Hai Van Pass is not only a major important role in the history of Vietnam but also as one of the most beautiful passes in Vietnam. This is a suitable choice for those who love riding or are passionate about adventure roads.

Table Contents
  • I - Hai Van Pass weather 
  • II - Hai Van Pass tour by motorbike and jeep
  • 1 - Motorbike tour
  • 2 - Hai Van Pass jeep tour
  • III - Guides to explore Hai Van Pass Vietnam
  • 1 - Sightseeing stops
  • 2 - Rest stops
  • 3 - Tips
  • IV - Some interesting facts about the pass 
  • 1 - Take a train to explore the pass
  • 2 - The process of merging into Vietnam
  • 3 - Hai Van Pass Vietnam war: The first battle against the French troops 
  • 4 - Hai Van Pass top gear 
  • 5 - Hai Van Pass map
Jan 18
Hai Van pass
Source: Nicolas Ma
As a "bridge" between Da Nang city and Hue city (Thua Thien Hue province), Hai Van Pass is located 20km from Da Nang, 80km from Hue city, and 56km from Hoi An. Tourists choosing Da Nang - Hue, Hoi An - Hue; Da Nang - Lang Co Beach - Bach Ma National Park tours often stop here.

I - Hai Van Pass weather 

The pass is located at an altitude of 500m above sea level, also the endpoint of the Truong Son mountain range where the highest peak is 1,450m. Therefore, the top of the pass all year round is cloudy, as if you can touch the blue sky. Because of the influence of the height and horizontal topography of Hai Van mountain, the pass has become the dividing point between two different climatic zones of the northern and southern slopes. The Northern slopes have high humidity and are usually colder than the Southern slopes.

Hai Van pass weather
(Source: Nicolas Ma)
It usually appears cloudy from April to July. At this time, it is dry and suitable to see a cloudy pass. The weather is very cold in the winter, so visitors must pay attention to keep warm, and ensure a safe trip. From August to December, it has heavy rainfall and dense fog, bad weather that is dangerous for travel, so visitors should avoid this time.

II - Hai Van Pass tour by motorbike and jeep

1 - Motorbike tour

From Hue: The way is quite simple, you just go through the road 49 in the direction of Thuan An to return to National Road 1A. You can also travel along the highway but it is quite dangerous. Therefore, to ensure a safe trip, you should follow the National Road. Some motorbike rental agencies in Hue such as:

Hai Van pass tour by motorbike
(Source: Dang Nguyen)
- Address: 24A Kiet 11 Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Hue.
- Prices from 100,000 - 150,000/day motorbike  (~ $ 4.3 -6.5).
Dong Xanh Motorbike
- Address: 201 Tran Phu, Phuoc Vinh, Hue
- Office 2: 84 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoi An City.
- Prices from: 100,000 - 120,000/day/motorbike  (~ 4.3 - 5.2 $).
Nam Thanh Service
- Address: 48 Le Loi, Hue City
- Price from 120,000 VND/day/motorbike  (~ 5.2 $)
From Da Nang: Traveling to Hai Van Pass from Da Nang takes about 4-5 hours by motorbike. Depart from My Khe beach, follow Hoang Sa Street, then turn left onto Le Duc Tho Street, cross Thuan Phuoc Bridge, then follow Nguyen Tat Thanh Street, turn right onto Nguyen Luong Bang Street (National Road1A), go straight to reach the pass. Some famous motorbike rental agencies in Da Nang include:
Binh Minh motorbike rental
- Address: 36 Ta My Duat, An Hai Ward, Son Tra District, Da Nang City
- Price: 100,000 - 120,000/day/motorbike  (~ 4.3 - 5.2 $).
Han River Motorbike rental in Da Nang
- Address: 86/26 Thi Sach, Hoa Thuan Nam, Hai Chau, Da Nang
- Price: 100,000 - 150,000 /day/ motorbike  (~ $ 4.3 -6.5).
From Hoi An: It is about 60km in length and takes about 1h30p by motorbike to Hai Van Pass from Hoi An. However, it is easy to travel, with attractive roads, so visitors can feel safe. Some agencies for motorbike rental in Hoi An such as:
Green Areca Hoi An Villa
- Address: Green Areca Hoi An Villa, Thanh Nhat Village, Cam Thanh, Hoi An,
- Price: 150,000 VND / day / motorbike  (~ $ 6.5)
Nhi Nhi Hoi An Hotel
- Address: 60 Hung Vuong, Hoi An ancient town, Quang Nam.
- Price: 150,000 VND / day / motorbike  (~ $ 6.5)
Motorvina Travel
- Address: 360 Cua Dai, Hoi An City, Quang Nam.
- Price: 150,000 VND / day / motorbike  (~ $ 6.5).
When choosing a motorbike to travel on the pass, you must note that the pass has many narrow steep, and dangerous turns. So it requires you to be very careful, looking around when driving and not driving too fast.

