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One of the famous tourist destinations in Da Nang is the Ba Na Hills resort complex of Sunworld group. There are many things to see and interesting activities to experience here such as visit the golden bridge, the theme park or the swimming pool on the top of the mountain.

Table Contents
  • I - Introduction 
  • 1 - The history of exploration and development 
  • 2 - The meaning of the name “Ba Na”
  • 3 - Vietnam Ba Na Hills weather
  • 4 - The festivals 
  • II - Ba Na hills how to get there? 
  • 1 - By motorbike
  • 2 - Getting to Sunworld Ba Na Hills Vietnam by taxi
  • 3 - Renting a private car
  • 4 - Take the tour
  • 5 - By bus
  • III - Visiting Ba Na Hills Da Nang Vietnam
  • 1 - Rules and regulations
  • 2 - Eat and drink
  • 3 - Ba Na Hills hotels
  • 4 -  Top things to do 
  • IV - Suggested Da Nang Ba Na Hills tour
Ba Na Hills
Source: Dang Quynh Thu

Da Nang Ba Na Hills is located on a part of the Truong Son mountain range at an altitude of 1,489m above sea level. It resides in the territory of An Son village - Hoa Ninh commune - Hoa vang district - Danang City. Therefore Because of this geographic characteristic, it has very pleasant weather.

Ba Na Hills Vietnam

Source: Klook

I - Introduction 

1 - The history of exploration and development 

The first person who discovered this place was Indochina governor Paul Doumer in 1901 when he was looking for a holiday resort similar to Da Lat. He assigned this task to Captain Debay and after months of traveling around the country, in April 1901, Debay discovered "Nui Ba", which means Ba Na Hills now. Later, in order to facilitate research and construct the resort, he issued a decree to turn this place into a forest reserve.

2 - The meaning of the name “Ba Na”

Many different legends revolve around the name "Ba Na", but one of the most famous stories and widely-recognized by people is the legend of the mother goddess. Some people believe that Bà Nà also means "my mountain" in the Cotu language. Others suppose that at first, the French found that there were a lot of bananas on this mountain, so they called it Banane (bananas in French), then gradually the Vietnamese referred to it as Ba Na.

3 - Vietnam Ba Na Hills weather

The typical weather in Ba Na is a temperate climate. It is cool all year round with an average temperature of 17 - 20oC. At night, the temperature can drop to 7-8oC. The difference between daytime and nighttime is about 5.3oC. Perhaps because of this typical climate, this place is considered as "The second Sapa of Vietnam".

4 - The festivals 

Ba Na Hills weather

Source: Danangfantasticity

The annual festivals take place in Ba Na Hills Vietnam can be mentioned as following 
- Flower Festival from January to March in the Lunar calendar every year. This festival is considered a special day here. The charming tulip and rose gardens attract many visitors. Besides that, there will be exciting musical shows that remind you of the Tet atmosphere.
- Winter festival from November 20th to December 31st. This is a magnificent European style festival with reindeer, snowman, Santa Claus, and giant pine tree.
- Anh Duong prom usually takes place in summer. Staying true to its name, the festival will surprise visitors by the monumental and sophisticated costumes and by very well-organized art programs.
- Halloween Ghost Festival is held from October 1st to October 31st. This is a series of activities that follow Anh Duong prom during the three months of summer. The festival opens up a magical and artistic space. The Halloween festival of the Golden Ball land is famous for its strange-shaped pumpkins, mysterious villages, and rebellious shows.
- B'estival Beer Festival from May to September. This is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy fine beer like Paulaner, Budweiser, Kulmbacher, Monchshof, Benedictine... that comes along with the bustling atmosphere of the music and cuisine activities

II - Ba Na hills how to get there? 

What are the ways to get to Ba Na from Da Nang city? Or how to get here from Hanoi, Hoian, Ho Chi Minh? In fact, to access Ba Na you need to arrive in Da Nang city first, then take some kind of transport such as a taxi or motorbike to the Hills. 

1 - By motorbike

Ba Na Hils how to get there

Source: Adils photography

Those with good health and love to explore and watch the landscape along the way can travel by motorbike to Ba Na. The price of renting a motorbike in Danang is from 4,3$ to 6,5$ / 1 day and it varies depending on the type of vehicle. The road from the city to Ba Na is wide and beautiful but it is quite winding.
Therefore, for safety, you should drive at a slow speed, and also you will be able to watch the marvelous scenery along the way. You can rent a car at the following addresses: 
- Bao Tin Motorbike Rental Company: +84 945,048,444
- Thanh Nha Motorbike Rental Company: +84 905.105.022

2 - Getting to Sunworld Ba Na Hills Vietnam by taxi

Traveling by taxi is quite convenient. It is fast and it helps you to be more flexible on the way. However, it is a bit more expensive compared to a motorbike. The price for one way is about 15,2$  4-seat cars that depart from the city center. Or you also can choose a package of a two-way taxi service with a 4-hour wait. But if it is over a 4-hour wait, the fee will be about 2,6$/ 1 hour. 
- Mai Linh Taxi - 0236.
- Taxi Tien Sa - 0236. 

