Known as the third largest international airport in Vietnam, Danang International Airport has an important strategic position in economic development. Along with that, it also plays an important role in the development of tourism. 

Table Contents
  • I - Danang airport departures & arrivals information
  • II - Main services at the airport
  • 1 - Danang airport visa on arrival procedure
  • 2 - Lost and found luggage at Danang airport
  • 3 - Danang airport sim card
  • 4 - Transfer services
  • Taxi: 
  • 5 - Danang airport lounges
  • 6 - Food and Restaurants 
  • III - From airport in Danang to nearby tourist destinations
  • 1 - Transfering from Danang airport to Hoi An
  • 2 - From Danang airport to My Khe beach
  • 3 - From Danang airport to Hue
  • 4 - From Danang airport to Bana Hills & Golden Bridge
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Danang airport - a key airport in Central Vietnam,  is located at Duy Tan street, Hoa Thuan Tay ward, Hai Chau district. The ICAO airport code is DAD and the IATA code is VVDN. Constructed in 1940 with a total area of up to 842 hectares, the airport includes 2 terminals for domestic and international passengers.

Danang airport

Danang airport (Source: Keith Chan)

Domestic passenger terminal (T1) has an area of nearly 14,500 m2, built with 4 floors: 3 floors and 1 basement. The total usable area of this station is up to 36,600 m2.

International passenger terminal (T2) has a larger area, built on a 210,000 square meter land campus, designed to be built into two specialized projects.

I - Danang airport departures & arrivals information




Vietnam Airlines

Domestic destinations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Van Don, Thanh Hoa, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Can Tho, Buon Ma Thuot, Phu Quoc

International destinations: Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Wuhan, Tokyo - Narita, Osaka - Kansai, Seoul - Incheon, Busan, Muang, Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi

Bamboo Airways

Domestic destinations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Van Don, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Can Tho, Buon Ma Thuot, Pleiku

International destinations: Seoul - Incheon, Jeju


Domestic destinations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Nha Trang, Da Lat, Can Tho, Buon Ma Thuot

International destinations: Hong Kong, Taipei - Taoyuan, Tokyo - Haneda, Seoul - Incheon, Daegu, Nagoya, New Delhi, Singapore

Pacific Airlines

Domestic destinations: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Thanh Hoa, Vinh, Buon Ma Thuot, Phu Quoc

International destinations: Hong Kong, Taipei, Dai Dong, Baotou, Hoai An, Nanjing, Ningbo, Kaohsiung, Hangzhou

Hai Au Aviation

Hue, Dong Hoi


Vinh, Da Lat


Kuala Lumpur

Air Busan

Busan, Daegu

Air Macau


Air Seoul

Seoul - Incheon

Asiana Airlines

Busan, Seoul - Incheon

Bangkok Airways

Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi

Beijing Capital Airlines 


Cambodia Angkor Air

Siem Reap, Phnompenh



Cathay Dragon


China Eastern Airlines

Beijing, Dalian, Nanjing, Zhengzhou

China Southern Airlines

Beihai, Zhengzhou, Shenzhen

Eastar Jet

Cheongju, Seoul - Incheon

Hongkong Express Airways


Qatar Airways


Okay Airways


Jeju Air

Jeju, Seoul - Incheon

Jin Air

Jeju, Busan, Seoul - Incheon

KC International Airlines


Korean Air


Lao Airlines


Sriwijaya Air


Starlux Airlines


Malindo Air

Kuala Lumpur

Thai AirAsia

Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi

Thai Vietjet Air

Bangkok - Suvarnabhumi

T’way Airlines

Busan, Daegu, Seoul - Incheon

Note: To check flight status in detail, visitors can access to this https://www.vietnamairport.vn/danangairport/en/

II - Main services at the airport

Danang airport visa on arrival

Visa in Vietnam (Source: Wikipedia)

1 - Danang airport visa on arrival procedure

Currently, the airport accepts entry in the form of an airport visa (visa on arrival) and visitors can get information about public services such as:

- Consulting information about Visa on arrival

- Completing visitors’ profile, asking for an entry letter from the Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam on behalf of visitors and receiving the approval letter.

- Guiding visitors to entry procedures into Vietnam when they arrive at Danang such as writing declarations, paying fees,...

Therefore, for more convenience, visitors should prepare the following documents:

- Passport valid for at least 6 months

- Passport not blurred or torn

- Dispatch entry granted by Immigration Bureau of Immigration Department - Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam, allowing entry and receiving visa at the airport.

2 - Lost and found luggage at Danang airport

If any visitors accidentally lose luggage at the airport, then go to the Lost and Found counter to declare or contact the phone number of the Lost Baggage Service at the airport for advice and support:

- VIAGS - DAD: 0965.140.022 or 0972.252.739 
- SAGS - DAD: Domestic line: 0911.299.256 - International line: 0916.253.675 

3 - Danang airport sim card

Danang airport sim card

Using smartphone (Source: Talles Alves)

At the airport, visitors can buy a sim card at the Sim Card counter at the airport arrival hall. The price is only 30,000 - 50,000 VND/card (~ 1.3 - 2.2 $), depending on the type of network and sim card.

