Dalat City in Vietnam, also known by beautiful names such as the city of love, the city of flowers…, is one of the places that attracts a lot of tourists every year. The abundance of nature and the "richness" of culture have turned this place into a place with many interesting experiences such as climbing ropes, watching the sunrise on a high hill, or watching the city landscape flooded with flowers... ... Read more

I - Where is Dalat located?

This is a city in Lam Dong province, located on Langbiang Plateau (also known as Lam Vien Plateau), in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, with an altitude of over 1,500 meters above sea level. It is surrounded by mountains and flora forest, contrasting with the savanna tropical climate of the south and the monsoon climate of the central region, the climate here is cool all year round, very suitable to be a resort.

Where is Dalat located

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The distance between Dalat and Nha Trang is only 134km, which is quite close. If you want to combine sea tourism, you can take the pass that will only take about 3 hours to go to Nha Trang. In addition, from here, you can also easily go to famous landmarks such as the sunny and windy land of Phan Rang (103km – 2 hours 30 minutes), the land of the sand dunes of Phan Thiet (164km – 3 hours 45 minutes) - Mui Ne (156km – 3 hours 40 minutes) or the land of majestic waterfalls, rustic village of Dak Lak (212km – 5 hours 20 minutes).
Some interesting facts about Dalat Vietnam:
- There are no traffic lights on the streets of this city: this is the only city in Vietnam with no red and green lights. The reason is that the terrain here has many ramps that are not suitable for stopping and waiting for the traffic lights.
- There is no air conditioning at the accommodation because the weather here is extremely pleasant, the hottest day does not exceed 30 degrees, the coldest day is no less than 5 degrees.
- Dalat City has the largest maple leaf forest in Vietnam with an area of ​​up to 5 hectares, being the roof of 2000 maple trees, 20000 custom pens, 500 cherry trees, over 2000 snow Shan tea trees and many kinds of flowers, and other rare herbs. Tickets to the maple forest tourist area are quite cheap, only 50,000 VND/adult and 35,000 VND/child.
- This is considered a tourist city with many beautiful homestays with many unique designs. The homestays here are fully equipped, close to nature, showing the love of local people and especially always short of room every peak travel occasion.

II - When is the best time to visit Dalat Vietnam?

There are two distinct seasons here: dry season and rainy season. The dry season starts from November to the end of March, when the weather is sunny, clear, blue, less cloudy, with a high temperature range. Daytime temperatures are around 25 degrees and can drop drastically at night to 12 degrees. Therefore, coming here this time, you should prepare thin coats before going out.
The rainy season lasts from April to October, the weather is rainy and long with high humidity. The rain in this season is divided into two types: sudden heavy rain but stops quickly or drizzling rain lasting for many days. Therefore, coming here in the rainy season, you should bring a thin raincoat or a small umbrella.

When is the best time to visit Dalat

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The best time of year to visit Dalat Vietnam is from November to June, coinciding with the dry season and the beginning of the rainy season, has dry weather, and little rainfall. Moreover, from December to March is the beginning of spring, the Lunar New Year of Vietnam and this city at this time will have many kinds of flowers blooming, cultural activities, spiritual tourism, etc. Especially, once every two years (usually in even a year), the city will organize a Flower Festival with lots of interesting sightseeing, experiences, art performances or street decoration activities.

III - How to travel to Dalat City?

This city is now fully developing its infrastructure from airports, bus stations, roads, etc. and you can choose from popular means of transport such as airplanes, passenger cars/limousines.
Travel by plane
If you want to get here by plane, you can have to take a flight to Lien Khuong airport. From Lien Khuong airport, you can take a bus for about 30,000 VND - 40,000 VND/ticket (~ 1.28 - 1.73 $), travel time is from 45-60 minutes to get to the city center

How to travel to Dalat city

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- Location: Lien Nghia town, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province - 28 km south of Dalat City Center

- Code ICAO: VVDL; IATA code: DLI
At Lien Khuong airport, there are flights such as:
- Domestic routes: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hue, Can Tho, Phu Quoc
- International routes: Bangkok - Thailand; Daegu, Muan, Seoul - Korea; Lanzhou - China;...
Travel by bus/limousine
Currently in the city centre, there are 2 bus stations:
- Intercity bus station: No. 01 To Hien Thanh Street, Ward 3
- Bus station number 5 Lu Gia: No. 05 Lu Gia Street, Ward 9
At these bus stations, there are two-way bus routes from points such as Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa, Phu Yen, Da Nang, Ben Tre, Ca Mau, Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau, Can Tho, Binh Thuan, Hanoi

IV - Tourists attractions in Dalat City Vietnam

This city is not only favored by mother nature in terms of fresh and pleasant weather but also bestowed with a lot of beautiful landscapes. If you want to see the white waterfall, you can go to Jraiblian waterfall (Bao Dai waterfall), Tiger Cave waterfall or Cam Ly waterfall,... If you want to leisurely walk on the hills to watch blooming flowers, do not forget to go to Valley of Love, Golden Valley or the Fairyland of Fresh Garden.

Dalat City Vietnam

The Crazy House is a unique construction in Dalat Vietnam - Source: Crazyhouse 

If you love photoshoots, you definitely miss checking in the following locations: Fairy World (Lac Tien Gioi in Vietnamese), Hang Nga Villa "Crazy House" and Thien Duc Hill,...
Not only that, this city is also famous for its colorful history, culture and religion that certainly makes you extremely excited such as Bao Dai Palace, Truc Lam Zen Monastery, Cathedral Church, College Pedagogy.... Surely you will be surprised with the special architecture as well as extremely fascinating historical stories behind it.
The above are all useful information related to tourism in Dalat Vietnam that will definitely help you have a smooth and fun trip. Book a ticket, carry a backpack and come here to enjoy relaxation and comfort right away.

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Airport: Lien Khuong airport
Timezone: UTC+7
Population: 226,5 million
Area: 396,6 km2
Map: Search Google Map


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