3 - Renting a private car

Renting a private car or self-driving car is another great Da Nang to Ba Na hills transport because the price is quite reasonable. It is fast and very flexible. Depending on the company, car type and brand, the rental fee will vary. The lowest price is 43,5$/ car / 1 day. However, before renting a car, to ensure a smooth and safe journey, you have to prepare an international driver's license, another driver's license that is valid in Vietnam, or otherwise, you can hire a car with a driver. Some private car rental addresses in Da Nang city you can refer to such as:
- Danang Car Rental Company 365: +84 935.214.222
- Minh Duc cheap car rental: +84 905.914.368

Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang

Source: Internet

4 - Take the tour

In case you are lazy but still want to experience a complete and convenient trip, you can book a package Ba Na Hills tour from Da Nang at many different travel agencies. The average price for a tour with a guide is 46,5$/ 1 day. The travel company will be the one who arranges the schedule and transportation for you.
Sayhi Trade and Tourism Company. Contact number: +84 932.56.52.51

5 - By bus

This is a private bus run by a private company. The bus will pick up customers from the city. The price for one way is 5,9$/ per person. The pickup time is at 8 a.m from the city to the hills and from 3:00 - 3:30 pm back to the city. The location will be negotiated between the tourist and the company 
- Danang Transfer:+84 949537755
- Da Nang Green Tourism Company:  0236 3699906
- Da Thanh Travel: 0236.2638638

III - Visiting Ba Na Hills Da Nang Vietnam

To have a beautiful and safe trip, you are advised to take a note at some regulations below:

1 - Rules and regulations

Because the temperature and weather in Ba Na Hills will be about 5oC lower than in the city center, you should prepare a light coat just in case you get cold. You also should bring an umbrella to cope with the rain, as well as to take selfies. There is a Buddhist temple on Ba Na hills, you should not wear clothes that are too short or too revealing. 

Ba Na Hills entrance fee

Source: Sandip Roy

Ba Na Hills Entrance fee
The total cable car ticket price and entrance fee to all places in Ba Na Hills is 32,6$/ 1 adult. Children from 1 - 1.4m are 26$ and children under 1m are free. This price already includes insurance, VAT, a two-way cable car, visiting the Golden Bridge, and playing for free at Fantasy Park with 106 exciting games.
When visiting the wax museum or food court, the visitors will have to pay an additional fee which is 4,3$/ 1 adult for the wax museum. Children who are shorter than 1m3 are free. The average price for having food is from 8,7$ to 19,5$/ per person.
Opening hours
To avoid fog or bad weather, you should visit around April - September. You shouldn't plan your trip from November onward because, at this time, the temperature is cold and very foggy, it might not be able to promise you an enjoyable trip. 
Ba Na Hills opens every weekday from 7:00 - 22:00. If you want to make the most of the trip, you should start early from the city center. If you want to stay there overnight, there are always different kinds of accommodation for you to choose from.

2 - Eat and drink

Ba Na Hills opening hours

Source: Banahills.sunworld

In the French village in Ba Na Hills, there are many places where you can eat such as:
- Buffet at Morin restaurant which is located right at the main road to the village, behind the Saint-Denis Church. The price is 7,8$/per person. Opening time is from 9:00 to 19:00
- Buffet at Le Jardin restaurant in the French Village serves different kinds of European dishes such as BBQ and delicious white jam cake. The price is from 9,8$ - 12$/ per person. Opening hours 11:00 - 15:00.
- You can also have a choice to have a lunch buffet for 11$/ per person at La Lavande restaurant. This place also has Vietnamese food from three regions of the country. Opening hour is from 11:00 - 14:00.
- La Crique & Cafe Postal Restaurant is one of the rare restaurants in Ba Na Hills serving dinner and late-night food for tourists. The average price is from 2,2$ - 15,2$. Opening hour is from 9:00 - 22:00 every day. 
- Kavkaz Restaurant with a unique barn design, located at the prime location right on Du Dôme square. It serves extremely delicious European foods. The main dish here is a beef salad, black bread or soups... The price is from 0,9$ - 21,7$. Opening hour is from 9:00 to 17:00 every day. 
- Doumer Restaurant is located in the middle of the flower garden Le Jardin d’Amour. It is a great choice for couples for its private and romantic space. The food is from 4,4$  -21,8$. Opening hour is from 9:00 - 22:00 every day.
 - L’etable restaurant is located right inside the Mercure French Village Ba Na Hills hotel. The main dishes are Vietnamese specialties such as spring roll, summer roll, sour soup, ... The price varies from 2,2$ - 21,8$/ one dish. Opening hours from 8:00 - 21:00 every day.
 - You can enjoy a diverse buffet at Buffet Club. The visitor can eat at the Rose, Hoa Lan, or Hoa Sen restaurants where they decorate it in Vietnamese style. Buffer Club offers affordable prices for the food which is from 7,8$ - 8,7$/ per person. This would surely make you satisfied. The opening time is from 11:00 to 14:30.
- Hoi An Restaurant specializes in Vietnamese cuisine is also the only restaurant located right next to the cable car station. This is also a great place for visitors to recharge energy to prepare for the next journey. The price ranges from 2,2$ to 8,7$/ per dish. Opening hour is from 8:00 - 17:00 every day.