4 - Transfer services

Some car rental services in Da Nang

Tourists can take the airport shuttle bus services with some companies such as Danang Transfer, Nhat Phong Travel, etc., with prices from only 150,000 VND (~ $ 6.5).

Danang Transfer: 0949.537.755 with prices only from 500.000VND/day/4-seat car (~ 21.6$)

Nhat Phong Travel: 0935.434.437 with prices only from 450.000VND/day (~ 19.4$).


Taxi Mai Linh Danang: 0511 356 5656

Taxi Vinasun Green: 0511 368 6868

Taxi Tien Sa Da Nang: 0511 379 7979

5 - Danang airport lounges

This international airport also provides a VIP lounge for customers in need. The VIP lounge is located on the mezzanine floor with a cost of about 25 $ for adults, 11 $ for children over 2 years old regardless of plane or ticket class.
At the VIP lounge, visitors will experience great services in a luxurious and modern space such as a buffet of attractive food and drinks, massage chairs, sleeping boxes, high-speed wifi, office room fully equipped with a printer, scanner, etc. To experience this service, visitors can register at the front desk before boarding.

6 - Food and Restaurants 

Burger King Danang airport:
Location: the 2nd floor
Serving dishes such as hamburgers, fried chicken, french fries, drinks at the prices of 50,000 VND for one dish. 

Gift shop in Da Nang airport

Vietnam Gift Shop (Source: Danangsouvenirs)

Vietnam Gift Shop:
Location: 1st, 2nd Floor, Isolation Area and 2nd Floor Public Area
At Vietnam Gift Shop, there are a variety of diverse items such as fashion items, clothes, bags, etc.,  or famous specialties in Vietnam: cakes, dry food, etc. Visitors can buy gifts or souvenirs with prices from only 100,000 VND/product (~ $ 4.3).

III - From airport in Danang to nearby tourist destinations

Taxi from Da Nang airport

Taxi in the airport (Source: Kevin N. Hume)

1 - Transfering from Danang airport to Hoi An

Distance from the airport to Hoi An ancient town is about 30km and tourists can travel by taxi, bus or a rental car.

Taxi: Travel time 45 - 55 minutes, costs about 350,000 - 430,000 VND (~ 15 - 18.5 $).

Rental car: to rent a tour car to travel from the airport to Hoi An, visitors only spend about 200,000 - 400,000 VND/way for a 4-16 sea car (~ 8.6 - 17.2 $). Travel time is about 35-45 minutes.

Bus: the fare is 18,000 VND/person/way (~ 0.8 $). From Da Nang airport, visitors can take bus number 1 Da Nang - Hoi An with a frequency of 15 - 20 minutes/trip, which takes quite a long time, from 70 to 80 minutes/trip.

2 - From Danang airport to My Khe beach

Distance from the airport to My Khe beach is only about 6km, so visitors can easily choose the suitable means of transportation.

Taxi: the fare is only from 60,000 - 100,000 VND (~ 2.6 - 4.3 $). Travel time is about 15 - 20 minutes.

Bus: Visitors catch Bus number 01 (Da Nang - Hoi An) and get off at My Khe beach point. With fares only from 6,000 VND/person/way (~ $ 0.3), it will take about 30-40 minutes for the trip.

Grabbike: With fares about 30,000 VND/time (~ $ 1.3) and travel time of 15 - 20 minutes/way, travelling by motorbike is a pretty interesting experience for visitors to Vietnam.

3 - From Danang airport to Hue

It is a 100km long distance from the airport to Hue. Therefore, the best choice is taking a taxi or renting a private car.

Taxi: A distance of about 100km, travel time is about 2-3 hours / way, costs about 1,000,000 - 1,800,000 VND / 4-seater car - 7-seater car (~ 43.1 - 77.5 $ ).

Private car: The price of a one-way car rental Da Nang - Hue will range from 1.05,000 / 4-seater car, 1,100,000 VND / 7-seater car and 1,750,000 VND / 16-seat car (~ $ 45 -75 ). Travel time is also about 2-3 hours / trip.

4 - From Danang airport to Bana Hills & Golden Bridge

With a distance of more than 40km from the airport to Ba Na Hills & Golden Bridge as well, visitors can choose to travel by taxi or rent a private car.

Taxi: Price is about 350,000 VND / time (~ 15.1 $) with travel time of about 1 hour 25 minutes.

Private car: Car rental for a one-way trip from Da Nang airport to Ba Nill is about 250,000 - 600,000 VND/4-seat car & 7-seat car (~ 10.8 - 25.9 $). Travel time is about 1,5h/way.

Above is all the necessary information about Danang Airport Vietnam. Hopefully, the article will help tourists get more useful information about the airport, making your travel to Da Nang more convenient. 


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