14 Jan 2021

Boosting South East Asia's longest cable-stayed bridge, Can Tho bridge links Can Tho province to Vinh Long Province a part of National route 1A, mitigates the traffic congestion depending on ferry carry in the region in several years.  

Table Contents
  • I - Can Tho bridge overview
  • 1 - Location
  • 2 - Design and Construction
  • 3 - The Can Tho bridge collapse
  • II - Best tourist attractions accessible Can Tho bridge 
  • 1 - Ninh Kieu Wharf (Ben Ninh Kieu)
  • 2 - Cai Rang Floating Market
  • 3 - Orchard Gardens
  • 4 - Nam Nha Pagoda
  • 5 - Can Tho Night Market
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I - Can Tho bridge overview

1 - Location

Can Tho bridge is located in Can Tho city, spanning Hau river, the largest distributary of Mekong Delta, in the South of Vietnam, connecting the Mekong Delta provinces to Ho Chi Minh city, boosting regional potential economic and tourism improvement. 

2 - Design and Construction

Majorly designed by the Nippon Koei-Chodai group, including superstructure, infrastructure, and approach roads. Can Tho bridge has its length of 2.75 km, recorded a total route of 15.85km included approach viaducts from both directions. The deck width at 26m comprises six traffic lanes, two lanes for motorbikes, and bicycles, pedestrians are not allowed. The longest span at 550m and the column is at 174.3m. Large ships are free to cross underneath as it is 39m in vertical clearance.  

Architecture of Can Tho bridge

Architecture of Can Tho Bridge (Source: Vnexpress)

Consulted and supervised by the Nippon Koei-Chodai group, constructed by Kajima Corporation, Nippon Steel, and Taisei Corporation, mainly capitalized by Official Development Aid (ODA) by the Japanese Government, the bridge became the most expensive bridge in the country at US$342.6 million.  

3 - The Can Tho bridge collapse

The beginning of work in September 2004, scheduled to be accomplished in December 2008, 4 years in construction. But a part of the approach ramp collapsed in September 2007, leading to the death of 50 people, and many others injured. The construction suspended 11 months, delaying the completion until its inauguration on 24 April 2010.  
The bridge plays a particularly significant role, besides replacing ferry carrying systems to relieve the congested traffic, boosting the regional economy, and magnifying tourism. 

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II - Best tourist attractions accessible Can Tho bridge 

Linking encompassing areas, plenteous tourist sides get benefits since the bridge inaugurated. Here is the list.

1 - Ninh Kieu Wharf (Ben Ninh Kieu)

Witness the spectacular views over the Can Tho and Hau Rivers, and Cai Khe canal, wandering around and seeking for fantastic sunset views. Ninh Kieu wharf is a magnet for travelers and trolling locals. It is more magnificent by the night while the surrounding areas are illuminated. 
Location: 3km away, west of the Bridge

Floating Market Can Tho bridge

Cai Rang Floating Market (Source: Baocantho)

2 - Cai Rang Floating Market

The unique floating market is a wholesale market trading fruit, local goods, and specialties rather than a tourist site. Stretch of boats trading various local agricultural products, identified by samples hanging off the top of the poles erected in front of each boat. The best time to visit the market around 5 am - 7 am during the most bustling time also avoids the heat of a day.  
Location: 6km away from Can Tho bridge

3 - Orchard Gardens

Indulge yourself in the tropical fruit garden, savor the luscious fruit, several orchard gardens can be named in the area like My Khanh, 9 Hong, or Vam Xang.  
Location: Can Tho city, 6-10 km away from the bridge.

Pagoda near Can Tho bridge

Nam Nha Pagoda (Source: Thamhiemmekong)

4 - Nam Nha Pagoda

Established late in the 19th century, the pagoda known as the revolution base during the movements against French colonists. Nowadays, Nam Nha pagoda is a religious situation for local people and visitors.   
Location: 9km away from the bridge.

5 - Can Tho Night Market

Situated in the heart of Can Tho city, nightly opening from 17.00 - 23.00, tons of stuff is selling like accessories, handicrafts, and fruit. The liveliest section is bustling food stalls serving various fried quail egg cakes, grilled meats, and vegetarian on skewers along with sweet soup and smoothie available. 
Location: 8km away, west of the bridge.
Being one of the most impressive signals of the Mekong River Delta, Can Tho bridge Vietnam not only is an economic promoting factor, but also a should-visit attraction. 

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