3 - Ba Na Hills hotels

Ba Na Hills hotel

Mercure Bà Nà Hill French Village - Source: VnExpress

For those who want to stay overnight can choose some of the hotels:
- Mercure Ba Na Hills French Village hotel is a 4-star resort equipped with full facilities such as spa; gym; four-season swimming pool, bar, ... The hotel offers 10 different rooms with an average price from 87$ - 217,4$/ per room / per night. 
- Morin Hotel in Ba Na is a 3 -star resort designed in old French architecture. The hotel has two main types of rooms with areas of 30 and 50m2 respectively. The price is from 43,5$- 52,2$/per room /per night.
- Located right next to Debay station is the Debay hotel. It offers three main rooms of 23m2, 25m2, and 45m2. The price is from 65,2$ - 87$ /per room / per night. 
- L’indochine Ba Na Hotel with 48 luxurious bungalows. From here visitors can have a chance to watch the panoramic view of the romantic Ba Na forest, immersed in its majestic and lush green. The price is 69,5$ - 130,5$/ per room / per night.

4 -  Top things to do 

There are some activities that you can try such as:
- Taking the Ba Na Hills cable car to the mountain peak of 1,489m above the sea level. This is the longest cable car route that was recognized by the Guinness Record on March 25, 2009. The total cable length is 5,042.62m with 5 different cable routes respectively: Suoi Mo; Debay; Toc Tien Waterfall; Hoi An; Bordeaux. The average transport capacity is 6,500 passengers/1 hour. The largest cabin can accommodate 30-35 people/ 1 times while the smallest cabin can accommodate 6 - 8 people /1 time. It opens from 7:30 - 17:30 daily. 

Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge - Source: VnExpress

- Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge is a bridge that is internationally acclaimed as the most unique design in the world. Standing on this bridge, visitors can enjoy the fresh air, the beautiful nature as well as have a chance to admire the creativity of the architects. The bridge has become a part of nature here. At the dawn and the dusk, it becomes even more majestic and mysterious 
- Lost in the French village: Visiting this village, you will be lost in an old, romantic, and luxurious space. You can find all the convenient facilities for a great vacation such as restaurants, hotels, or Fantasy Park.
- Wine cellar: You will have a chance to witness the whole process of making wine, how it is made, stored, and the best part is that you will have a chance to taste it.
- Attic Pool is the only four-season swimming pool on the top of the hill with an area of ​​443m2. The entire pool is designed and modeled after the style of the European nobility. The water temperature in the lake is regularly adjusted to suit the weather. Guests that stay overnight there are given  free ticket

IV - Suggested Da Nang Ba Na Hills tour

Ba Na Hills tour

Source: Thanh An

This is an ideal itinerary that is highly recommended by many travelers
 - 7:30 Tourists depart from the city center to the foot of the mountain 
 - 8:30 Go to the gate, free to wander around to take pictures and watch water music right at the entrance. After that, check-in for the cable car to reach the top of the mountain 
- 9:00 Visiting 27metre high Sakyamuni Buddha statue. It is famous for it is located at the highest spot in Southeast Asia . Visiting Linh Ung Pagoda, the most sacred place on Nui Chua. This pagoda is always covered in a thin mist. it gives you a feeling as if you were like in heaven.
 - 10:00 Visiting Deer Park and Guan Yin statue right behind Linh Ung Pagoda. Then continue to go to Morin station and take the train for about 15 minutes to reach the top of Ba Na Hills.
- 11:00 Visiting Fantasy Park with more than 106 exciting games. This is also the largest theme  park in Vietnam. 
- 12:30 Having lunch at a buffet restaurant for 8,7$/ per person at Mercure Danang French Village Bana Hill. 
- 13:30 After having a break, you can continue the journey to Linh Chua Linh Pagoda, also known as Ba Chua Thuong Ngan (mountain mother goddess) temple. This is a spiritual site where visitors can enjoy the landscape or pray for peace and good luck for their families.
- 14:30 Free to wander around to take photos in the French Village. This is the village designed in the old and ancient French style.
 - 15:45 Finish the tour and meet at the cable car station to go back down.

The schedule above is a quite popular visit to Ba Na Hills in Vietnam, but you can also book a hotel to stay overnight to experience it at night. After having dinner, it is the best time for you to take a walk and immerse yourself in the mystery of this wonderful place.

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