Hai Van pass jeep tour
(Source: Rafael romero)

2 - Hai Van Pass jeep tour

If you would like to see the pass and are afraid of dangerous roads, jeep tours are suitable for you. The tour schedule is Da Nang - Son Tra peninsula - Hai Van. It takes about 5 hours to travel by jeep on the pass, each jeep can carry 3 passengers, and you can travel with others.
Normally, the jeep tour service will pick you up right at your requested location, depart in Da Nang, and have flexible travel time.
- Phone number: 0962999709
- Tour price: 1,250,000 VND (~ 54 $).

III - Guides to explore Hai Van Pass Vietnam

1 - Sightseeing stops

The Lonely pine tree        
The reason for this name is that this is the only pine growing on the pass’s road. From this location, you can take many beautiful photos, with majestic natural scenery behind. However, due to being located next to the road, you must pay attention to keeping your own safety.

Hai Van pass Vietnam
View from the Old Turtle Stone (Source: Halo Travel)
Old Turtle Stone        
The Old Turtle Stone is located 550m from a lonely pine tree, shaped like a giant turtle’s shell. Looking down from above, you can freely see the romantic beauty of Da Nang city and take to many artistic pictures. A special thing is right next to the Old Turtle Stone, there is Xom Nui coffee shop, open from 6 am to 6 pm every day, serving all kinds of coffee, iced milk coffee, ... When check-in at the Old Turtle Stone, visitors can stop at the shop, enjoy a cup of coffee to be more alert and can watch the natural scenery.
Elephant Stream (or Me stream)        
Voi stream attracts a large number of tourists in summer, because of the good and cool weather. The entrance fee is from 50,000 - 220,000 VND/person/one-way (~ 2.2 - 9.5 $).
Vam Don Ca Bridge      
The "heaven gate" named Vam Don Ca is located at the foot of the Hai Van Pass Danang. To get here, you have to park your car at the station and walk along the train rails. This road is a bit difficult with gravel and difficult to find, so visitors must be very careful. In return for that, the idyllic and wild beauty of the scenery here will not make you disappointed.

Hai Van pass Danang
Hai Van Quan (Source: Kenh14)
Hai Van Quan        
Hai Van Quan is located on the top of the pass. In the past, this place was a military defense cluster with many citadels, warehouses, pillars, forts. Not only is Hai Van Quan a “witness” of history, but Hai Van Quan owns the majestic beauty of nature.
Bunker of French colonialism        
On conquering the pass, you should once visit Don Nhat bunker of French colonialism. It was built by the French colonialists in 1826 to serve military purposes. This place experienced the heroic years against the French and the Americans, recorded the heroic historical traces together with the Vietnamese people.

Hai Van pass day trip
(Source: Nicolas Ma)
Lang Co Beach        
Lang Co located in Hue province is suitable for those who love water sports and swimming. Lang Co beach welcomes thousands of tourists each year because of the beauty of clear, blue water and white sand. This sea is considered one of the 30 most beautiful bays in the world, after Ha Long and Nha Trang by the World's Most Beautiful Bays Club (World Bays) in June 2009. Lang Co beach is a must-visit destination in a Hai Van Pass day trip tour.

