geographical location, Danang's climate is not affected by the northeast monsoon in winter, summer is influenced by sea breezes, so the weather is almost mild and pleasant all year round.
Choosing Da Nang as a destination in Vietnam, tourists can experience and explore this amazing city at any time of the year.
From the experience of the Localtravelidea, the best time to visit Da Nang is from April to August when the temperature is not over 27o
C and the rainfall is low.

III - Da Nang typhoon season

The typhoon season in Danang usually falls from October to January. On average, the city suffers from 1 to 2 storms or tropical depressions each year that leads to the  prolonged heavy rains, slightly decreased temperature, strong winds and occasional flooding. Therefore, travelers coming to Da Nang city at this time should actively have an eye on the weather forecast to have a nice journey. 
Lovely note for those who visit Ba Na hills is that Ba Na hills is located at an altitude of 1,500 meters, the annual average temperature is always at 20°C and the humidity is over 83%, so please remember to prepare a thin coat or umbrella when coming here. 

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IV -  Da Nang weather by month  

Checking the weather information in Da Nang by month or by day, please visit
In general, the best month to visit Da Nang is in the dry season (from January to August) when you can enjoy all activities from the stunning beaches to amazing landscapes. From September to December, the weather is quite nice for sightseeing activities. 
Da Nang City is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Vietnam which impresses tourists with stunning beaches, breathtaking tourist attractions and cultural sites. The nearly all-year-round nice & pleasant weather in Da Nang Vietnam is another reason why you should take a trip to this city. 

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