2 - Rest stops

A long trip on the pass will certainly make you tired. If you want to take a rest to recharge, ensure safety while driving, let stop at the north of Hai Van - Dung Loi:
- Address: 61 Hai Van, Lang Co town, Phu Loc district, Hue city.        
- Price: 30,000 - 55,000 VND / item (~ 1.3 - 2.4 $)        
- Phone: 0813 870 740.        
Or you can also stop at Suoi Chanh restaurant to enjoy some delicious dishes, regain strength after a long way trip in the pass:
- Address: Hoa Hiep Bac ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang City.        
- Price: 30,000 - 60,000 VND / item (~ 1.3 - 2.6 $).        
- Phone: 096 284 18 94.        
Or if you just want to stop to see the pass or take pictures to keep memories, taking a short break on Hai Van Pass Vietnam is also a good suggestion. The pass is quite wide, when stopping, you just need to pay attention to keep safety and put it close to the curb.

3 - Tips

- The pass road is winding and dangerous with a high risk of traffic accidents. Tourists need to consider carefully before taking a trip, check the weather forecast as well as practice driving techniques on steep passes.
- For any trips, do not forget to bring some of the required personal documents such as a passport, identity card, driver's license.
- Besides, the indispensable things for girls in summer are sunscreen, beautiful clothes for checking in, and a hat during the trip, ...
- Plus, it should be equipped with the necessary driving skills when driving on the pass For a suitable quick treatment plan when facing a bad situation, visitors can contact the Da Nang Traffic Rescue Team - 119 or Hai Van Pass Management Board - 0236 3842 144.

IV - Some interesting facts about the pass 

1 - Take a train to explore the pass

Hai Van pass train
Traveling by train to explore the pass is also interesting (Source: Localvietnam)
The train is one of the easiest and convenient means of transportation from Hue to Da Nang and vice versa. The distance between the two stations is 93km. The travel time will depend on which train you choose. Train tickets are only from 35,000 - 100,000 (~ 1.5 - 4.3$). Sitting on the train carriage, you can clearly see the surrounding scenery. 
The advantages of this vehicle are fast, safe, and combine watching  the pass while not affecting your travel schedule. The ticket price is also quite cheap and suitable for everyone's economic conditions. However, if you take a Hai Van Pass train, you can only see the view from a distance through glasses.

2 - The process of merging into Vietnam

According to recorded history, before 1306, this pass belonged to Chiem Thanh. After being used by King Champa as the wedding gift to propose Princess Huyen Tran, the pass became the boundary between Dai Viet and Chiem Thanh. A century later, the Ho dynasty fought Chiem Thanh forcing the king of Chiem Thanh to cut the land for peace. Therefore, the whole land of the pass belongs entirely to Vietnam.

3 - Hai Van Pass Vietnam war: The first battle against the French troops 

The first battle of the French troops on this pass took place on February 28, 1947. Under the orders of the commander-in-chief of the French Expeditionary Corps in the North and the Middle, General Prud'homme in Hue ordered to open the strategic road on the pass immediately. On February 28, 1947, our army surrounded and suddenly attacked the quarter where the enemy army was stationed, destroyed and killed Besson. Until the morning of March 2, 1886, the French just arrived at the site and began to search but they failed. On March 8, 1886, the commander of the French Expeditionary Corps in the Middle issued a "order". This is the first opening battle that the French troops and our troops clashed on the pass in the late nineteenth century.

Hai Van pass top gear
View of the pass from above (Source: Jordan Opel)

4 - Hai Van Pass top gear 

This pass is one of the 10 roads that drivers should go and experience the poetic scenery and great driving feeling published by The Guardian newspaper (UK). Starting from the program specializing in the world driving Top Gear Special has begun to introduce this pass on television.

5 - Hai Van Pass map

If you are adventurous and always eager to explore the harsh roads, Hai Van Pass Vietnam is a great place for your trip. Above is useful information we want to share, hope to help your trip be successful and safe.
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